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It's all Calvin's fault - part 2 by Jajko

Before reading, I recommend reading the introduction: It's all Calvin's fault.
My name is Adam. In 1975, I was already 13 years old and for my spoiled 7-year-old brother Calvin, after more than three years, I got a haircut in the old-fashioned Ortega barber shop.
According to Mr. Ortega, my hair was damaged, which he pointed out to my father at the barbershop. At home late at night, I caught part of my father's conversation with my mother when he was telling her about my damaged hair. I heard my mother say it was only for his own good.
After school, I went to a nearby playground with my friends. When I returned home in the evening, my father told me to change quickly because we were going to the city. I did as he said and in about 10 minutes I was ready. I saw that my brother was very sad. On the way to the city, I asked my father where the three of us were going. Father replied that we were going to the barber. What? You promised me that my hair would grow back. You know Adam, your hair is damaged and I consulted with Mr. Ortega and he advised us what to do.
It was already quite a few hours and I was hoping that the barber shop would be closed by now. I pushed the door and it opened. When we entered the Ortega barbershop, 2 elderly men were sitting on the waiting chairs, the door opened shortly after and classmate Dustín entered the barbershop with his father. Dustín visited Ortega's barbershop about once every 2 months. I hated it if someone I knew watched my haircut and I knew that today I would not avoid this shame and would be humiliated like this. When he saw me, he smiled and sat down next to me on the waiting chair. What are you doing here Adam? He asked me. What am I going to do at the barber shop, I replied irritated. After all, you said that you had to cut your hair because you have a spoiled brother, and now your hair will grow again, Dustín told me with a smile. My hair is damaged and Mr. Ortega told my father that he would advise us on what to do about it. For a while we continued our unpleasant conversation.
My father warned me to get ready that it was my turn. At the next word I got up and with shaking legs I walked over to the barber's old chair where I carefully sat down. The barber wrapped me in a sheet, fastened it tightly around my neck and asked my father if he wanted us to help Adam with his damaged hair. Father answered: Yes. The barber asked if it would be number 1. The father replied: I'll leave this to you, Mr. Ortega. I still didn't understand what they kept talking about. The barber took the clipper and replaced the metal blades on it, dripped oil on them, tilted my head and placed it above the temple bone. He passed them high up to the top of the head and I saw a strip of stubble about 3/32 of an inch long made on the head. The barber repeated the haircut gradually on the back of my head as well, until he moved to the other side to scalp me humiliated in this way for my brother and classmate Dustín. I took a moment to look in the mirror and saw Calvin and Dustin laughing at my hairstyle. The barber then tilted my head back and continued to cut the remaining hair on the top of my head. When he turned off the clipper, my head had the same length of stubble everywhere. Tears welled up in my eyes, but I was ashamed to cry in front of my younger brother and Dustín.
I thought that was the end of scalping, but I was wrong. The barber replaced the blades on the clipper with very fine ones. He started cutting the back of the head with them and then the entire sides to the top of the head. There was only really very short stubble left, about 1/125 inch short. Before letting me out of the chair, the barber shaved my neck and gently around my ears. My brother and I met our eyes. Calvin did not hide his joy at the fact that he has longer hair than me.
But Calvin laughed when, when asked how the barber should cut his hair, his father said the same thing. I sat down instead of Calvin, next to my father in the waiting chair. But Dustín sat down from the other side to make humiliating comments about my new hairstyle. He had a lot of notes and I was just waiting for Calvin and dad to get their hair cut so we could leave the barber shop. When dad was paying for our haircuts, Mr. Ortega said that he recommends that I come back in 2 weeks and I can do it myself, because he already knows how to cut my hair. Dustin was already sitting in the barber's chair and mockingly indicated my next humiliatingly short haircut. My legs became stiff and I couldn't move. Before I closed the door at the Ortega barbershop, I heard Dustin's father answer the barber's question about how to cut my hair. His father said how the two boys were. I turned to look at Dustin. His head was bowed and he wasn't smiling at all.
At school, Dustín and I shocked everyone with our army haircut. My answer that my hair is damaged and I will have to go through several such hairstyles did not satisfy my classmates at all, on the contrary, it caused a lot of jokes and insults.
The deadline for my new head scalping was approaching when Dustín came to me with a question? Adam, when are you going to get your hair cut? I got very angry and simply replied that if he hadn't heard, once every 2 weeks. To that, Dustin answered sadly and quietly. That's what my father ordered me to ask, because he saw how happy I was with your haircut, so he said that I too would get my hair cut as often and as short as you, and that it would be best if we went to the barber together. And he also said that he and my father exchanged contacts, so if I trick him he will shave my head. At that my mood improved and I said that after school I would meet my brother and we would go to Ortega barber shop. Dustin asked if he could join. I answered yes, but he sits down first in the barber's chair and I smiled.
The next day, the three of us went to Ortega barber shop together and I enjoyed watching Dustin and Calvin lose their short 1/4 inch long hair.

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