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Silence is more than gold. – part 3 by Vykonavatel77

Silence is more than gold. " part 3
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In 1973 when I was 12 years old I wore my hair long. I used to go to a modern unisex barbershop to get my hair done. My best friend Bobby used to go to Sergeant Simson's barbershop. His father had been on a mission for over half a year, and Bobby's hair had grown during that time, and his hairstyle was now fashionable.
I got my last haircut with Bobby just before his father's leave ended. About 6 months have passed since then and our hair was already 8 centimeters long, we were both happy to be among the boys with the modern hairstyle of that time. In the meantime, we both celebrated our 13th birthday.
Just like every day, we were all having dinner when the phone rang. My father hated the situation when we were eating and someone interrupted us while we were eating. He got up from the table and picked up the phone. The phone call was very short and dad returned to the table to continue with dinner.
Before I could leave the table, my father told me that tomorrow after school, Bobby's father would be at school and I would go with him and Bobby to Sergeant Simson's barber shop.
I started protesting that I don't want short hair anymore and I want to have long hair, which I will go to a modern unisex barber shop to have it trimmed. At this my father became very angry and said to me:
1) I won't let you have long hair like a girl anymore. You are a boy and you will have a classic boy's hairstyle.
2) When I told you that you were going to get a haircut with Bobby tomorrow, you did it without hesitation.
3) I promised Bobby's father that in the future you will go to get haircuts with them and you will get a haircut like Bobby's.
4) If I find out that there were any problems with you, you will receive a punishment that you will never forget.
I knew dad meant it. I didn't have the courage to protest any more and tried to come to terms with the fact that the next day Bobby and I would be getting a haircut again at Sergeant Simson's barbershop.
I couldn't sleep in the evening. I've been thinking all night about another probably military haircut at Sergeant Simson's barber shop.
After class, me and Bobby were waiting for his father. According to the convention, he took us to Sergeant Simson's barber shop.
There was one soldier and a 10-year-old boy with his father on waiting chairs in the barber shop. Sergeant Simson was cutting a soldier. Bobby and I were quiet, sitting motionless on the waiting chairs. I was thinking about the hairstyle that awaits us. I wasn't aware of my surroundings. My thoughts were interrupted when a boy who had already had his hair cut sat down next to me, waiting for his father's hair to be cut. Meanwhile, the barbershop was gradually filled with new soldiers. I looked at the boy's head. His haircut reminds me a lot of my first haircut at this barber shop.
When the barber said another one, I thought that Bobby's father would send me to be cut first again. But today he made a change and sent Bobby to the barber's chair. I enjoyed the last minutes with relatively long 8 centimeter hair.
I saw Sergeant Simson push Bobby's head forward, put the clippers to his neck and go through the back of his head with them. Almost all the hair started to fall out. I panicked, I wanted to get up and run, but I couldn't get up like I was chained to the waiting chair.
It wasn't long before Bobby was cut and I had to take his place in the barber's chair. When the barber wrapped me in a green sheet. The sergeant also checked with Bobby's father if I should get the same haircut as Bobby.
The barber pushed my head down and started cutting the nape of my neck, and almost all of my hair began to fall onto the sheet. When he cut the hair on both sides of my head, after a long time I saw my ears. It seemed to me that I had them bigger than I had them in the past. Well, the sergeant was already cutting the hair on the top of my head. When he finished cutting the hair on the top of my head, I found that it was no longer than 15 millimeters. He adjusted my bangs and I saw a forehead without hair.
He took a new clipper j with dense fine teeth, tilted my head to the side, placed it above my cheekbone and began to cut about 6 millimeters of stubble. He bent my ear so he could carefully trim the stubble around the ear. He continued to cut the stubble at the nape and finished on the other side of the head. With the help of a comb, he made a transition from the minimal stubble to the hair on the top of the head. I knew that there would be a razor shave around the ears and part of the back of the neck from the neck. and smearing the remaining hair with greasy creams and combing the hair on the top of the head.
Just like the boy and Bobby, I also had clean-shaven 4-centimeter arches around my ears, and only white skin was visible 10-11 centimeters from the collar of my shirt.
I got a haircut and sat down next to Bobby while the barber cut his father's hair. Before leaving the barbershop, Sergeant Simson told us to come before our hair grew that long again. At that, Bobby's father assured the sergeant that he would no longer allow us not to have our hair cut for half a year. That all three of us will definitely come in 3-4 weeks. Our fate was sealed. It was clear that Bobby's dad was serious about it and our hair would probably grow 1 centimeter. I had to get used to the short haircut.
I await your feedback of my story. I will try to improve my story writing.

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