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My First Time by Steve

It was an ordinary Thursday afternoon. I typically work from home on Thursday. It was raining outside; and I decided to go through a drive through to get some lunch.

I was driving to my usual lunch spot - Chick-Fil-A; and I happened to noticed some signs on the street advertising a barbershop. These were hand made signs out of poster board; but they certainly caught my eye. I had just gotten my haircut 3 weeks earlier; but hey why not I figured.

I parked in the back of building and had to run around front to enter the shop. Since it was raining, I didn`t have the chance to do my normal slow walk to try to check out the shop before I entered. I just ran right into the door and found this quaint little two chair shop that had one barber.

Turns out the barber is in his early twenties - Wow - how could this even be possible I thought to myself? The barber introduced himself and asked me to take a seat. He quickly caped me up and wrapped my tissue with paper and started to spray my hair down while he ran a comb through it. Than he spun the chair around to the mirror and asked me what type of cut I wanted.

I looked at the barber and noticed that he was Latin and had a nice faded haircut. My first instinct (that I blurted out was ), I think I want my hair sort of cut like yours. The barber smiled and said, I knew you were into haircuts like me. Don`t worry - I will give you the best fade you ever had, and you will enjoy it.

The next thing I know the barber walks to the front door and flips the open sign to closed. He turns to me and says, it's going to be lunch after you leave, and I don`t like people to have to wait so I typically close the shop during lunch. Without even hesitating he turns to the blinds and proceeds to close them.

The next thing I know the chair is spun around again (I can`t see the mirror anymore), and I hear the roar of clippers. The barber finally says - Hey I don`t think I introduced myself. My name is Tony. I quickly say hey - and tell him my name is Steve. Well Steve he says, are you ready for the haircut of your life I just sort of grimly smile and say I guess. I had no idea what he was really talking about. If I had known what I was going to go through, I prob would have never entered the shop in the first place.

Tony grabbed my head with his left head and forcefully pushed it forward. The clippers were actually hot and I could feel the warm metal pushing against my head. It seemed like the clipper action lasted forever but somehow I was enjoying it. Before I knew it Tony moved around and started to clipper the right side of my hair. As he was working he asked me if I ever had a bad fade before? I said what was that. He said well my hair hasn`t actually been cut in 6 weeks and you asked for a haircut like mine - My haircut is always cut in a bald fade. I am going to skin your hair a an inch or so above your hairline and blend it into the top. He said - don`t worry - you are going to enjoy the this - i promise.

Before long Tony had cleaned up the left side and the clippers turned off. He quickly switched to another clipper and next thing I know he started working on the back again this time much higher up on the crown area. The clipping went on for what seemed like 10 or 15 minues. After he finally seemed satisfied, he wet sprayed the top of my head and start cutting it. Huge clumps of wet hair starting to fall on the cape. Before long, the cape was just covered with hair - wow I thought - had no idea i had that much hair.

The haircutting finally stopped and Tony uncaped me and unwrapped the tissue,he placed a towel inside my shirt collar and the next thing I know he started placing very HOT shaving cream all over my head. Tony said - I am going to shave you bald at least half way up your head - bet you never had that done before.

My first reaction was panic but than all of sudden I got a major boner as I felt the razor scraping the hair on the sides of my head. I tried to move around in the chair b/c the intensity of the boner was making it difficult to sit still in the chair.

Tony kept scraping away the hair swipe after swipe. He finally finished and said - don`t worry - I am going to groom your other hair in a minute. The next thing I know is that I feel his hands rubbing up the shaved sides and back of my head. Then he pulls a lever and the barber chair reclines back.

Tony forcefully reached up underneath the cape and grabbed my crotch - on yeah he says - you are ready.

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