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The Day It Slipped by Kevin M.

I was a normal teenager who went through that long hair phase in my life. I decided the time had come to get rid of it because it was just past my shoulders. My mom loved my long hair but my dad was never a fan of it. I always wanted a really short haircut. Whenever I think about the clippers running over my head I get that urge, that is uncontrollabe. I finally got the guts to walk to the local barbers. When I got there I noticed all the men with shaved heads, buzzcuts, flattops and induction cuts. I had just walked into the military recruitment day where all the new recruits got buzzed down. So I took a seat and waited. I watched, for about 30min, these young guys getting all their hair shaved and got that crazed feeling inside me. I was next in line...what was I gonna do. The barber, Joe, sat me down but assumed I was a recruit. I quickly told him otherwise. When he asked me what I wanted I simply said `A trim``....after the words had come out I felt disappointed that I didn`t have the nerves to get it all shaved off. The barber was quick and trimmed my hair a couple inches and had now picked up the clippers to shave the back of my neck. I had noticed while the haircut was going on that the recruits were pointing and laughing, most likely at the fact that I guy basically the same age had such a womens haircut. At that moment I had that urge, that wonderful urge to prove I was still a man. I coughed right when the barber had the clippers at the base of my hairline. With a #00000 bade right up the middle of my head. All the recruits, and the barber had realized what I had done. So the end result turned out to be about 5 recruits and Joe all buzzing my hair down to a stubble. I still go back for the same haircut every week.

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