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The Contract by BarberedStrong

John had been feeling stuck in his life, struggling with his weight and his job. He felt like he was in a dead end. The only thing he had going for him was his boyish face and a thick shag that always drew compliments. One day, while bored, he matched with a personal trainer named Max on Tinder. He couldn’t believe that this Adonis of a man would swipe yes on him. Maybe it was a mistake. But sure enough, within minutes, Mac popped up on his DM’s and the two began a lengthy conversation. Max was charismatic and confident, and John was instantly drawn to his energy.

After a few messages, Max convinced John to meet up. John was hesitant because he felt so out of this hunk’s league but obviously agreed. Before he knew it, John was in his car and on his was to meet Max at the gym he owned.
Stepping out of his car, John laid eyes on Max. Max was even more incredible in person. At 6’3", he was a middle eastern Adonis. His bulging hairy torso spilled out of his tank top. The thick gold chain entwined with his ample chest hair. When he smiled, his dark mustache arched upwards to reveal a perfect set of gleeming white teeth that rivaled the shine on his totally smooth bald head.

"John!" Max called out, already embracing John in a tight bear hug, "let’s get to work!"

Like a little puppy, John quickly followed Max inside. The session was tough, but John felt a rush of endorphins and a sense of hope. Max was a great motivator, and John wanted more.

As they finished up, Max handed John a contract. "Sign this, and I'll help you reach your goals," he said with a smile.

John felt unprepared to commit mentally and financially to a whole new fitness routine on the spot but he and Max talked briefly about some attainable goals and body types, which set John’s mind at ease.

John skimmed the document, but it was full of legal jargon. He trusted Max and signed without reading the fine print. How bad could it be?

The next day, John showed up for his second session, eager to continue his progress. But as he arrived, Max revealed the truth. "You see, John, the contract you signed? It comes with a price. I expect my clients to totally submit to my plan and to make sure that they do, I’ve found some external motivation super helpful. You will follow my programming to the letter. Any deviation will be deemed as a breach of contract. As my client, you will submit to daily head shaves until you reach your agreed-upon body measurement goals."

John's eyes widened in horror. "I...I didn't know that," he stammered.

Max's expression turned cold. "You should have read the contract, John. Now, you're bound by it. Refuse, and...let's just say you won't want to face the consequences."

John felt a chill run down his spine. Max's tone was menacing, and his eyes seemed to bore into John's soul. He reluctantly agreed, fearing what might happen if he didn't comply.

In a daze, John followed Max across the street to Antonio’s Barber Shop. The barber, a stern-looking man with a military flattop greeted Max with a nod. "Ah, another project! You got your work cut out for you on this one. Ready for the first shave, Max?"

John's eyes welled up with tears as the barber snapped on his clippers. Max stood over him, his arms crossed, his eyes glinting with an unsettling intensity.

"This is it, John. Your new beginning," Max said, his voice low and menacing.

The clippers buzzed to life, and John felt his hair fall away in chunks. He closed his eyes, tears streaming down his face, as the barber shaved his head clean. Max's grip on his shoulder was like a vice, holding him in place.

As the barber scraped away that last stubble with John’s virgin scalp, he finally allowed himself to open his eyes and see his reflection, a wave of loss and humiliation washed over him. His eyes met Max's in the mirror, and he shuddered at the cold, calculating gaze that stared back.

"You'll do as I say, John," Max whispered, his breath hot on John's ear. "Or suffer the consequences."

Back in his car, John couldn’t believe what just transpired. What started as a simple date had seen him trapped in a menacing brute’s scheme of control. There had to be a way out of this.

The next morning, John walked into his office with his shaved head feeling exposed and vulnerable. His coworkers' eyes widened in shock, and a few snickers erupted. John's face burned with embarrassment.

"Dude, what happened to your hair?" one colleague asked, chuckling.

John tried to brush it off, but the teasing continued. "You look like a marine!" another coworker joked.

