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Forced Buzzcut by Emo Hair Teen

Yesterday saw me getting my first ever buzzcut. And it was forced on me by my boyfriend. He was getting fed up of me playing with my super long fringe all the time and spending ages on my hair getting ready so he has apparently been planning this for a long time and yesterday was the day he put his plan into action. He doesn’t know that I have a fetish for forced haircuts or haircutting capes but he knows I love my “emo” style hair and knows that I would never willingly cut it short.

So yesterday he suggested that we go get a haircut as I was due for my regular trim. We always go to a friend of ours who owns his own salon and who we know very well so we arrived at the salon and went in. I got to watch him get his haircut first, which I always love, and then it was my turn. I walked up the chair, not expecting anything out of the ordinary, and the thick green nylon cape was put over me, followed by the black rubber cutting collar. At this point I knew that there was backing out. That cape was very tight around my neck. The hairdresser started to comb my hair and we got chatting. He never asked me what I wanted as he knew I always had just a little trim so I didn’t find this out of the ordinary. I was very busy chatting that I didn’t notice he has picked up the clippers.

Then I heard that buzzing sound and he clicked the on switch. It made me jump. I tried to stand up but both the hairdresser and my boyfriend put their hands on my shoulders (I should state at this point that the place was closed at this point). I knew I was trapped. The hairdressers then put the buzzing clippers at the front my hair with my fringe held back out of the way. I asked him what he was doing. He just ignored me. I was in a real panic at this point. I didn’t know what to do. Then the clippers started that long path down the middle of my head. They felt amazing going all the way to the crown. The hair showered down my face and fell onto the cape. It was surreal. I almost forgot that it was my hair. I just stared in the mirror as he kept shaving my hair off.

After what seemed like a lifetime he was finished. I sat there staring at my grade 1 buzzed head in the mirror. I loved how it looked. I slowly took my hand from under the cape and ran it across my head. It felt amazing! I loved the feel of the stubble up there. I still couldn’t believe it had happened. I had a massive hard on and it was quite obvious when the cape was removed.
Since that moment I haven’t stopped rubbing my head. I would recommend taking that leap to anyone who is in any doubt!

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