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Twins Flattops by Butchme

My hair was now a grown out butch. I'd let my butch haircut get too long. It was bushy and unkempt. I thought about growing it out. Then I decided to get another short butch. I didn't like them. For some reason getting the cut turned me on. Especially if there was a lot to shear off. There was. I was also humiliated to have people see me right after the skinning. For some reason this turned me on. It made me get a boner. I'd intentionally go out where there were people to see my fresh butch cut.

I got to my barbershop and went in. There were two boys from my high school ahead of me. They were tall and looked just alike. They were identical twins. They were on the basketball team. Their hair was slightly long and over the ears. It was the late '80s and some guys were getting flattops. That's what they told the barber they wanted. Neither wanted to go first. Finally one climbed into the chair.

He said they'd decided on a short, traditional flattop with a pretty serious beveling on top. The barber went to work. The other boy and I watched intently. The clippers quickly went up the sides and back. Tons of hair came off. It looked pretty skinned. Then the barber sprayed the top with water. He held the longer hair in his closed fingers and cut it all down to about an inch and a half.

He then took a blow dryer and blew the hair up and back. We were really watching now. He took some butchwax and rubbed it into his hands. Then he applied it to the hair and brushed it up. The twin beside me was smirking. The one getting the flattop was embarrassed. His hair was waxed and stood up. The barber then took the clippers and a flattop comb and started shaping the flat, boxy cut. He went from front to back, over and over, never shearing too much off at a time. It was looking pretty short. He was satisfied with the top.

Now he took the comb and clippers to the hair on the sides. The hair left on top anyway. He lay the comb at an angle and clipped up over it. This really squared the cut up. He did the same to the back.

He massaged more butchwax in and aggressively brushed the hair up and back. He asked the boy how much of a bevel he wanted. The guy said a pretty good one as they wanted the cuts to look unique. The barber put a very fine attachment on the clippers. Then he free handed a pretty severe bevel on each side. Because the top was cut so short it seemed to work. More butchwax was applied and the cut was brushed up and back again. There was so much wax on the hair it stood up, shiny, stiff and hard.

Then lather was applied to the neck and the edges shaved smooth. The cut was done. The chair was turned around. The twin saw how short and beveled it was. The cuts always look drastically short after a major transformation. The boy felt his stiff bristles and the sandpaper sides and back.

The other twin was hesitant. He could see all the hair on the floor. It was cut so short, the bevel so severe. He wanted to bolt. The barber asked the newly shorn twin to sit in the barber chair beside them. He wanted a close look at the fresh flattop so he could precisely duplicate it.

Here comes flattop number two. I couldn't believe my luck. The shorn twin watched as his brother's hair was peeled off. He laughed as the hair was blown up and back, the first butchwax applied. By the time the precise beveling process was in progress I got a boner. This was all too much.

The butchwax was applied again, hair was stood up and back. Neck was shaved smoothly. The cape was removed, hair falling to the floor. Chair was turned around. Even though he knew what was coming, he let out a gasp.

Each twin got out of his chair and looked in the mirror. They were clones with identical flattops, precise and beveled. They were standing up stiff and shining.

They paid and the barber gave them butchwax. He said to use it for at least a month to get the hair trained. They should come back in two weeks if they wanted to maintain this short of a flattop. He wished them luck with the attention they'd be getting.

I thought they looked great. I so wanted to feel one of their fresh flattops. I made sure to remember to attend the next basketball game. I knew they both started. Seeing them on the court together would be awesome. Imagining them in the locker room and showers was a constant. That hair must look really short wet.

Now it was time for my butch. I got in the chair and said, "Butch, really short". He said, "How short?" I said, "Burr with a bump, waxed up". The bump added to my humiliation, especially waxed up. It was a little boy's haircut.

A lot of hair came off. A burr was shorter than I remembered. The bump was longer than I thought my hair was.

The bump was greased up and combed down. It was cut off at an angle and thinning shears were used. Then it was combed up and fine tuned with comb and scissors, just cutting a very small amount off. The scissors chopped small bits between the strands on top. It was important the bump looked a little shaggy at the top. Having it cut off precisely looked too extreme and unnatural. One more time he combed it up with a slight twirl.

He turned the chair and I was horrified. He must have used a number one guide. It looked like a "burr" and had a ridiculous wedge of longer hair waxed up in front.

I paid him and was ready to be seen in public. With this haircut people would stare and I would blush. I went to McDonald's. Everyone was staring at the twins with fresh, beveled flattops. So was I.

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