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Vanity stands to fall by George Wheeler

Vanity stands to fall

By George Wheeler


Liam and Noah had been friends since and now shared a small flat. They didn’t know each other beforehand but had developed a close friendship " and perhaps a little more than that.

Noah usually buried himself in his books whereas Lian spent more time on sculpturing his already perfect body. Muscles as a professional ,6.5 feet tall and the face and looks of an angle Liam surfed his way through life. Noah wearing glasses and not taller than 5.5 feet with a rather slim body didn’t make much of an appearance. And certainly not in comparison with Liam. Nevertheless, the two of them got along well and Noah accepted is place in the shadow of Liam.

More than his extraordinarily good looks Liam however had one further distinctive feature that made almost everybody turn their heads and make Liam the focus of all attention. His hair!
Liam wore his hair with a pride and vanity rarely seen " and almost never with a guy. But to Liam his hair meant everything.

And hair he had indeed. Loads of it. Crowning the top of his head blond slightly wavy corn blond thick locks streamed down all over his shoulders, down in front and the back of him to his very shapely ass and further down beneath his knees and ankles they reached his feet where the blond sea of luscious locks piled up and followed him around when he moved some 2 feet of silk dragging behind him.

Liam’s exceptional mane was his pride and joy. Before work out and sports he spent numerous hours arranging the golden mop on top of his head securing it with countless hair clips and protecting it in urban. When finished with his physical activities he couldn’t wait to free his abundant head of silk and feel it tumbled down all around to the floor and well beyond covering his body completely in a coat of the most beautiful wavy corn blonde fabric.

Liam loved the feeling of all that hair hiding his nudity that he immediately got a huge erection. His mane was so thick and heavy that although his cock was nothing to be ashamed of it couldn’t penetrate the thick carpet of hair in rock hard condition. Liam got ever so excited feeling the soft blond silk surrounding his rock-hard cock and soon after started wanking he exploded into his massive mane of lovely eight feet long locks. Liam honestly believed that his cumditioner made his impressive mane shine even brighter and more splendid " and even make it grow faster.

Close as the friendship was between Liam and Noah, as Liam’s mane grew to its present absurd volume and length and his obsession with his own hair grew in parallel a crack in the friendship started to develop. Noah always knew about Liam’s fascination and love of his own long, beautiful hair but until recently it hadn’t disturbed him very much. Liam was Liam and his hair was exceptional so nothing unusual about his vanity and narcissism.

But things have started to change. Liam on more than one occasion had strolled around the apartment naked but covered completely in his impressive more than floor long mane. Noah could tell from his heavy breathing that he was very affected by walking around with a giant hard on and nothing but hair all around him.

To attract Noah’s attention Liam would "accidently" throw his magnificent mane all over Noah’s books hiding them completely in a thick heap of wavy gold. Liam would apologize " not convincingly at all and pull back his long thick locks ever so slowly making sure they slid over Noah as well.

Noah often studying until late in the evening Liam would have gone to bed before him. Now Noah more than once would find Liam occupying all of their bed with his massive mane covering half the side of the bed where Noah was supposed to lie. Noah more and more often had to sleep on the couch where he had no good night sleeps.

Liam also started to whip Noah with his ridiculously long mane whenever he was dissatisfied with something or just wanted Noah’s attention on his mane. In the beginning Noah didn’t mind and actually found it cute but as time went by and Liam made a habit of whipping him on a regular basis his annoyance grew.

It wasn’t just at home Liam’s obsession with his over long hair and his increasingly provoking behavior caused frustration and irritation.

At his office people had often wondered why Liam wore a turban. They found it peculiar but since he performed better than average his looks was accepted by the management.

But Liams love and obsession with his ever longer hair made him more attracted to provoke reactions to his absurdly voluminous mop. Just the thought of challenging people with the sight of his imminent mane sent shivers down his spine and caused a huge erection.

