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Michael Smithfield by Mick

"Here`s your drugs" I said, and I gave him a bag of weed. The guy I sold it to just smiled and said:
"Your under arrest for possession with intent to sell. Anything you say can and will be used against you, ..."
I was arrested. They brought me to the police-station, booked me and my parents where called.

My name is Mike. I was 15 years old back then. I had dreadlocks. And I was a pot-dealer. I lived in North Brunswick, NJ.

My parents were enraged. They could understand how I became a dealer. Well it was simple, I didn`t like authority, like many people at my old school. I ganged up with some guys and - I became a dealer.
2 weeks later my day in court awaited. The D. A. want my to go to prison for 5 years. Well - after a 2 day trial my lawyer got me a deal. I had to give up all my contacts and as a result the charges would be dropped under the condition that my parent give me some for of punishment.
I told the D. A. what he wanted to know, the guys where arrestet and I was - free.

I came home in the evening. My dad, didn`t talk to me at all on the ride home. My mom was waiting in the kitchen. I was wondering how they where going to punish me. My dad escorted me to the kitchen and told me to sit down.
I did as he told me.
"You`re mom and I are very dissapointed in you, Michael"
"How could you do this to us?"
My dad was a well reputed doctor in our community.
"Son! What you`re about to haer from us will upset you even more! But you cannot change our minds. Our discission on your punishment is final, understood!"
"Yes mother!" I only wanted to go to my room and get away from my parents"
"You`re leaving tonight! We`ve signed you up at Lake Point Military Academy in Vermont!"
"What????" I was shocked! "No! I will not go there!"
"Oh, yes you will son! Yes you will"
"You can`t stay here with us! You`ve embarassed us!"

My dad grabbed me and `carried` me up the stairs to my room. "Pack you important thing!!" He told me.
I wanted to pack clothes and everything and he screamed at me: "You won`t need that stuff. Only take a few pens!"
I realized that I had no chance resisting him, but I`d still try just to make him angry. I got the stuff he told me to get and than I sat down on by bed.
"Let`s go now"
I didn`t answer him.
"Stand Up!"
I ignored him again!
"That`s enough now!"
I pulled my out of my room and into the car.
"Good Bye, son!" My mom said coldly!
My dad drove off. At 23h00 we went into a hotel somewhere in Albany, NY. I tried to get out of the room, but my dad caught me. In the morning he ordered breakfast in the room and at 8h30 we drove off.
At 12h00 we arrived at Lake Point. A guy about 17 years old in uniform awaited me infornt of the main door. "Are you Mr. Michael Smithfield?"
"Yes" I answered.
"Wait infront of the door."
He talked to my dad for a moment and then my dad said! "Bye, Son!" And he drove off.

The guy in uniform came back to me. "From now on you will be addressed as: Cadet Smithfield! Underst ood?"
"Yes" I answerded "It sound weird, but if you must call me that"
"NEVER disrespect senior cadets! And from now on you will answer everything with: Yes, sir!"
"Yeah! I get your rules"
"You`ll find your place!!!!"

The guy pulled me inside. He brought me to an office. An older man was waiting for me there.
"Ah! Cadet Smithfield has arrived. My name is Col. Rogers and you will address me as Sir or Colonel! Is that clear?"
"Yeah, I understand Colonel." I told him with a lot of irony in my voice.
"Is that clear!" He screamed at me!
"Yes, sir! I understant, Sir!"
"Get the rat cleaned up, Chief Miller!" The colonel told the guy who picked me up at the door.
"Yes, sir!" He answered.

He took me into another room. Two other boys with long hair and no uniform where sitting there.

"Now you`ve all arrived. The new cadets of November!"
"Cadet Stone, sit in this chair." He was pretty big (fat) guy and the hair on his wead was a mess.
It wasn`t long and it just looked like no one has taken care of it in a very long time.

Stone got up and went to the chair.
"During your time at this academy you hair will always be neatly trimmed. Understood Cadets?" He Asked:
"Yes, sir!" We answered. Then he told us about the penalties of not beeing dressed properly or having too long hair.

"Now take off all of you`re clothes exept for your underwear" the Chief ordered Stone. "But, sir..." "Just do it" "Yes, sir!" And he undressed.
Chief Miller took the clippers from the table beside the chair Stone was sitting on. There was a #2 attachment on it. Miller took it off.
He puts the #1 attachment on the clippers. "Say goodbye to that mess" he said and he cut a path from Stone`s forehead to the back.
And another pass, right beside the first one. After a few minutes his entire hair had #1 length.
Now he took off the attachment and he cut the sides and the back with bare blades.
After another few minutes he had a clean High and Tight.

"Smithfield you`re next! Get undressed!" I took off his Bob Marley T-Shirt and my jeans and then sat on the chair. I gave up my resistance; I had realised that I didn`t stand a chance.
The Chief took scissors and started cutting one off my dreads after another. The scissors came really close to my scalp. Once all the dreads were cut off he took the clippers. Only this time he didn`t put on #1 for the top.
He cut my entire head with the bare clipper blades. "Sir, why am I not getting the same haircut as Cadet Stone, sir?" I asked him. "Because you where disrespectfull in toward the Colonel, Cadet! And because I want to demonstrate to you
the differnt types of haircuts that are permitted by school policy."
He started putting shaving-cream on my head. "#1 all over, H&T and head-shave are permitted".
The Chief got out a razor and he started shaving my head. It was the ulitmate haircut-experience I had in my life.
After I was finished he told me to get out of the chair and wait.

"Let`s get you finished aswell Cadet Johnson. Take your clothes off." "Why do we have to take them off, sir?" "Just do it! It has two reasons! Its the first step in breaking you and in stripping you from your identiy plus you`ll get your uniform in a second."
Johnson had long staight hair. He was the typical Rock-Band leadsinger kind of guy.
The Chief took the clippers attached #1 and started buzzing Johnson`s head. It took the chief quiet a long time because the hair was so long. I could see that Johnson wasn`t pleased with the result.
Johnson also had some facial hair (e. g. a beard). In a second it was gone.

"Now! Step though this door Cadets!"
"Yes, sir!" We said and went though.

"Now boys! Take a shower!" It was a big room with lots of showers. We undressed and did as we where ordered. There was only cold water which was terrible. But I got used to it.
After showering we were issued our uniforms.

Another guy came into the Uniform room!
"I`m Master Chief Cadet Stanley. I am your Commanding Officer. Here are your room numbers. Get aquinted with the school today. Tomorrow morning at 5h00 is wake-up time with morning exercieses. Have a good day!"

"What have I gotten myself into" I thought.

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