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Ryan Returns by Shant

This is a sequel to the story, "I Love the Rain!" which I wrote in December 2021. If you haven’t read that story, I hope you will take the time to go to the archives and read it before reading this one.

From the comments I received, "I Love the Rain!" is one of the most popular stories I have written. It is definitely one of my all time favorites. Hope you enjoy. Shant


A little over a year ago, as I was leaving the bar one night, I met a guy named Ryan. It was pouring rain and he was totally drenched. I rolled down my window and asked if he would like to get out of the rain for awhile and I ended up bringing him home.

Ryan had an immense head of beautiful hair and was turned on by great hair as much as I was. His hair was a rich, chocolate brown, very thick, curls that could be brushed into waves, and hung almost down to his shoulders.

Throughout that evening I gave him a total of four haircuts. He had told me that money was tight and I offered to pay him each time I cut his hair. He ended up losing almost all his long beautiful hair and ending up getting a flattop for the very first time.

He also cut my hair, which I had never let anyone other than a barber do before. He did a really good job. The evening was an amazing, sensual experience for both of us. Seeing how much we were both turned on by great hair, it ended up being one of the hottest times each of us had ever experienced.

Ryan was heading to the east coast and I doubted I would ever see him again. I hoped maybe at some point in time he would head back this way, but I doubted it would ever happen.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many nights I thought about that evening and the wild time we had. We both got to live out some fantasies we had always wanted to experience, and it could not have been any hotter or more intense.

One night, shortly after 9:00, there was a knock at my door. I opened the door, and there standing before me was Ryan!

He looked every bit as handsome as he did the first time I met him. I felt like I had been struck by a lightning bolt. I could feel this incredible surge of energy running throughout my body.

"Wow, what a great surprise! It’s great to see you, Ryan. I had always hoped I would see you again. I’ve thought about you many times and wondered how things turned out for you. Come on in and tell me all about what has happened since we last saw each other."

"Thanks," Ryan said. "It’s great seeing you again, too. I have really been looking forward to it. I was hoping you wouldn’t mind if I stopped by as I was passing through."

I grabbed a couple of beers and we sat on the sofa and talked forever. Ryan wasted no time in snuggling up to me. He placed his head on my shoulder and I wrapped my arm around him. I was blown away thinking that just a few minutes ago I had been totally bored and now this was happening.

I began running my fingers through his beautiful hair. God, it was wonderful to get my hands in his mane again.

"I’m guessing that you haven’t cut your hair since the time you were here. Did you not like the flattop I gave you? I thought you looked really hot," I said.

"I really liked the haircut a lot and realized that I did not miss all my long hair. Like you told me though, in order for a flattop to keep looking sharp, you have to get it cut a lot more often."

"Money has just been way too tight to be able to do that and then I knew I would have to find a barber to cut it. I wouldn’t trust just anybody to give me a flattop. I decided to start growing my hair as long as I could before I headed back home to see my folks."

"I knew I was definitely going to stop by to see you again, and I hoped you would like to give me another haircut," he said with a big smile.

His hair was even more beautiful than I remembered. The front now reached the tip of his nose and the sides totally covered his ears and cascaded down in the back about six inches. He had even more hair than the first time I met him.

I was so aroused just sitting there looking at him and knowing what a fantastic time we were both going to have. "Your hair really looks great," I said. "You know that I would love to cut it for you."

Ryan took a picture from his wallet, and said, "I found this awhile back and really like the haircut the guy has. I wondered how my hair would look if I were to get it cut like that. I kept the picture, knowing that eventually I would be heading back this way, and wanted to see what you thought."

"Do you think you could cut my hair to look like this? I bet you would really like to do that, wouldn’t you? I know that I would love to have you cut it like this. The thought of it really turns me on," he said.

Ryan handed me the picture and when I saw it, the rush I experienced was unreal. The sides and back were tapered really short, nearly all the way up to the top.

Taking off six inches of his hair on the sides and back would be awesome. I would start by putting the #1 guard on my clippers and then buzzing off almost all of his hair to the top.