One morning Lian decided to let down his mane at the office. When everybody was in, he slowly started to loosen his turban and removed it. Nobody noticed. He then started to remove the four huge claw clips that held the enormous amount of silk in place one by one. As the mane was released wonderful wavy corn blond locks started to tumble-down all-over Liam to the floor and beyond. Soon he was completely hidden behind a thick curtain of amazingly beautiful golden hair.

He could hardly breathe behind the thick vail of hair and due to his overwhelming excitement, but he started to walk slowly down the aisle towards the coffee machine.

And now his colleagues started to react. Some gasped in horror believing a hair monster or Cousin Itt were walking down the corridor. Others started to laugh. And a few just stood looking flappergasted. Nobody knew or guessed that this was Liam working around covered by a carpet of the most amazing hair they’d ever seen.

Eventually one of the secretaries moved up to Liam and used both her hands to remove the heavy curtain hiding his face completely. When she saw who was hiding behind the thick blond vail of golden hair, she let out a small cry. "I don’t believe it" she said. "Liam is this really you?" The colleagues all stared in horror and curiosity. "Yes, it’s me" Liam smiled.

"It can’t be" the secretary whispered in utter disbelief. "Your hair. All that hair. Do you really mean that all this is your own hair. Not a wig?"

"Oh no" Liam replied with a smile." It’s all real. And it’s all mine." Having the whole office staring at his glorious mane caused a huge erection on Liam. He loved how everybody was focusing on his amazing mane. He felt an almost uncontrollable urge to wank here and now but managed to regain his self-control.

After a while one of the managers stepped up to Liam and told him he better had to get all that hair out of the way if people were to concentrate on their work. Liam slowly moved inside his hair tent towards the lavatory where he arranged the gigantic mane with the claw clips and the turban.

The rest of the day his colleagues kept talking about his amazing mane and he had a permanent hard on all day enjoying the attention to his long hair like never before.

That evening he was so excited that he couldn’t leave Noah to his books, and they made passionate love the whole night.

Weeks went by and Liam presented himself in the usual way with his hair hidden in the huge turban. But the memory of the day he revealed his mane and all the stir and attention it had caused wouldn’t leave him and made him wank at the office lavatory more than once.

Finally, excitement took control. Liam decided to meet in the office naked but with all his hair hiding his nudity. He even decided to meet on bare feet to add to his excitement. He always had had a thing about feet and hair. He loved the feeling of his long soft silky hair surrounding his naked feet, stepping on the silky carpet, and twisting his extremely long hair around his naked feet and hide them completely in hair and just wank to the sight of them covered in his own wonderful long soft hair.

He once offered Noah to cover his naked feet in his abundant mane and give him a "hair and foot job," but Noah declined.

This morning, he took a taxi to the office. The female driver almost caused a traffic accident staring at "the hair" all over the back of her car.

Entering the office building the receptionist just stared her eyes out and completely forgot to ask him who he was or what his business was there.

When he left the elevator and moved down the corridor to his office on his naked feet and hidden completely by the thick blond wavy carpet of hair his colleagues stopped and stared. The feeling of his naked feet on the floor and all of his beautiful hair surrounding him made Liam so horny because he knew his beautiful body could be exposed, if they only knew that this time, he was nude underneath his hair tent.

Some of his colleagues " men and women alike " asked if they could touch his eight feet long silky hair. He enjoyed the attention to his crowning glory, the pulling, and the weighing of his glorious mane and all the comments about the length, the volume, and the shine of his mop.

All day he walked around naked in the office without anybody knowing it. He accidently threw his over long hair around to annoy people on purpose and provoke reactions to his sea of blond hair.

When the office closed his erection threaten to erupt into an outburst of a volcano and he hurried home to Noah looking forward to a night of passionate love like never before.

To his surprise he found the apartment empty. Noah wasn’t in. This was not what Liam had expected but his erection was so pressing that he had to relieve himself and cumdition his mane with the biggest load ever.

Late in the evening as Liam prepared to go to bed Noah came home. Liam still filled with excitement of today’s experience in the office couldn’t wait to tell Noah all about it. Noah listened but Liam couldn’t help noticing that he wasn’t paying full attention and almost seemed a bit distracted with his mind somewhere else. Liam asked if there was anything wrong, but Noah denied this saying he was just tired after a long day and that perhaps they should head for bed.

