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New Town New Look by Jayster

Back in 1978 long hair was cool. I really liked my long curly afro
look. For then it was pretty cool. To me it was all about the look
anyway. I spent a lot of money on clothes and everthing. To make sure
I had the best chance with the girls.
I was somehwat sucessfull in the girlfriend department.

Well about halfway through that year my dad got
transfered to a small town in
Texas. I was really upset about the move but there
was nothing I could do. Within weeks I had to say goodbye
to all my friends. My dad reassured me I would make new
friends. Well, you know teenagers.

My dad was 6`6` I didn`t argue much with him.
He looked great in his police uniform. From the
top of his horseshoe flat to his shiny shoes.
He always wanted me to join the force. It was his
dream for me to be on the force with him.

We got moved in and the next day I went with my
parents to sign up for school.
Everything went by with no problems. The school looked
ok so I figured it be ok.
We me the principal and I found out they will have a
few more rules that i didn`t have at my other school.
Such as no t shirts at school unless it`s a day for that.
Also no long hair, before asking was I ok my dad said he
had planned to take me anyway. I never liked getting haircuts
with my dad. His answer always too short.

We left from the school and we dropped mom off at home
so she could shop for food. That is when dad drove to
the barbershop in town it was only one. We walked in there was
two old guys sitiing in the chairs. One was just a guy talking
the other,he was to be my barber. I was nervous. I really like
the way I looked and didn`t want to change that. My dad told me
to get in the chair. I knew not to argue. Ther barber caped and
tissued me and said how do you want it cut. My dad said something
neat and left it at that. After that he said he was going to the
hardware store to buy stuff for the house. As the door shut I felt
my heart sink.

The barber said let`s get going here he`ll be back soon. He combed
my hair and said dont know how you comb this.
With that he reached back and grabbed the biggest pair of clippers
I`ve seensince i was young. He turned them on and went to work

Plowing the clippers to the sides and back of my head. I saw lots of hair fall from the sides and back of my head
I was really upset now. Just as I thought he was finished.
He started cutting the top really short. I finallly got to see
a mirror to see how much he had taken off. He had my hair so
short I could see skin on the sides. The top was
so short it barely had any look of what I had before. thats
when he started with the thinning shears up top to make my hair
lay down. By the time my dad
got back he was shaving around my ears. He come in said looks good
the barber said he was worried that he cut too much. He said no
make him look good. The barber said ok and after he finished around
my ears he went shorter with the clippers. This time the shadow around
my ears and back was brought down right to the skin. I just sat there
wanting to cry,but I noticed that little jay was making a call. As he
finished he put some stuff in what hair was left. He combed it into one
razor sharp parting I never liked this. He turned me to my dad and asked.
Hows he look? He looked around the magazine he was looing at and just
shook his head. That`s when he let me see the
damage. It was really bad. My hair was shaved around the ears and razor stubble short and heavily tapered. He let me see the back and there was
lots of skin was showing. Even at the crown of me head was really short.
I looked like I walked right out of the early 50s or 40s.

As my dad was paying the guy I was looking at what was left up top. I
could even see where the comb went through what was left. I tried to
mess it up to look like more. Nothing doing it just went back in place.
My dad said thats a good haircut son. The barber told my dad that he could
touch me up in about three weeks. He said sounds good he`ll see you then.
I knew there will be no changing this. I got stuck with this haircut till
late my jr year.

Years later I went back home and saw him in the store he asked me to
come by the shop and visit. I came by we talked about fishing and before
I knew it I was in the chair. When the clippers cmae to life I snapped
back to reality as my hair was comming off again. Just as short as the
first time. I left the shop asking myself why did I sit in the chair.

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