In the picture, the guy’s hair on top was around three inches long and was all brushed up and back. In order to pull off this look, a guy needed really thick hair that had a lot of body. Ryan certainly had that.

I knew if I cut about three inches off the top, he would be able to brush his hair all back and look just like the guy in the photo. I couldn’t wait to cut it.

"I have no doubt that you would look really fantastic with your hair cut like that. I’m already stoked just thinking about getting to cut it for you."

We continued talking and filled each other in about how the past year had been for the both of us. I knew that this time I was going to do my best to get Ryan to stay for awhile. If I could help it, I was not going to let him leave right away like he did last time. I hoped he was as interested in me, as much as I was in him.

As Ryan was running his fingers through my hair, he said, "I see that your hair is also longer than last year. After I finished cutting it, it was about two inches long on top. With your hair being so thick, it stood up really great."

"What do you have there now? It looks like it’s about five inches or more on top," he said, as he continued running his fingers through my hair. I knew that I would be sitting in the barber chair, too, and let him give me another haircut. Just the thought of it got me aroused.

"I’m glad you grew your hair longer. I’m really surprised seeing how long it is. It looks awesome," Ryan said. "There have been many nights when I have thought about how great your hair was and how much I loved playing with it, and especially how much I loved cutting it."

I had a huge smile on my face when he said that. "Do you have plans after visiting your family? Are you going to stay there on the coast?" I asked.

"No, nothing is really definite yet, but I do know that I want to settle down in one place and start having a normal life. I’m tired of moving around so much and I’m looking forward to just staying in one place."

"If you don’t have any plans, why don’t you stay here for awhile? When you left last time, I regretted that I had not suggested you stay for awhile so we could get to know each other better. We had such a great time that night that I know I would have liked us to have spent more time together."

"Being totally honest, I’ve thought about you a lot, and wondered how things might have turned out if you had stayed. Since you left, I have thought more and more about if I would like to try having a relationship with a younger guy, and I decided I would like to try it, especially if it were with you. I know at the very least we would have some really hot times and get to play with each other’s great hair."

"While being on the road, I also thought a lot about you and wondered the same thing," Ryan said. "Over the past year, nothing can even begin to compare to the fantastic time we had that night. I know I would like to spend more time with you, especially if you are serious about a possible relationship."

"I remember telling you how much I would like to be in a relationship with an older, hot looking man. Believe me, I’ve kept my eyes open, and I know a guy like you doesn’t come along all that often. You are such a hunk! You turn me on so much!"

"I would love to settle down with a man like you and begin to have a real life," Ryan said. "I know it’s way too early to know what might happen, but I’d sure be willing to give it a try."

"I’m so glad you feel the same way I do," I said. "I tell you what, it’s getting late and I have to be at work at 7:00 in the morning. How about if we just play with each other’s hair a little longer and call it a night? I have to comb and brush your hair a little more or I will never be able to fall asleep."

"Why don’t you sleep in and I’ll pick you up at noon and take you to lunch? My nursery is only ten minutes from here. If you’re up for it, I’d like to take you back to work with me and show you the place."

"That would be great," Ryan said. "I’m definitely up for us playing a little while longer tonight. There’s no reason to rush and have you give me a haircut if I am going to be staying around for awhile."

The next day went great. I owned my own landscaping business and it was very successful. I had two guys working for me, but with the nursery, and my own private gardens, which were huge, I had been thinking about taking on another employee.

While looking at the nursery, Ryan said, "This is really awesome. It must be fantastic working outside all the time and getting to work in a garden. I’d really like to do that, and I hope you will let me help you." That gave me an idea.

That night after dinner I brought up the idea of Ryan working for me. "I really do need to hire another worker and I’d love it if you were interested. I think it would be great the two of us working together."

"I have never been lucky enough to have a partner that was interested in working in the garden with me. It would be fantastic if you enjoyed doing that and it would give us another thing we would have in common."

"If you’re interested, you would have an immediate income. You could work at the nursery as long as you like, and if you decided you wanted to try something else, you could continue working there until you found another job."