When Noah was in the bathroom he called out for Liam. Liam went to the bathroom covered in all his blond hair and with a huge erection wanking as he walked.

He entered the bathroom and noticed a wooden chair with armrests and a high back that Noah had placed in the middle of the room.

"Why have you placed a chair in here?" Liam asked. "Do we need that? Isn’t the room too small for a chair?"

Noah didn’t reply but just went close to Liam and started to French kiss him and wank his giant cock.

Liam soon came to the point of exploding but Noah made a break. "Not so fast my beautiful hair boy" he whispered Liam in the ear and cautiously bid his earlobe. "How about a nightcap before we move on." Noah picked a bottle from the bathroom cabinet and poured a glass and handed it to Liam. "This will make you even more horny my beautiful Samson. Cheers." Liam felt a very brief unease when he heard the name "Samson," but he was so excited that he didn’t react and instead emptied the glass in one gulp eager to get into bed with Noah.

Noah smiled at him. "That was good wasn’t it my love?" Liam suddenly felt dizzy. "Something the matter dear. You look a little pale." Liam felt bad " dizzy and out of control. "Why don’t you take a seat honey. I’m sure you’ll feel better soon. Must be the excitement you’ve talked so much about this evening. All that attention to all your glorious hair. We both know how that affects you and how obsessed you are with all the wonderful extremely long locks."

Liam sat down on the hard wooden chair feeling ever so dizzy and sleepy. And soon he felt into sleep.

When he later woke up, he had a headache and felt uncomfortable. As he tried to rise from the chair, he found it impossible to move. Somehow, he was restrained. His dizziness and headache made it difficult for him to think clear and understand the situation he found himself in.

Then he heard Noah say: "Good morning my love. I hope you slept well. While you were at sleep, I’ve been busy. As you probably realize now you have difficulties moving. In fact, you can’t move at all due to the strips attaching your legs and arms to the chair. You see I’ve decided on a small game I want to play with you. I hope you like it. But if you don’t " well too bad cause we’ll play it anyway.

By the way as you have probably also noticed I’ve installed a number of cameras to record our little game from all angles. Should be interesting to watch afterwards.

Enough talk. Let’s start playing."

Noah turned on all the cameras. Liam still confused, overwhelmed, dizzy and with an aching head unable to move just sat silent on the hard wooden chair " a chair like the ones you often find in the waiting area of traditional barbershops (which in fact was also where Noah had found it and paid the barber well to get his hands on).

"Liam my darling. You think your long hair is so important. But tonight, I will demonstrate to you that that’s just an illusion. Life with long hair dragging after you is extremely time consuming, expensive in hair care, consuming overwhelmingly much time and attention and makes you a slave to your own appearance.

Imagine a life where the heavy burden is lifted from your shoulders, where you can breathe openly and free, where the beauty and the richness of the world become clear to you once your mind is relieved from the obsession with your long hair.

This life lies open to you Liam and tonight we’ll take the first step into it together."

Liam couldn’t understand much of what Noah was talking about.

But suddenly with the speed of lightning his mind became clear when Noah said: "Tonight my love you will get a haircut. A haircut so long overdue I can’t even begin to think for how long."
Noah grabbed the hairbrush Liam used to brush his mane with for hours and started to slowly move it from the top of Liam’s head and down over his naked body " stopping at his cock which didn’t stand to attention. But when Noah started to move the soft hair brush over and over the long silky locks surrounding Liam’s cock it quickly grew stiff and hard.

Noah moved the brush further down the hair carpet to Liam’s feet. He brushed the silky locks over his naked feet repeatedly and could hear Liam breathing heavily and feel his body tremble.
Noah continued to brush the endless mane all the way to the ends some eight feet distant from the top of his head.

"What a cumbersome and time-consuming effort to brush all that hair all the times you use to do it every day. Don’t you ever get tired of brushing all this hair."

