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A Haircut for a Car by Chris

I returned back to college down South. Upon arriving on campus I could not help but notice the choice of cuts most had. Last year short hair was the norm-a few buzzes,flats and recons. What a difference a year had made in what was seeing. It seemed like more were either sporting skin-tight buzzes or heads totally shaved smooth.

I had not been one for really short hair. Mine was not long either. But now longer than most I saw. I wondered what style my roomate Jeff had now. Last year he had a short ivy league cut. Upon entering our room I soon found out. There was Jeff with a new look this year.It was not what I expected from him.

Instead, of his ivy he had his head shaved competely with a deep rich tan. I asked when he did it. I was somewhat suprised when learning he shaved it for the first time this past summer. And after developing a good tan on it let his hair grow back. Only to shave it all off again upon returning to campus.

I found it to be a great look on him. It did not surprise me in the least when he suggested I do the same. I gave it some thought and then said sure why not. He directed me to a barbershop across from the campus. Without a moment of hesitation I went over. Entering the shop I immediately knew I was not the only one with the same idea.

Everyone coming out of the shop or in the chairs had one of two cuts it seemed. Either buzzed scalp close or shaved completely off. I watched as those got theirs all cut off. Then my turn came. Getting into the chair I wasted now time in saying just shave it clean. It did not take long for the clippers to buzz my hair down. Then came lather and the razor completeling the job. There I was bald for the first time in my life. Jeff agreed it suited me well. Oh if my family could see me now.

Something to think about as to if I keep it or not. Jeff had committed himself to daily maintenance by shaving his every other day. Not quite ready for such a move. I said in time maybe in time. Will take some getting used to having no hair on my head for now.

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