"That sounds great!" Ryan said. "Immediately having a job would make me feel like I was really settling down. I know I would go crazy if I didn’t have something to do to occupy my time. It would also definitely help eliminate my financial stress."

I was thrilled that everything seemed to be working out the way I had hoped it would. That night we spent a lot of time getting our hands in each other’s manes. We both had such a tremendous love of great hair and couldn’t believe that we had actually found someone that felt the same way that we each did.

A few weeks passed and Ryan and I were getting along great. We discovered that in addition to loving hair, we also shared many things in common. I was beginning to think that it looked promising for us to be in a committed relationship.

Each morning we would get up and shower together and then comb each other’s hair before going to work. What a fabulous way to start the day!

We had not cut each other’s hair yet, preferring to just enjoy playing with each other’s great hair. We had decided that if we were going to commit to being in a serious relationship, there was no rush to give each other a short haircut.

I knew if I cut Ryan’s hair that he would be cutting mine in return. As hot as it would be, we both knew that we’d rather keep our hands in each other’s thick locks, as opposed to cutting them all off.

If Ryan had stayed for only one night, I would have definitely attacked his mane. I would have given him an even shorter haircut than the first time, probably a buzzcut.

The thought of running the #2 clippers up the sides and back and then using the #3 guard and buzzing off all his gorgeous hair on top would have been incredible.

Two months passed and our relationship continued to get better and better. I knew that I had really developed strong feelings for Ryan. I had never been happier.

We were just watching tv one night, snuggling on the sofa. Ryan had his head resting on my shoulder and I had my arm around him. I couldn’t believe how content I was. I had certainly never thought I’d be in a relationship with a younger guy, but the twelve year age difference didn’t seem to matter at all.

Ryan was playing with my hair, running his fingers through it, brushing it all back. "You know how much I love that your hair is so much longer than last year," he said. "It’s really awesome getting to play with all that hair of yours."

"I think that both of us are starting to look a little shabby though. Actually, I think it’s time you sit down in that chair and I cut my daddy’s hair for him. I promise I won’t take off more than an inch, but I know it will look so much better than it does now."

"I just want to clean you up a little. It will be fun to cut even just a little of your beautiful hair off. I’ve been wanting to cut your hair from the moment I came back."

"I think you are probably right," I said. "It is starting to get a little too long. Are you ready to be my barber?"

"I am so ready! Sit yourself down in that chair, Sir. You need to lose some of that pretty hair of yours!"

"I can’t believe that your hair is actually touching your nose, but it’s the sides that are really wonderful. They are so much longer than last year. They really show off what a tremendous head of hair you have. It’s really awesome. I love it!"

Ryan stood behind me and began combing my hair. I was so horny and so turned on having him play with my hair and combing it all perfectly into place.

As Ryan continued combing my hair, he said, "Yes, I think my daddy needs to lose some of this pretty hair that he has. It really is getting too long." As he said this, I watched him comb my forelock straight up and cut off about an inch.

No clippers were used. Ryan took his time and lifted my long locks up and cut off about an inch all over. Once he had evened everything up, it really did look much better.

"I think your hair looks so much neater now. I had such a great time getting to comb it and cut it. I guess it’s my turn now to sit in the chair and let my daddy cut my hair for me, too," he said.

"You are so right. I can’t believe we waited two months before we actually cut each other’s hair. I’m glad that we are just trimming it up a little because I still want us to keep our long locks so we can keep playing with them."

As I began combing Ryan’s hair, I said, "My boy has such awesome hair. It’s going to be fantastic cutting it down even just a little. I love burying my hands in your tremendous mane." I cut Ryan’s hair just like he did mine, taking only about an inch off. Getting to cut his hair really made me want to give him a shorter haircut, but I knew the time would come.

After that, about every six weeks we would trim each other’s hair. We never cut all that much off, but we still had a fantastic time.

Time flew by so fast. It was approaching the beginning of summer. Ryan and I had been together ten months now. We no longer had any doubts about being a couple.

As we were working, almost every day it was getting hotter and more humid. Both of us came home at the end of the day with our heads soaking wet.