Noah started brushing again and made a stop at the now rock-hard cock of Liam.

"Well, well well my darling. A little hair brushing and soon you stand full attention."

Noah bowed forward and let his lips enclose the huge stone hard cock. He slowly started to blow Liam while brushing the hair down towards the naked feet. When he reached them, he started wanking all the long soft hair on Liam’s naked feet while still blowing him slowly.

He could hear and feel that Liam couldn’t hold back much longer. But he wanted him to last longer and pulled away from Liam.

The next couple of minutes silence reigned except for the repeated sound of the brush moving all through the eight feet of golden silk.

Noah then put aside the hairbrush and went behind Liam and opened the bathroom cabinet. Liam could hear him take something from the cabinet but couldn’t see what it was.

Then he felt a freezing cold and his whole body started to tremble uncontrollably. His heartbeat like a drum and his stomach ached. Then he heard it again. The terrifying sound of scissors blades opening and closing! His heart froze and he felt difficulties breathing.

Noah moved in front of him. Still opening and closing a pair of giant tailor scissors!! Liam was at the point of fainting from fear.

He looked so scared tied naked to the hard wooden chair covered in all his might and glory mane from top to bottom and beyond. Extremely long wavy corn thick blond locks streaming down all around him making it look like if he was inside a tent with only his face free. The enormous mane piled up on the bathroom floor all around the chair and covered his naked feet completely. Hair. Hair, hair everywhere. Vanity, vanity, vanity everywhere. And in the midst a Liam with a face expressing the deepest fear and disbelief.

"Noah now listens. You can’t mean this. You love my long hair so much " you know you do. Almost as much as myself. Pls. don’t hurt it. Plssss."

The proud, vain hair boy now begged for his crowning glory. He looked and sounded pathetic and like a little weeping girl.

"Hush hush hush little princes" Noah smiled wickedly. "It’s all going to be fine. Once we’re done, we’ll have a bright new Liam in the best version of himself. Believe me you will never want to drag those 100 kg of hair around like a sack filled with big stones. You will feel so free and relieved."

Liam started to cry and beg. Noah didn’t want to the little princess weeping all the time, so he duct taped his mouth.

"Welcome Liam to my barbershop. I understand that you’ve asked for a "small trim only." Well in your case unfortunately that just isn’t possible. You need a more radical haircut. Only sissy boys run around with eight feet of girlie hair. Real men have short and sharp haircuts " some are even bald!"

Listening to Noah Liam felt so dizzy he almost fainted. He had never been so frightened in his whole life.

Noah moved in front of Liam and brushed down his frontal hair completely obscuring his face. You couldn’t tell whether it was the front or the back of Liam. He moved the brush down into Liam’s lap and once again started to massage his cock with the brush letting it move over the thick, soft carpet of golden hair lying over the cock.

Despite his desperate situation and abysmal horror, he couldn’t help his erection and soon his cock was hard as a rock " only the tip of it just visible through the dense curtain of hair surrounding it.

Noah put aside the brush. "Now dear, we should let you have the first glimpse and feeling of freedom by removing all that heavy hot hair from your face. Let you feel the free air. Be able to see freely. Breathe freely."

Noah then moved the giant pair of ultra sharp tailor scissors up to Liam’s forehead. Liam sat with his huge hard on and covered in a sea of blond silk " he couldn’t see a thing only hear the blades of the shears being opened and closed very close to his right ear.

Suddenly he felt ice cold steel the right side of his forehead moving slowly upwards. Higher and higher. Shivers run down his spine. The cold steel stopped just mm from his hairline.
"Liam my dear. For far too long I and a lot of people around you " friends, colleagues innocent bystanders " have increasingly been tormented by you over long sissy hair. We’ve been forced to look at it. Look at the hours you spend on its care. Even seen you walk around naked behind that thick coat of hair and with a stone hard cock. You’ve used those extremely long thick longs to whip and tease me and others. You have made a show of all that golden silk and been vainer about the length and beauty of your hair than any girl.

Tonight, it’s time to put an end to all that."

