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Clean Cut by Anonymous

The young man with a shaggy mess was sick of his long hair, constantly wanting to fit in with all the cool guys at school with their flattops. It was 1962, and long hair wasn't popular in his town yet. He decided it was time to visit the barber. He walked in the barbershop and waited patiently in his seat while the barber worked on the customer - a popular guy getting his flattop trimmed. He slouched, hoping the jock wouldn`t notice him. "Next!" the barber called. He sat down in the chair nervously as the barber pumped his chair upward. He looked around at the hair chart on the wall showing flats. The shop smelled of oils and tonics that scented his nose. The barber then asked, "what`ll it be son?" He flinched, hoping the cool guy next to him didn`t hear him. "A flattop sir..." The barber grinned and said "Good choice. We need to do something of this shaggy mess." The cool boy smirked a bit, stared and then walked out. The barber then turned on the clippers and began to work the sides and back down to fuzz. The boy felt a relaxing feeling as the clippers worked through his hair, falling onto the cape and floor. The clippers worked toward the top and around the ear. His hair was getting very short.The barber then turned off the clippers and applied a waxy substance to his hair which smelled great. He then took the crew comb and began to brush the bristles straight up all around. He worked the clippers some more until the hair on top was completely flat, applied some more waxy stuff with the comb and said, "Theres a handsome young man." He spun the chair around and his hair was short and as flat as a board. He could smell the wax and see the bristles shine. He couldnt recognize himself and he liked it. All he could think was how proud his dad would be and how he would fit in with the cool guys. It was a perfect classic boxy flattop. The boy then paid the barber and as he was paying the cool boy came back in and purchased some flattop wax. Then the barber said, "Son, you will need some butch wax and a flattop comb to keep it standing up." The cool boy then looked and commented, "Cool haircut huh?" The boy nodded. He then purchased the stuff and the cool boy invited him to hangout with he and some friends. The boy walked in the barbershop a shaggy ungroomed mess with no friends and left with a new friend and as handsome cleancut young man.

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