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Perfect by Seamus

I`m looking at perfection in the mirror. I just got my hair to the length for it to be an ideal straight back, combed continental look, with long sides and low blockedback with a slight bit of a pomp in front. My dark brown hair was finally as I always hoped. with mt crisp shirt and dark tie and jacket, I was off to work. I really was in an office which was relaxed enough so that I did not have to wear a tie. but I liked a formal look. I glanced at my reflection in some shop windows. Perfect, I thought. At work no one seemed to notice, but then no one ever seemed to notice anything. In the men`s room I noticed that the hair in back had a bit of a helmet look, flairing out at the bottom and looking slightly ragged as I turned my head. I thought it ok after I smoothed it with my had,though. At about 5 inches all over I used product to keep things in place. On the way home, I noticed a small barbarbershop I never saw befor on a back strret and I thought I`d get a slight trim to reduce the ragged helmet effect. I entered and sat in the only and empty barber chair and removed my glasses. The barber asked what`s up and I replied a light trim in back, but keep it blocked. He asked if I`d like a little off the top. I was not crazy about a pomp so I said sure and he could flatted the pomp if he wanted. He noted, he thought I`d look good flat. Then I relaxed as he set about trimming the hairline with scissor and comb.After ten minutes he said it was perfect. Then he asked how I`d prefer the top shortened. He suggested a long type spike that could be combed back to close to my pomp look if I didn`t like it. I said no, that I was very triditional and prefered a classic look,even shorter,to those spiked looks. Hew said fine, classic sounds good. He went about combing the top never bothering the sides or back as he cut and combed again and again. I was getting a bit concerned after 20 minutes, when he said he was almost done. Then I heard the wine of clippers and he assured me it was only to even up some strands. Done, he then combed my sides back and pronounced me a classic. As I put my glasses back on, I was horrified to see an extremely short flattop DA. The sides were as long as ever and combed straight back. The top however, was no more than a half inch and straight up like a bristle brush. The product in my hair kept everything just as he combed it. He smiled ans said he kept it classic all the way and then raised a mirror above and behind me to reveal a wide landing strip of five o`clock shaddow down the middle and a combed back with the low square back reduced to a skin showing stubble. I was turned into a 50`s greaser! I was shocked and speachless, until I heard him say he could make it shorter if I liked.So much for my perfect look.

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