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Haircut complaint by teacher by Sagar

This story is from my school days. Since childhood i dont know why but i got very anxious with the thought of a haircut. I used to keep long hair and would get them cut once every 2 months. And i used to have normal scissors haircut without using any clippers. Because i used to get a normal trim and not too short haircut, my hair would become really long every two months and it would look very untidy as well. Earlier in my childhood my mother would take me to the barbershop and get my haircut done but as i grew up i started to go by myself. But even when i started going myself i felt very anxious and would often delay it. As i grew, haircut rules also started getting stricter in my school. New term just started. I was in tenth class and my class teacher was very strict for all these things. I had really long hair. Not like shoulder length but if i do bangs then it would almost reach my nose and from back also it was so dense that if zero number machine was pushed from back to top it would have so much hair on a white cape for just one shear. All because i always used to have a trim. My teacher told me to get a haircut and after some days i got a normal trim (still quite long for my teacher). Then we had parents meeting and she clearly mentioned it to my mother that i need to get a haircut. My class teacher told me to wait outside and had some discussion with my mother. We went home and my mother said me to get a haircut on the very day. I said okay i will go in the evening. In the evening i asked my mother to get me some old tshirt so that i could for a haircut. My mother brought a tshirt and she said she will also come with me as i have some work in the market. We left home and while we were going my mother said me, "teri class teacher ne bahut complaints kari hain aur is bari tere baal main katwaungi." I was shocked because and i felt very anxious. I said i will get it my self to which she replied no its too late now. I used to get haircut at a nice new modern saloon and she didnt know where i used to get a haircut. She stopped outside a old barbershop. I was very hesitant but she grabbed my hand and took me inside. It was a really old types barbershop which would do those katora cuts. Then she asked me to sit on the chair and told the barber, "iski cutting karwani hai." Barber took a full white cape and put it over me. Then he asked my mother ke how do you want to get it cut. My mother said to him, "iski complaint aayi hai school se. Sides aur piche se katora cut jaise machine se zero kardo bilkul chote chote." I suddenly heard this and said ke please mumma itna chote mat karwao to which she said, "chup chap sir niche karke baitha reh, varna ganja karwa dungi." Then barber took machine and pushed my head down very strictly. He put machine on my neck and ghiirrrrrrrrr ghirrrrrrr and went up. I had a vibration sensation on my back and he kept on pushing it up and up. And all those long hairs from back were falling on white cape while i was crying. Then he came to right side and did the samee and then on the left. Now i had a proper mushroom haircut. There was no hair left on the sides and back. Then he sprayed water on top hair and did a side parting. The side parting with no hair on sides and back looked very bad. Then he asked my mother how much short does she wants from the top. My mother said him to start cutting normally and she will tell if its okay or not. After this she went outside to take a call. Barber Then took the scissors and started cutting the hair from top by taking proper guidelines. After sometime he was done and now my hair were almost till the end of my forehead. Then mother came back and she immediately said what is this. She told the barber to cut it short and when i heard this i started to cry. Barber then combed the hair in front like bangs. Then he took the scissors and this time he took no guidelines and started pushing hair top and cutting them. Snip snip snip. Once he was done he asked my mother of its okay. She tried to hold the hair in her hands and said him to cut it short so that it should not come in hands. Then he asked my mother to sit down and said i will take care from here. He took the clippers and first he used a number two guard to remove every inch of hair from the top. Then i dont know why it did not go well with him and he removed the guard. And in two minutes he shaved my complete head. I had a full zero haircut. I had a patchy very thin beard and moustache. He asked my mother if he should shave it as well. And after discussing with her my beard and moustache was also buzzed. I looked so bad that i couldn’t look in the mirror as well. I had a long walk of shame going home. Then next day i went to school and my mother did not allow me to take a cap aswell. When i reached school, my class teacher said to me, if i found any hair on your head this whole year, i will make you wear a skirt and make you sit in the centre of lawn. I will call a barber there and shave your head. Now go back to your seat.

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