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Horseshoe Flattop by Rob

I haven`t had a haircut for about 4 months. This was very unusual for me. I always kept it fairly short. I have dark brown hair.The top is about 5 inches long and the sides touches the top of my ears. I didn`t want a hair cut but I wanted to play a joke on my friend Frank.

I called my friend Frank to see if he wanted to go with me. He said he would and that he wasn`t going to get a haircut. We drove into town and looked for a barbershop. There was was on the side street. I said to Frank lets try this one because my barber was on vacation. So we parked the car and walked into the shop. The barber was in the chair reading the paper. He got up when we came in and welcomed us. He introduced himself to us and said his name was Bud. He was about fortyish. He said who wanted a haircut and I said Frank was first. Frank was taken back because he didn`t want one. I told Frank that his hair was getting long and he should just get a trim. Frank was reluctant but decided to sit in the chair. Frank got into the chair and Bud put a tissue around his neck and then put the apron on him. He asked Frank how he wanted it cut and Frank hesitated. He had blonde shoulder length hair. I stood up and sugested that he get a buzz cut. Frank said he didn`t want it too short and that that style was out. Bud had a recon and was in the service. He suggested something different and Frank wanted to know what he meant and Bud said take the leap and let me be creative. Frank seemed to be getting nervous and hesitated. I said to Bud go ahead and do something different. Frank has always gotten the same style since I have known him. He asked Frank again and Frank said ok but do not shave it. Bud assured him that he wasn`t going to shave it. Bud picked up the electric shers and tilted Franks head down so that it touched he chest. He had no guard on the clippers and went around to the back of Frank`s head. He had turned the chair around so that Frank was faceing the wall. He went straight up the back of Frank`s head and left the white of his scalp showing. He did this about seven times untill there was no hair left on the back of his head. He went to the left side and then to the right side. He put the clippers down and put some shaving cream on the back and sides. He had a straight razon and sharpen it with a strap that was attached to the side of the chair. He proceeded to shave the back and sides. When he had finnished he toweled off Frank`s head and then He picked up his comb and clippers again. He blended the shaved sides and the back into the longer hair that was on the top. He turned the chair around and told Frank that he was half way done and asked Frank what he thought. Frank looked very shocked and asked Bud what he was going to do with the top. Bud said that there was a number of possibilities. He said that he could buzz it, a flat, a shoe, a recon, or all off. Frank was certain about not getting it shaved. Frank asked about a flat and Bud told him that it was squared off on the top and faded into the sides. I spoke up and told Bud to give hime a shoe. I told Frank that a shoe was about three inches on the top and that he could comb it over. Bud loooked at me and smiled so I winked at him and Bud nodded his head. Frank said that that sounded liked what he wanted. Bud said then you want me to give you a shoe. Frank said yes and settled back into the chair. He was in for a great suprise. Bud turned the chair around towards the wall again. He picked up the clippers and his comb. He turned on the clippers, and using the comb he picked up Frank`s bangs and sheared off about three inches. He did the same to the entire top of Frank`s head. Frank asked him if he was going too short. I told Frank to be quiet and enjoy the experience. Bud continued the process several times until he had it about a quarter of an inch all over on top. He then put the comb down and placed the clipper flat against the center of Frank`s head, about two inches from his forehead. He went straight back across Frank`s head to the shaved part in the back. Frank look very upset but didn`t say anything. I think he relized that this was going to be a different haircut. Bud put the clippers down and put some shaving cream on the spot that he had just cut. He picked up his straight razor and shaved the center of Frank`s head. The strip was about one and a half inches wide. I started to laugh and told Frank that I couldn`t wait to see his reaction. Bud put some gel in his hand and rubbed it into what was left of Frank`s hair. He used a blow dryer and a brush to make it stand up. He then told Frank that he gave him what he wanted and turned the chair around. Frank was upset and told Bud that he didn`t do what he said he was going to do. Bud said that he was going to give him a shoe and this was a horseshoe flattop. He told Frank that I gave my ok to proceed with the shoe and that I was the one who gave him the wrong information. Frank got up from the chair and paid Bud. Then Bud showed me into the chair and caped me up. He asked what do you want and Frank said that a shoe would be great and I could even comb it over if I wanted. Frank turned on the clippers and peeled a stripe up the back and down part of the landing strip. I watched almost all my hair fall in clumps down the cape, and soon Frank spun the chair around. I had a shoe that matched Bud's perfectly. Bud laughed as I was shocked running my hands over the bald strip and the tight flat top. We left the shop and Bud was still laughing and said that we were even now. Frank ended up liking the shoe. He went to Bud once a week for a tune up, but he never went to the barber with me again.

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