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The Haircut Games. Sammy Part 1. by Julian

Sammy had always hated haircuts. As a child, every visit to the barbershop was a nightmare, a ritual of tears and tantrums that left him feeling exposed and vulnerable. Now, as a young adult, those memories still haunted him. He kept his hair neat and short, opting for fancy barbershops where he could just get a trim—nothing too extreme. Even then, the experience was far from pleasant.

About a year ago, Sammy participated in a comprehensive personality study. It was an extensive survey that asked him to bare his soul, detailing his loves, fears, and everything in between. Sammy answered honestly, divulging his deep discomfort with haircuts, his dread of losing control over how much hair was snipped away.

Months later, he received a letter. The research team wanted to continue the study with a select group of participants, offering $500 to confront their fears. The offer seemed straightforward: over the next six months, Sammy would receive a message related to his fear with detailed instructions. He could choose to follow these instructions or return the money within three days. If he failed to comply, his car would be collateral.

When Sammy first read the letter, he was in dire financial straits. His car, essential for his job and his survival, was broken down. The $500 would solve his immediate problems, but the thought of unknown instructions about his hair terrified him. What if they asked him to shave his head? The possibility was unthinkable.

He immediately declined, expressing his concerns in a detailed response. The idea of losing control over his appearance was too much to bear. However, the researchers reassured him: no head shave would be required. They gave him one last chance to accept.

Sammy wrestled with his decision. The money could fix his car and provide some much-needed relief, but the anxiety gnawed at him. What if they pushed him beyond his limits? The struggle was intense, a battle between his immediate needs and his deep-seated fears. In the end, desperation won. He signed the document, knowing that he was risking a great deal but hoping for the best.

As he mailed back the signed agreement, a wave of uncertainty washed over him. He had accepted, but the fear lingered, a constant reminder of the challenges ahead. Sammy knew he was in for a tumultuous journey, one that would test his resolve and force him to confront his worst fears head-on.

Sammy fixed his car and went on with his life. Within a few weeks, the experiment and its unsettling promise had faded from his mind, replaced by the daily grind of work and routine. Life returned to a semblance of normalcy, and the anxiety he had felt began to feel like a distant memory.

One day, his phone buzzed with a new message. Curiosity piqued, Sammy opened it and saw a document with the title: **Welcome to the Haircut Games**. His heart skipped a beat as he read the introduction:


"Congratulations, Sammy. You have been selected to participate in the Haircut Games. This is a unique opportunity to confront and overcome your fear of haircuts. You will receive one challenge designed specifically for you, based on the information you provided during the initial study.

Your participation in this experiment is crucial. The steps you take will be documented and analyzed to better understand fear and its impact on human behavior. Remember, this is a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Please keep in mind the following rules:
1. **No Negotiations**: The instructions are to be followed exactly as given.
2. **Timeliness**: Complete the task within the specified timeframe.
3. **Honesty**: Record your feelings and thoughts accurately after completing the task.

Your challenge will arrive shortly. Prepare yourself, and remember, this is an opportunity to conquer your fears and transform your life.

Good luck, Sammy. Welcome to the Haircut Games."


A cold shiver ran down Sammy’s spine. The calm routine of his life had been abruptly disrupted. The anxiety he thought he had left behind surged back with full force. His hands trembled as he put down his phone, trying to steady his breathing and calm his racing thoughts.

He didn’t know what to expect, but he knew one thing for certain: the game had begun.

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