The time had come when I decided it was time to put the plan I had been fantasizing about for the past few months into action.

After we got home from work and showered together, Ryan dried and combed my hair for me, and then I did the same for him.

As I was combing his hair, I said, "I love your hair the most right after I have just finished drying it. It stands up at its fullest and it is so thick and shiney. I am so glad that my boy has such pretty hair. The moment I begin running my fingers through it, I feel shivers running up and down my spine."

"Your hair is so beautiful. I really am going to miss it, but it’s time." Without saying another word, I lifted up his eight inch forelock and chopped off five inches!

Ryan bolted out of the chair and swung around to face me. He had the biggest smile on his face! "Oh man! That was intense! I thought I was going to explode!"

"I was hoping you would be giving me a shorter haircut for the summer and was just waiting for you to bring it up. I have been fantasizing about you cutting it just like you did that very first night!"

"Please Sir, cut all my hair off! I have been wanting you to do it forever! Go ahead and do it! I’m your boy and I want you to cut my hair however you want."

"I would love it if you gave me a flattop like you did the first time. That night was so mind blowing. Let’s live out that fantasy again!"

I had a huge smile on my face. I started running my hands all through his beautiful hair. "So, my boy wants to get all his pretty hair cut off like the first time, does he? I’ve also fantasized about reliving that night again."

"Every time I look at you, I remember that first haircut. Sure, I’ll cut all your pretty hair off for you. It’s time my hot boy starts looking like a real man again!"

"This is going to be even more intense than the first time and I didn’t think that could even be possible. I’m going to start out by giving you that haircut like the guy in the picture you showed me."

"Yeah, I’m going to love buzzing off all the sides and back and then leaving you with still some of your pretty long hair on top."

"After I finish doing that we’ll take a little break and play for awhile. Then, I’ll sit my handsome boy back in the chair and give him the flattop that he wants so much."

"You really want one don’t you, Boy? You looked so hot with that flattop. I can’t wait to see you looking like that again. I’m going to video tape your haircut so we can watch it over and over again while you grow your hair long again."

"Take those clothes off and sit yourself down in that chair," I said. "It’s time my boy gets rid of all that pretty hair that he has. This is going to be awesome!"

"When you showed me that picture of how you wanted me to cut your hair, I really wanted to do it right then, but I was hoping you would stay here, and I knew that if you did, I would want you to keep those long locks of yours."

"I love playing with your mane so much that I couldn’t bear the thought of immediately cutting all your pretty hair off. I knew it would eventually happen. I have waited so long to give my boy the haircut that he really wants."

"I haven’t used my clippers on you since the first night we met. I bet you are looking forward to me buzzing all that pretty hair of yours all the way up the back and sides, aren’t you? So much of it is going to be coming off!"

"It’s going to be mind blowing running my hands through your long beautiful locks and chopping them off. I can’t wait to see you with a flattop again."

I combed Ryan’s beautiful hair one final time. I knew I was going to miss it, but after summer was over, I knew he would start growing it out again. It was going to be awesome giving him all different types of haircuts while he grew his hair long again.

I placed my hand on the top of his head and tipped it forward so that it was nearly touching his chest. "Get ready, my pretty boy! It’s time for you to feel the clippers again!"

I had a #2 guard on the clippers and I started at the base of his neck and ran them almost all the way up to the crown. As I neared the top of the sides, I turned them out, leaving him with about an inch of hair.

I knew I had to leave some hair at the top of the sides in order to square it up when I gave him his flattop. There was so much long beautiful hair coming off. Ryan was obviously enjoying himself and I heard a slight moan coming from him.

"Don’t you get too carried away there, Boy! You still have a lot more hair to be cut off!"

After I finished buzzing down the sides and back, I wet Ryan’s hair and combed it all back. I had already cut off five inches from the very front and there was about eight inches left on top all the way to the back.

Combing all that long beautiful, thick hair straight up and cutting it off was intoxicating. Starting right behind the forelock I had already cut, I lifted up a section at a time and cut off five inches so that it was all the same length. I tossed his long beautiful locks into his lap so he could see how much hair he was losing.