Liam started to tremble and shake uncontrollably as he felt and heard the horrible sound of the scissor blades being squeezed around his beloved soft silky thick frontal locks. He was verry close to the point of passing out.

Soon extremely thick heavy wavy blond locks started to slide down over his face and further down over his body and unto his lap where it landed on his rock-hard cock.

Noah made sure to cut each eight feet long lock of frontal hair extremely slowly making it slide down over Liam’s naked body and unto the floor.

The sharp tailor scissors had reached Liam’s right eye and when Noah squeezed the blades together around the ultra-thick curtain locks Liam’s left eye became visible.

"My God you look cute darling. You should see yourself. You’re getting baby bangs, and they suit you extremely well. You should have had these years ago. Would have made a dramatic contrast to your floor long mop."

Noah continued to cut micro bangs on Liam straight across his forehead mm from the hairline. There wasn’t room for any more cut hair anywhere on Liam’s body, so it all slid to the floor and piled up in a huge heap reaching above his ankles.

Noah had finished cutting the baby bangs on Liam and he was a sight of Gods. He looked so cute and helpless " and horrible with those extremely short ultra thick bangs just mm from his hairline straight across his forehead.

"Oh, darling you should see yourself. You look amazing with those micro bangs. So extremely cute. Like a little girl or princess. I’m almost tempted to leave your haircut here. That contrast between all that overlong blond hair and those ridiculously short bangs are simply world class."

Liam just sad there with tears in his eyes and his new baby bangs " and a giant heap of cut golden silk all around him.

"How could you do this to me Noah. How could you. You love my hair so much. How could you ruin it like this" he sobbed.

"Hush hush little sissy baby boy. You look smashing " and horrible ha ha ha. Hey, remember: It’s only hair. It will grow out again. In many many years ha ha ha."

Liam couldn’t comprehend how Noah could be so mean and treat his magic mane so viciously.

Noah now grabbed huge chunks of Liam’s remaining eight feet of hair and gathered it all behind the chair. He started to brush it out again. The brush slid through the abundant mane all the way down to the floor and beyond. Its shine rivaled that of gold. Despite having cut all the frontal hair short there was still, and enormous amount of long hair left on Liam’s head.

Noah put down the brush and grabbed the giant pair of tailor scissors again and started to cut in the air close to Liam’s ears.

"Honey, you always say how much your lovely mane means to me. Well maybe that was true when we meet years ago. But as that mop grow completely out of control so did your ego and vanity. From being a charming asset, it became an unbearable obsession of yours. Pampering your oh so long and beautiful hair all the time. Talking about it. Displaying it all the time and increasingly so also in public. To be it was often an embarrassment, but you were so much in love with yourself and all that hair that you didn’t notice or didn’t care.

When we made love increasingly often your hair got in the way physically and mentally. It was as if you made love more to your giant mane than to me. I began to feel secondary to your extremely long hair.

Watching you walk around the apartment with your hair freshly washed and blow dried and brushed out covering all of your body and your feet and dragging some two feet behind you so excited from that feeling and wanking made me feel wounded and sidelined.

You weren’t in love with me anymore. You were in love with your voluminous mane.

I still love you. And I want your back. Therefore, your overlong girlie mane must go. Tonight, you will part, and you will get a decent short haircut that will make room for me again in your life."

Duct taped Liam couldn’t protest but he shook his head like mad.

Noah ignored it and whispered close to his ear: "Careful honey. These giant tailor scissors are extremely sharp. One wrong move with your head and they can seriously hurt you."

Liam froze and Noah used the opportunity to place the scissors blades a huge chunk of hair just below Liam’s right ear.

"I’ve often wondered how you would look with a short bob dear. I’m very curious to find out." And with those words he squeezed the blades around the soft vulnerable beautiful chunk of almost eight feet of silk and the hair slid down the back of the barber chair and unto the floor.

Liam couldn’t take it anymore and cried his heart out as Noah slowly cut his way across Liam’s neck in a straight line from right under his left ear to right under his right ear.
The floor was now totally covered in a sea several inches high of cut wonderful blond wavy silk.

