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shaved Zero !! by liam

well i am 20 years old and i ended up going back to college, which was about 100 miles away i was put into a student flat with two other guys, i befriended one of them straight away he was a nice gentle guy he was 23 years old and had really short hair i always had a fetish about short hair and i adored him for having it short, my heart was racing one night as i mentioned his hair, he said he was in the army for a year training and was to cut it short with no guard and he always kept it like that ever since,i said that i have wanted short hair but dont not as short as his, but secretly myself i would like to shave it all of but i am a bit scared encase i look really stupid with it. i said to my flat mate that i would get it cut short at a barbers one day, the next day i found a barber, iv been to barbers before but they all say i have really nice thick hair and that they wont cut it too short, so i always fetished about shaving it really short, well this barber was different he was a solid bloke a real manly man, he sat me down and said how you want it cut, i said short to him and said i dont know what number though, he suggested a number 4 because i had really long hair, and said the buzz would mean i couldnt style it, i said ok and he started but i knew that i wanted it cut shorter he looked at me and said thats a big difference as my curls were shaved off in about 10 minutes flat or it felt like that i had to say something so in a high piched screach i said can you go a bit shorter, he said how shorter, i said well not bald but like maybe a number 1 or 2?, his face lit up and said no problem mate ill keep going shorter till you say not any shorter, he said he was surprised at my decision because i had it so long ,and i said well am away on my own and i want it like army style since nobody knew me and i was away from home, that i dident have to explain to any one my sivere decision, he said ah you want a real hair cut and winked at me i said yes, he said to me well do you want a 0 all over and with out thinking about it properly i had a hard on and loved the shaving of the clippers across my head i said yes. he asked and said ill go right down the middle then shall i , i was yeah cool and the shave was unbelivable, it was like it was shaving a layer of my scalp , but it wasnt sore it was really relaxing, he went up my right side, and shaved it to the tip of my side and followed around the back as if he was shaving just the sides and back untill he reached my left side and then it was strange i went as if my head was tingaling so it felt bare, after the sides and back was shaved he started on the top again, shaving it over and over again it felt a great sensation there was no one in the barber shopeither so i didnt feel awkward, and i dont know why but i let slip that i think that i liked guys i know it was stupid, or to me it was, since he was probably straight but he winked and said ah you have a boyfriend i said no to him quickly to avoid the subject, and he said really surprisingly he didnt either i was stunnded and blurted out your gay?? he was shaving my head with out a guard and said yeah man i am, and said to me i know how you feel, i was stunned i asked him how old he was and said he was 36 i said i was only 20 and never had a boyfriend, he laughed and haid theres all the time in the world, it didnt take long to shave the remaining of my hair but i loved it it was short stubble all over and he could tell i had a hard on he sort of touched me when he was removing my cape i stared into his blue eyes when paying him and he done the same, i asked him, what sort of guys do you go for? he said i like guys younger put his finger to my mouth so i couldnt speak and said i like you and winked at me - we never kissed or that but when i got back to the flat my heart was racing i met up with my flat mate and he said wow you look amazing i said thanks and returned to my room but didnt have my wallet i must have dropped it on the way back, iwas just about to leave when i had to tell my flat mate not to lock the door as my keys were in my wallet and he said ok i put my jacket back on, when the door knocked - it was the barber he said its good it was me iv got your wallet i noticed it must have dropped out your jacket when putting it on i was so happy as i was paniking like mad and worried if i had lost it i invited him in of course to say thanks to him and he didnt leave for a while, i think you know the rest i liked him but it didnt last long as we had fun thats all ....

by the way this is a real story, i have never written one for here i am on this site a few times a week as i like reading about haircuts leave comments below to let me know if you liked the read. by the way sorry about the gay theme i know not all guys want to read that its just what happened sorry if you are affended.>

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