John's friends, who had always known him with his signature messy flow, couldn't believe the transformation. They bombarded him with questions and jokes, making John feel like a spectacle.

As he sat at his desk, trying to focus on work, John couldn't shake off the feeling of humiliation. He glanced at his reflection in the window, wondering what Alex had done to him.

But amidst the embarrassment, John couldn't deny a twinge of excitement. Alex's authority and control had awakened something within him, a mix of fear and attraction that left him confused.

That night, John returned to Alex's gym, his heart racing with anticipation. Alex greeted him with a nod, his eyes gleaming with a knowing intensity.

"Ready for your next session, John?" he asked, his voice low and commanding.

John nodded, his shaved head feeling like a symbol of his submission. As they began the workout, John realized he was both intimidated and drawn to Alex's dominance, a contradictory feeling that left him breathless and wanting more.

As they finished their workout, Alex headed for the showers and beckoned for his new protege to follow.

"Alright, John, time to learn how to shave your head," Alex said, leading him to a sink.

John nodded, feeling a sense of nervousness as Alex stood behind him, their bodies close.

"First, wet your head," Alex instructed, his breath hot on John's ear.

John nodded, feeling a shiver run down his spine as Alex's hands touched his scalp, massaging in the shaving cream.

"Now, shave in sections," Alex said, his chest pressed against John's back as he guided his hand.

John's heart raced as their bodies moved in sync, the razor gliding smoothly over his scalp. Alex's grip on his hand tightened, their fingers intertwined.

"Rinse the razor," Alex whispered, his lips close to John's ear.

John nodded, feeling a spark of electricity as their faces almost touched.

As they finished shaving, Alex stepped back, his eyes gleaming with intensity. "You're a natural, handsome," he said, his voice low and husky.

John smiled, feeling a sense of closeness he couldn't ignore. The physical proximity had ignited a flutter in his chest, and he couldn't help but wonder if Alex felt it too.

For the next week, John's life revolved around his daily workouts with Alex. He spent hours at the gym, pushing his body to its limit. Muscles ached and exhaustion became his norm. But with each grueling session, John felt himself transforming. His former life faded away, replaced by a new obsession - fitness. By the end of the week, he even got the hang of shaving his own head even if he hated the look on himself.

Alex was his constant companion, driving him harder with each passing day. John really started to look forward to the gym as he started to see real progress as the weeks progressed. His social life disappeared and his job became an afterthought. All that mattered was the burn in his muscles and the approval in Alex's eyes. Still, he longed for a way out of the head shaving and to be able to grow his hair back.

One night, John came across the contact Alex made him sign. He sat in his apartment, scouring the contract for a loophole. He had to escape this madness of reauired baldness. But as he read, his mind kept wandering back to Alex's piercing gaze and commanding presence.

Finally, after hours of searching, John found it - a small clause that allowed him to opt out if he completed an additional challenge. He felt a surge of hope and quickly made his way to the gym.

"Alex, we need to talk," John said, his voice firm but nervous.

Alex looked up from his phone, a hint of amusement in his eyes. "What's this about, John?"

"I found a loophole in the contract. I can opt out if I complete a challenge," John said, trying to sound confident.

Alex chuckled. "Ah, you think you can outsmart me, John? I admire your determination."

John bristled, feeling a twinge of defensiveness. "I just want out, Alex. This isn't what I signed up for."

"Come on, John. Embrace your new self. You're stronger than you think," Alex whispered, his breath hot on John's ear.

Alex stepped closer, his voice low and persuasive. "John, you're so close to getting it. To becoming a new man. Don't give up now. And besides...you're starting to enjoy this, aren't you?"

John's face grew hot as he denied it, but Alex's magnetism was undeniable. He felt drawn to the man, and the sense of control and discipline he offered.

Alex's warm breath caressed John's ear, sending shivers down his spine. "Come on, John. Why are you standing in your own way. Are you going to really going to quit over a silly little thing like hair?" Alex grazed his smooth scalp, "the new you is so sexy."