As I worked my way to the back, I took off a little more until I reached the crown. I then worked on blending the short sides into the three inches on top. I wet it again, took some pomade and ran it all through his hair.

I took the blowdryer and vigorously brushed all his hair on top up and back. I then ran my hands through his hair getting it to stand up as high as I could.

When I finished, his hair looked exactly like the guy in the picture. He looked totally different. He looked really hot having such an edgy looking haircut as opposed to just having his hair being so long.

Ryan loved the haircut. "I think it looks awesome!" he said. "Maybe when I grow it out again, I’ll have you cut it like this, because I really like it."

I would have been happy to leave his hair like I had cut it, but Ryan had said he wanted to relive our first fantasy again. I certainly wasn’t going to try and talk him out of it, because I wanted to do that too.

We took a little break and played around for awhile. I spent a lot of time running my hands through his new haircut and combing and brushing it.

I decided it was time to give Ryan his flattop. I was so stoked to do this. "Okay, it’s time to give my boy the haircut that he has been fantasizing about getting for so long. You sit yourself back in that chair and I’m going to give you your flattop."

"I know you’ve really been looking forward to seeing all that long beautiful hair you have on top get taken down to about an inch. Your flattop was so fantastic looking last time. I am so stoked to cut off almost all of your pretty hair."

I knew I would be getting a haircut tonight, but I thought it would be after I gave Ryan his flattop. He surprised me, however, and said, "Actually, I think it’s your turn to sit in the chair. I have been looking forward to cutting your hair too. There’s so much more of it to cut than last year and I’m going to be taking a lot more off than I did that time."

"It’s time that my daddy gets a shorter haircut for the summer. For a long time now, I have been planning how I was going to cut your fantastic mane. I’m going to give you two haircuts too!"

I sat in the chair and Ryan started combing my hair. "I love my daddy’s hair so much. It is so thick and so soft. I know how much you love that pretty hair of yours. I also know how vain you are about your awesome mane, which makes me want to cut it even more."

"It’s time for you to lose that pretty boy hair of yours. You sit yourself down and get ready to see a totally different looking you."

"I’m not even going to tell you how I am going to cut your hair the first time, but I promise you that you are going to look really sharp. Are you excited? Are you afraid? Does the idea of getting a short haircut make you hot? I can tell just by looking at you that it does."

"I’m not going to let you even look in the mirror and watch. I want this to be really intense for you, wondering what I am doing to your gorgeous hair. I can’t wait to turn you around to face the mirror after I have finished and see what you think of the haircut I decided to give you."

Ryan started out by brushing my hair all back. He then took a comb and parted my hair on the right, instead of on the left, like I wore it. He then brushed the top up and back to the left and combed the sides all straight down.

"I can’t believe how much hair my daddy has," he said. "I think you’ve used me as an excuse to grow your own hair so long. It’s definitely the longest I have ever seen it."

"It’s time for you to experience what it’s like to have so much of your beautiful hair cut off. It is going to be awesome cutting off so much of your wonderful mane."

Ryan slightly wet my hair and combed it like he had when I first sat down. He started at my right temple and combed a lock of my hair on the side and sliced off two inches.

It was a rush feeling my hair being cut and not knowing what was happening. It was exciting, but a little scary too. I wondered what kind of haircut Ryan was giving me, but I trusted him.

Ryan continued working his way to the back, taking a little more off as he reached the center of the back of my head. He then did the same thing to the left side. Just like I had done to him, he made certain that all my hair was falling into my lap.

"Are you having a good time, Daddy? I know that I sure am. I love being totally in charge of cutting your hair however I want. Don’t you worry. You are going to look fantastic!"

After finishing the sides and the back, he slightly wet the top again. He took his comb and lifted up my six inch forelock and chopped off about three inches. It had been years since I had that much hair cut off at one time. I thought I was going to explode seeing so much of my hair falling into my lap.

He continued working his way towards the back, lifting up a thick lock and cutting it like he had done the front. After he finished cutting the top down, he brushed the sides into the top and then took his time and blended the two together.

