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Another Boy by Danielle

Last night, my partners Stephanie, Ali, and I went and bought a new computer for our barber shop, so I can finally report on some of our happenings in the months since I have been able to report.

Allison has recently gotten married to a guy she converted from long hair to 000 oster blade buzzed.

I am married and recently delivered my first child; I had a girl for those who wanted to know.

Stephanie was left as the only single and available partner at our shop, and she wanted a husband and father of her children in the worst way. She didn’t have a steady boyfriend for the last 18 months, and she was feeling her hormones rage.

In early June on a Friday afternoon, David walked in to the shop. He had called me earlier in the week to inquire about getting his hair cut short for spring and summer and wanted a woman’s opinion on something that would attract the opposite sex. After I told him I was happily married to my soulmate who sacrificed all 4 inches of his hair before our first night together in the same bed, I told him over the phone all about our shop’s specializing in military haircuts. I told David that there were three barberettes here who could give him any type of clipper cut in existence. He was a little afraid but said he wanted a woman to look at it and decide what type of short cut would look best on him.

I was supposed to cut David’s hair, and I had thought about giving him a horseshoe flattop because he reminded me of a drill sergeant I used to cut in Oceanside. However, Stephanie took one look at his stunning jaw and baby blue eyes, and she began to tremble in her pants. She not only wanted to run her hands through his hair, she wanted to make a baby with David. She begged me to let her cut his hair.

At that time, my daughter woke up from her morning nap wanting to be fed, so mommy had to excuse herself to the back to breastfeed. I told David to let Stephanie cut his hair and that she being single and looking would be a great person to ask about which style would best suit him for attracting the opposite sex.

When Stephanie came over and shook David’s hand, Ali and I both thought we saw cupid’s arrows hit two rear ends. They talked forever before David finally was place din the Steph’s chair. This was going to be interested. David was quite nervous, and his voice began to weaken. I could see his hands beginning to shake.

We realized Steph was about to do something drastic. David’s hair was at least 3 ½ inches long on top, halfway down his ears on the side, and touching his collar in the back. Steph got out her brand new Oster Turbo 111’s and popped a 00000 blade on. I figured this was just for the edges and maybe a little into the hairline, but to my surprise, she took aim on the top of David’s head.

David let out a coyote-like yelp just as the clipper neared his forehead. Steph, thinking David could lose his lunch or control of his bladder at any moment. Stopped just short of making the first swipe and cut off the clippers. David was about to back out of it.

That’s when Ali butted in with her sometimes big mouth and said, “David, don’t you want to experience ecstasy with Stephanie tonight?” Steph couldn’t believe what Ali had just said, but she wanted David so much, she said, “I’ll give you more than ecstasy if you get that haircut. I’ll wear you out every night until your hair gets to ½ inch long.”

This actually made David more nervous. It was at that moment that I realized David was probably still innocent. I asked him how old he was, worried that he might be a minor. He responded by saying he had chosen to get this haircut because today was his 18th birthday, and he had just left home for the first time in his life to start the summer semester of college. I asked to see his driver’s license to verify he was really 18. Once I saw he really was 18 that day, I looked at him and said something like, “David, you are too good looking and sexy to still be a virgin. There’s nothing wrong with waiting this long, but it’s not that big of a deal for boys. Stephanie wants to be your first, and she will make it the most memorable birthday you will ever have. The cut’s on the house, and afterwards, she’ll take you out to dinner.”

Stephanie was unsure about starting a relationship with a boy 7 years younger than her. She wanted a 30-something single guy who could become a father. Nevertheless, she was too horny by this time, and she really wanted to deflower David. It had been almost 4 months since she had been with a guy that way.

Ali, being the Holisitic sorceress she is went in the back and fixed one of her herbal teas with kava. David drank the tea and within 10 minutes he could have had dental surgery. He sat in the chair and told Steph to do as she pleased. By now, the time had passed 6:00, and we were supposed to be closed. I locked the door and pulled down the shades.

Stephanie clicked the Osters back on and kept the 00000 blade. That leaves hair about as close to bald without actually being slick. This time, her initial swipes were in the back of David’s head. That first pass produced a violent sound of large amounts of hair being shaved off. Within 10 seconds, his back side was done to peach fuzz. Steph stopped to give it a good rub, and David appeared to like that.

Next, Steph went up the left side and David got his first look at what a 00000 blade does to hair. All of his hair in front of his left ear fell to the floor and left him with razor stubble. He was too zombied from the kava to react very much. Steph finished the side and went to the right side doing the same thing, purposely leaving the top for the end.

When it came time to do the top, Steph kissed David and told him he was a very brave boy. David hugged her and told her he was now enjoying this. Stephanie did something neither Ali nor I had ever done. Since nobody but Ali and I could see what was going on, she got in David’s lap to finish the cut. She rubbed against his crotch, while she gently glided the clipper across the top of his head. After about two minutes, David didn’t have a hair left on his head, and when the cape was removed, David was quite moist in the pants.

Steph was scheduled to be off on Saturday, so I knew she was going to be out late with David. I couldn’t wait to hear how the night went, so as soon as I thought Steph was up on Saturday, I called her. David was still at her apartment, and he was still sleeping. He was now a man, and Steph was now robbing the cradle with an 18-year old boyfriend. David comes in the shop every day after classes are done, and he gets his shaved head trimmed about every third day. I think they have an excellent chance of making the relationship work. David has told his mother about Stephanie, and after the initial shock, she seems okay with it. His mother actually loved his shaved head, and told him he now looked like a male model. It really brought out that gorgeous pair of baby blues and strong jaw.

I’ve worked myself into a tizzy. I think tonight my husband is going to go from a 000 to a 00000. He hasn’t gone that far yet, but I’m feeling like giving my daughter a brother or sister.

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