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As if hypnotized - part 2 by Chovanec

As if hypnotized - part 2
I recommend first reading the first part of the story As if hypnotized
My name is Erik, as a 14 year old boy growing up in the 70's, I once chased a boy who walked into Richard's old fashioned barber shop. Even though I hadn't planned on getting a haircut in this barbershop, I happened to get a haircut just like the boy I chased into the barbershop. We met there and his name was Herry and he was 13 years old.
Many of my classmates laughed at my new hairstyle, but also my younger 11-year-old brother Thomas. I was very angry with him for that. It's been 4 days since my new haircut and Thomas was laughing at me again at home. Before I could react, our father heard his taunts and made a quick decision. Eric, now you're going to take Thomas to Richard's barbershop for a haircut. Thomas, began to beg his father for forgiveness, but the father insisted on his punishment.
Thomas knew what was waiting for him and I was looking forward to seeing how the barber Richardo would cut Thomas.
When we opened the door to Richardo's barbershop, the barber asked me if my father had sent me for an even shorter haircut. I smiled and told him that today father sent my younger brother Thomas to get his hair cut.
We sat down on the waiting chairs, after about half an hour the barber called: Boy, sit down here. Tomas was sad. The barber wrapped him in a sheet and tied it tightly around his neck and combed his hair. The barber tilted his head to the side and I heard the clippers go down as the barber cut Thomas' side hair, he tilted his head forward and I was able to see his hairless ear. The barber was cutting the hair on the back of his head, and I could see much of his hair on the sheet and on the ground at the barber's feet. It didn't take long for the barber to finish cutting the other side of the head as well. I saw Thomas in the mirror looking scared at his scalping. When Richardo was cutting the hair on the top of his head, I saw that not only hair was falling on the sheet, but also tears were running down Thomas' cheeks.
The barber removed Thomas' bangs, combed his hair on the top of his head. I enjoyed when the barber changed the clipper and I started to clearly see the pale skin around the ears and on a large part of the back of my neck. Finally, with the help of a comb and clipper, he made a gradual transition from the minimal stubble to the hair on the crown of the head. I saw lather around Thomas' ears and the back of his head. When the barber scraped off his lather, he had a thumb-sized arc of smooth skin around his ears, and 2/3 of the back of his neck was completely shaved. Finally, the barber applied aftershave to the shaved parts and oily cream to the top of the head and combed Thomas's hair.
After the barber freed Thomas from the sheet, I got up from the waiting chair and went to the barber to pay for his short haircut. The barber invited me to sit in his chair so that he would shave my stubble. I started stuttering and quickly looked for an excuse. My first thought was to tell the barber that I didn't have the money to trim my stubble. The barber smiled and said he would shave it for me for free. I did my best not to have to shave my head again. At that moment, an old gentleman who was waiting for his haircut spoke up in a stern voice: Boy, when Mr. Richardo told you to sit in his chair, sit there and don't talk back. The barber said that my brother and I would have the same intelligently styled hair. I was shaking all over and sat down in the barber's chair. In less than 5 minutes I was able to leave the barber's chair, in the mirror I saw perfectly shaved arches of white skin around the ears. Mr. Richardo was right, my head was equally shaved, not only the arches around the ears but also the back of my head.
When my new friend Herry met me at school, he was surprised that my head was freshly shaved. He laughed when I told him the story of how I was with my brother Thomas at Richard's barbershop. Then he reminded me that the three of us could go to Richard's barbershop together for a haircut. I quickly rejected this idea of his and I never want to go to Richard's barbershop for a haircut.

I will be happy if you write that you liked the continuation of my story.

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