He took some pomade and rubbed it all through my hair and started running his fingers from the front to the back, making it stand up as high as he could. He then took the blowdryer and finished combing it all into place.

He had me turn around in the chair to see my new haircut. He had given me a 50’s style pompadour! I had never had one before and couldn’t believe how different I looked.

Even though my hair on top was a lot shorter, it now stood up higher than ever. It also seemed so strange having my hair parted on the opposite side.

"So, Daddy, how do you like your new haircut? I think you look awesome. You look so hot with your hair all slicked up and back."

"Lets play with each other’s new haircuts for awhile before you cut mine again. I bet you are aching to give me a flattop, aren’t you? You do know that you’re going to be getting one too, don’t you? I can’t wait to see my daddy with his hair cut just like mine!"

It really was so sensual combing and playing with each other’s hair with it now being so different. We played for quite a long time because we knew we would not be getting to do this again until fall.

"Okay, Boy, it’s time for you to sit back down in the chair and let me give you the haircut you have been wanting so badly."

"Yeah, you won’t have much, if anything coming off the sides and back, but you’re going to lose most of that pretty hair on top. My boy definitely needs to get rid of all that girlie hair that he has."

"Are you ready?" I want you to say, "Please, Sir, give me the haircut that you know I really want! Cut it all off!"

"Go for it, Sir! I can’t wait to watch you cut it. Make it flat as a board. I can’t wait to rub my hands all over my head and feel how short it will be!"

The sides were already as short as I needed them to be. All that was left to do was square them up and then cut about two of the remaining three inches of hair Ryan had on top.

I brushed the top all back, getting it to stand up as high as I could. "Just look at that pretty hair of yours standing up so tall. It turns me on so much. Yeah, man, you are going to look so hot having a flattop again."

I could see how excited Ryan was as he watched in the mirror. I took the guard off my clippers and placed them at the center of his forehead. I then ran them right down the middle of his head, taking off about two of the remaining three inches of hair that he had. There was so much beautiful hair falling into his lap. The pile was huge!

I finished buzzing the top off. His hair stood up so great. It was so thick and it was as flat as a board. "Look at how sharp my boy looks. You have one of the best looking flattops I have ever seen. You look so damn hot!"

"I love it!" Ryan said. "It looks better than I remembered. It’s going to be so much easier working outside in the heat, and now I can have you cut it every two weeks, making certain that it stays perfectly in shape all the time."

When I finished the haircut, Ryan sprang out of the chair and said, "Okay, Daddy, now it’s your turn!"

"I bet it’s been a really long time since you have had your hair cut really short. When was the last time you had a flattop? I bet you can’t even remember."

"You’re right. It has probably been over twenty years since the last time I had a flattop. My hair has never been that short since then."

"The thought of you giving me a flattop is really intense. I actually hadn’t thought about you giving me a flattop, but it’s going to be wild watching you give me one."

"You are going to look like such a hot, handsome, rugged looking man when I am finished," Ryan said. "That’s how my daddy has to look!"

"I want you to go ahead and tell me to cut all your pretty hair off! You had me say that to you before you gave me my flattop, and I want you to say the same thing to me."

I want you to go ahead and say, "Please, Boy, cut all my hair off! You are totally in charge about how you cut my hair. If you want, give me a flattop just like yours. I want to see all my long hair being buzzed off!"

"You know," Ryan said. "This is the first time I have ever used clippers on your hair. This is going to be way more intense than last year. I’m really stoked to do this!"

"Your hair is just like mine and should cut into a really sharp looking flattop. You don’t need to worry. I’ve given a few guys flattops before, so it’s not like this is the first time that I have ever cut one."

"If I do screw it up, no problem. I can easily fix it. I’ll just run the clippers all over the top of your head and give you a buzzcut. If you haven’t had a flattop in over twenty years, I’m betting you’ve probably never had a buzzcut before because you love your hair so much."

"It would be wild buzzing all your lovely hair completely off. It would be such a turn on watching you in the mirror while I did it."

