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Letter Home #2 by Pharaoh

Hi Darren,
Well I hate to admit it, but you were right – what about? Being BALD!
You’ve heard what it’s like on the edge of the desert, hot and dusty. Sand all over, in your clothes, your food and in your hair.
Not anymore! That’s right, I’m now a shavehead like you, razor smooth. Since the Army permitted headshaving, a lot of guys are doing it now they can.
Yeah! you’ve been trying to talk me into going bald for the last few years. But I just didn’t want to do it. I like my hair, or did. Since my induction-cut (I hated having the clippers all over my head), I’ve worn it as long as I could get away with. But I went too far. “Get a haircut,” ordered Captain Trad, so off I went to the barber’s tent. Some men from my platoon were there with new shaveheads.
I sat in the chair and asked the barber to leave it long regulation. Before he could start my platoon guys chanted “Get it off – Lieutenant, sir”. I laughed, but then I thought about it and decided ‘Those chrome dome guys looked good. And this climate was killing my hair. Just this once. It’ll soon grow again in this heat. Yeah! Why not - get all my hair off?’ With a sudden rush of blood to the brain I said to the barber ‘shave me bald’. “You sure about this sir, not just a trim?’. ‘Bald, and that’s an order’. We both laughed, but he did attack my hair down to the wood with his sheering machine. The guys cheered me on. This time I really enjoyed the all-over clippers, and the shave cream and the razor. Man, what a blast. When I saw my shining naked skull, and felt it (great sensation), I was instantly converted. The hot desert sun was a bit of a shock, but good, and you’ve got to be careful of sunburn at first, but the white scalp soon tanned.
Only thing is it takes a lot longer to shave face and head, every morning. Razoring the back is a bit difficult, but other headshavers say I’ll soon get the stubble off at speed. You know that. The shaving is cool. I enjoy it.
The look that’s sensational is the smooth sides and back running right up and under the cap, you can still see I’m shaved bald. To my surprise I REALLY like my polished hairless dome. Same as yours, my shavenhead is here to stay, forever! When I get home, we’ll be two Bald Buddies together.
This is an official Military Secret – a question really – don’t tell anyone under pain of death. Will you please be my Best Man?
Cheers for now
Josh – Lt. “Baldie”

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