John's eyes fluttered closed, his heart racing. He savored the moment, prolonging the suspense.

Alex's breath danced across his skin, teasing him. "Say it, John. Say you'll commit to your new life."

John's lips parted, but he hesitated. Alex's grip on his shoulder tightened, his fingers digging deep.

"Say it," Alex whispered again, his voice husky and commanding.

John's resistance crumbled, piece by piece. He opened his eyes, locking gazes with Alex.

"I...I'll do it," John stammered, his voice barely audible.

Alex's eyes gleamed with triumph, his gaze lingering on John's lips. "Louder, John. Say it with conviction."

John's voice grew stronger, his words barely above a whisper. "I'll do it...I'll commit to my new life..."

Alex's face inches from John's, his warm breath a gentle caress. "Good boy, John. You won't regret it."

Alex's hand traced John's jawline, his thumb grazing the corner of his mouth. John's heart raced, his lips parting slightly.

"Welcome to the next chapter, Johnny," Alex whispered, his lips almost touching John's ear. "We’ve only just begun."

John's eyes fluttered closed, his body swaying slightly. Alex's grip on his shoulder tightened, pulling him closer.

"Open your eyes, John," Alex commanded, his voice low and husky. "Look at me."

John's eyes opened, locking gazes with Alex. The air was electric, the tension between them palpable.

Alex's smile spread wide, his eyes gleaming with triumph. "You're mine now, John. Body and soul."

"Good morning," Alex said, standing in his gym clothes over their shared bed. "Today's workout will be intense. Are you ready?"

"Yes, Alex," John replied, his eyes fixed on the floor.

"Look at me, Johnny," Alex commanded. "I want to see your eyes."

John's gaze met Alex's, and he felt a surge of determination. "I'm ready, Alex. I won't let you down."

Alex smiled, his eyes crinkling at the corners. "I know you won't. You're progressing beautifully. Now, let's get started."

The workout was grueling, but John pushed through, driven by Alex's encouragement and criticism.

"Good job, Johnny," Alex said, as they finished up. "You're getting stronger every day."

"Thank you, Alex," John replied, his chest heaving with exhaustion.

"Now, let's move on to your diet," Alex said, his eyes narrowing. "You need to fuel your body for optimal performance. I've prepared a meal plan for you. Follow it carefully."

"Yes, Alex," John said, taking the plan from Alex's hand.

"And remember, John," Alex said, his voice low and serious. "I'm always watching. I know everything you do. So, don't even think about deviating from the plan."

John nodded, feeling a shiver run down his spine. "I won't, Alex. I promise."

As the weeks went by, John's transformation accelerated. He shed fat, built muscle, and adopted a new confidence.

"You're doing great, John," Alex said, his eyes gleaming with pride. "You're becoming the man I knew you could be."

"Thank you, Alex," John replied, his voice filled with gratitude. "I couldn't have done it without you."

John stood tall, his chiseled physique and shaved head a testament to his transformation. Two years of intense training and submission had honed him into a powerful and confident individual.

"Johnny, you've achieved everything I knew you could," Alex said, his eyes shining with pride. "You've fulfilled the contract and become a new man."

John's muscles flexed as he moved, his bald head gleaming in the light. "Thanks to you, Alex. Your guidance and discipline have changed my life."

Alex's face softened, his voice filled with emotion. "You've done the hard work. I just showed you the way. Sometimes we don’t always know what we need until it’s forced on us."

As they embraced, Alex traced John's bald head with his fingers. "I love what you’ve become, Johnny. You're strong, confident, bald and beautiful."

John smiled, his eyes shining with happiness. "I feel like a completely different person, Alex. And I have you to thank for it."

Alex's eyes lit up with approval. "You are a new person, Johnny. And I love this new version of you. Forever and always."

As they lay there, wrapped in each other's arms, John knew that he had finally found his true self and his true love. And he knew that he would never let go of this new life, this new love, and his bald head.

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