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As if hypnotized - part 3 by Chovanec

As if hypnotized - part 3
I recommend first reading the first part of the story As if hypnotized
My name is Eric, as a 14 year old boy growing up in the 70's, I once chased a boy who walked into Richard's old fashioned barber shop. We met there and his name was Herry and he was 13 years old. We both got the same short haircut. When my father heard Thomas mocking me, my younger 11-year-old brother sent us to Richardo's barbershop so that Thomas could have the same short hair.
My new friend Herry sometimes suggested to me at school that Thomas and I could go to Richard's barbershop together for a haircut. But I never liked this proposal, because I didn't want to get another haircut from Mr. Richardo.
Since mine and Thomas' last haircut, the hair has grown about 1 and 1/2 inches, covering most of the ears. After the haircut by Mr. Richardo, there were no longer visible traces.
One evening, father told me and Thomas to go get a haircut at Richardo's barbershop the next day on the way from school. We were both left in a panic and I agreed with Thomas that we would postpone the haircut and talk dad into going to the unisex salon for haircuts again. Father didn't like it very much that we didn't fulfill his order, but we always had a reason for it. Once I couldn't and then again Thomas.
On Saturday at breakfast, father told us that we would go with him to the barber. We convinced him to take us to a unisex barbershop. To our dismay, our father took us to Richardo's barbershop. He said he liked Mr. Richardo's haircut and it was much cheaper than the Unisex salon. We sat tensely on the waiting chairs. We knew how Mr. Richardo cuts our hair. In addition to several old men, there was also a boy about a year younger than me with his father. The boy had really long hair like I've never had before. The barber called the boy in for a haircut. He asked his father how to cut the boy's hair, he replied to give him a short boy's haircut. The barber started to cut the boy's hair and his haircut started to resemble the way the barber cut me and Tomas about 3 months ago. The boy's father and talked to our father as if they were old friends. The boy's father, interrupting the conversation, went to the barber's chair and specified that he should cut his son's hair even more, because he has been very bad lately and must have a really short haircut as a punishment. Then the boy's father sat down again in the waiting chair and continued his conversation with our father.
I felt sorry for the boy, because the haircut was shorter than Mr. Richardo cuts boys.
After cutting the hair of the boy and two other old men, the barber called another. Father called Eric, go sit in the chair. I reluctantly got up and walked towards the barber. When the barber wrapped me in a sheet, which he pulled tightly around my neck, the barber asked my father how he should cut my hair. The father replied, the gentleman was right, if the boys do not follow the orders of their parents, they must be given an exemplary haircut. That's why I want my boys to get a haircut like that boy had. My body stiffened at my father's words. The barber mercilessly cut my hair, I was left with short stubble around my ears, about an inch long hair remained on the top of my head, the barber cut my bangs at a slight angle, so that almost my entire forehead was visible. I couldn't see the back of my head, but I could feel the fine clippers going up high from my neck through the back of my head. When the clippers were turned off, the barber applied white foam to about the entire nape of my neck and sides. He gradually scraped it off. When the barber finished the scalping job, he treated the shaved parts of the head with aftershave water, put an oily cream on the top part and combed the remaining short hair. In the mirror I could see about 2 inch arcs of clean shaven skin around my ears. I assumed that much of the back of the neck was also clean shaven. It wasn't until Thomas was cut that I was sure that I too have a 5/6 nape, not only without hair, but also cleanly shaved.
When leaving the barber shop, my brother and I experienced another shock. Father asked the barber to cut us like this even if we come alone for another haircut.
Herry was surprised that I was at Richard's barber shop again and that we got a much shorter haircut as a punishment. I also admitted that such a hairstyle awaits me and my brother in the future. He admitted that even his father already sends him to get a haircut.
I will be happy if you write that you liked the continuation of my story.

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