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Bald head game part 1 by Tim

I'm unsure exactly when I stared noticing that I had an infatuation with bald men. I always wanted a man to shave me completely bald. I wanted dad to do it to me but the shortest he ever cut my hair was a number one all over.

When I moved away it was a great feeling to be free young and at college I thought great no one knowes me. No one knowes what I look like here. So if I were to get a shaved head it be fantastic. Only one little problem could I actually walk in to a barber shop and ask to get it done.

I played a game in my head my first day in the city. How many bald headed men are there I started to only count 100% bald young men around my age at 27. I didn't see any unfortunately. But then I started looking for just bald men. They were quite a few I noticed. All daddy bear older 50 - 60 years in age . But they some looked totally masculine.

I just always wanted it just once . Just so I coukd feel it and hope that after it's done I'd want another hairstyle in the future. Walking of the platform train I started counting 1 2 then 3 4 5 men after 6 .. then none I said if I get to 20 I'm doing it. I got rather turned on instantly I walked to wards an open sitting area . About another 4 guys took me to 10 , decided to go to the gents toilets and passed another 3 bald men and finally about 4 bald man on my return out of the station. I fired up google maps and saw a barber shop a 5 minute walk down one street and cut down an ally way. By this time my total bald head Count was 17 only 3 more to go. Not many but then I saw a guy younger than me with his head like grey stubble ill pick that tool my to 18 . Then one more further down coming out a shop took me to 19. When I turned to go down the alley way there were no people at all . I was disappointed but I kept walking toward the barbershop. No men had passed only a lady then just as I was nearing the barbers was in sight I knew my final total was 19 a man came to the barber door I thought the guy was leaving but he lit a cigarette standing. I walked up to him and he said pop in the chair I'll be 5 minutes it was the barber. I did what he asked and I sat in the barbers chair but only getting to 19 I didn't know if I should or not. I waited till the barbet re entered the shop taking off his jacket then his hat re revealling a lovely shaved head. This was my change to get a bald head.

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