"Seeing that I’m totally in charge of this haircut, maybe I’ll just go ahead and skip the flattop and go straight for the buzzcut," Ryan said with a devious smile. "I’ll love getting to run my hands all over your head and just feel the bristles, instead of your long beautiful hair."

"Just understand, Boy, if you give me a buzzcut, as soon as I step out of this chair, you’re going to be sitting right back down again, and I’m going to do the same thing to you."

"Knowing how much you love your flattop, I’d love to see it being taken down to almost nothing. It would be a real rush buzzing those perfectly square back and sides totally off, and then buzzing off the plush pile you have on top. I’d place the clippers right at the center of your forehead and buzz it all off, just like you did mine."

Because Ryan had given me a pompadour, I had a lot more hair to come off than he had. It was so unreal. I was going to have my hair shorter than it had been in over twenty years.

Ryan continued combing my hair. "I really think you look sharp with this haircut," he said. "Once you start growing it out again, I’d like to give you this exact same haircut again, only I’d take the sides down about another inch. It will be such a hot, edgy looking haircut!"

Ryan turned the clippers on. "This is going to be so unbelievable! Are you ready for your flattop, Daddy?"

I knew that Ryan was really going to enjoy doing this. "Go ahead and do it! Give me a flattop just like yours. Buzz it almost all off! I can’t imagine what I am going to look like. I hope I don’t regret this, but you are totally in charge."

I saw that Ryan had put the #2 guard on the clippers. He started at my left sideburn and ran the clippers about three fingers above the top of my ear. He flipped the hair into my lap, just like I had done to him.

He continued running the clippers up both sides and then ran them up the back. "Look at all the hair that my daddy is losing! I bet it’s been years since you’ve had so much hair cut off at one time."

The hair he had not cut on the sides was about two inches long. He took the wide tooth comb and placed it at the side of my head and combed it up into the two inches and then buzzed off over an inch. My hair was thick like his, and the sides sprang out and were perfectly square. It was such a rush because I had not seen my hair cut like this in such a long time.

"Okay, Daddy, now I’m going to work on that top of yours. I’m going to play with your pretty locks one last time before I buzz them off."

Ryan ran his hands aggressively through my hair and then brushed it so that it stood up as high as it could. "Just look at your beautiful hair standing up so high!" he said. "Take one last look at it because most of it is going to be coming off! I can’t wait to do this!"

He took the wide tooth comb and placed it a little over an inch high above the front of my hairline and took the clippers and buzzed off about two inches. What a rush! I couldn’t believe I was doing this.

Ryan worked from the front to the back, taking a little more hair off as he reached the crown. It was a relief to see that he was doing a really good job.

Once he finished, he wet my hair and then blowdried it all up and back. When he had finished, I actually liked it. It was such a drastic change, but it was worth it to make Ryan happy.

After he had finished we stood in front of the video camera and filmed the two of us standing side by side. It was unreal because we looked so different from how we always had.

We then went to our room and had the most intense sex we had ever had. It was so wild running our hands all over each other’s new short haircuts.

Two years passed. Ryan and I knew that we were going to be in a committed relationship for the rest of our lives. After we celebrated our second anniversary, we made it official, and were married on the first of June.

Ten years have now passed. Our relationship is as solid as ever and we are still just as attracted to each other as the day we first met.

We were lucky that we both still had a great head of hair. Neither of us had our hairline recede at all, and our hair was still as thick as it had always been.

My hair was beginning to turn gray at the temples, but Ryan’s hair was still the deep chocolate brown that it had always been. Our love of each other’s mane has never diminished, if anything it has grown even stronger.

Each year on our anniversary, we relive the fantasy that had first brought us together. We still love to role play and give each other flattops. In the fall, we start growing our hair long again and never tire of giving each other different looking haircuts throughout the year.

It’s funny how things turn out. Before I met Ryan, I had not been in a relationship in over ten years. I actually had started to think that I probably would never be in one again.

It was worth the long wait to find Ryan. He was everything that I could have hoped for, and I knew he felt the same way about me. We were so fortunate to have found each other.

Just think, our lives had changed forever, simply because it had rained one night as I was leaving the bar.

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