Noah had cut a completely perfect sharp straight line across Liams neck that was now half naked and exposed. Only the upper half of his neck still covered with hair as well as his ears.
Noah moved in front of Liam.

"OMG darling. You look absolutely amazing! That sharp short bob and those magnificent ultra short baby bangs have worked wonders on you. Ohhh I just have to kiss you dear. You look soooo cuuute."

Noah kissed Liam’s naked forehead and the lower naked parts of his neck. Liam reacted as if struck by lightning " shivers ran down his spine and he got goosebumps all over his body. The feeling was absolutely sensational " Noah’s lips on his sensible naked parts. He never felt anything like it before. But it was highly mixed feelings because all around him lay his beloved mane.

Noah could stop kissing Liam all over his bob cut head. He looked so extremely attractive and feminine with his new boyish haircut. Noah loved it!

His hands wandered down Liam’s body and found his cock under a heavy layer of shorn locks. Still kissing his newly exposed parts he started to wank Liam’s cock and in a matter of seconds it was stone hard. Noah kissed his way down Liam’s body till he reached the huge rock-hard shaft. He opened his mouth and let the hard cock slowly glide in and out while still wanking him.

Although in chock over the loss of his beloved mane Liam couldn’t hold long and came in a heavy load that landed on top of the shorn hair in his lap.

"Ohh darling you’re so cute and so wonderful. Now you’re almost mine again. Just one little thing remaining."

Noah rose and went behind the barber chair again. He opened the bathroom cabinet and took something from inside. Liam had no idea what it was and what awaited him.

He heard Noah insert a plug into a socket and then move up close behind him.

"Honey as much as I love you new bob haircut with those charming baby bangs, I fear that you’re not totally mine again before I’ve finished my task completely."

Liam had no idea what he was talking about but then a horrible metallic sound filled the bathroom!

Although Liam had never seen them in real life, he recognized the sound from commercials and movies. It was the sound of clippers!!

This time Liam really panicked. He moved vigorously back and forth in the chair shaking his head with tears streaming down his face.

But Noah was merciless. He grabbed Liam’s head from behind and held it in a locked position with one arm turning on the clippers with the free hand.

"Easy honey this will be over very fast. These are the post powerful clippers on the market. The famous OsterClassic76. I’ve removed the guards. That make them into balding clippers. You see honey the only way I can win you back completely and you can be freed of that horrible obsession with your own hair is to remove all of it"!

Despite Liam’s struggles Noah placed the mighty clippers on his forehead and ever so slowly started to move the backwards leaving a shining bald path from the forehead over the crown and down Liam’s nape. Hair rained down as Noah repeated the move from the forehead over the top and down the neck of Liam.

The dense wavy blond hair tumbled down all-around Liam as his head became more and more bald.

Noah methodically ran the clippers around and above his ears removing every sign of hair.

With most of Liam’s former eight feet of golden pride now on the floor Noah ran the clippers over Liam’s head again and again until it shone and felt like a cueball.

The silence that reigned after Noah turned off the clippers almost hurt in Liam’s ears.

Amidst all his former pride and glory " his crowning glory replaced by a shining bald head.

Noah again moved in front of Liam. Even he was chocked at the sight of his former longhaired lover now bald. But after a while he actually began to like it.

"Poor dear " all that hair gone" he kissed Liam’s bald head. The feeling was sensational to both of them.

Noah then took the shaving foam from the bathroom cabinet and the razor, distributed the foam all over Liam’s bald head and started to shave him totally smooth. Finally, he waxed his naked skull that shone brightly in the bathroom light.

Liam sat tied down naked and bald on the hard wooden barber chair. Noah in a second felt sorry for him. But then the urge came over him. The thing he had had secret dreams about some times.
He grabbed his cock and started to wank it. When stone hard he moved close to Liam’s bald head and moved his rock-hard shaft over the shiny soft hot surface. F***ing Liam’s bald head was a dream come through and soon Noah shot a massive load onto Liam’s bald head. It felt like heaven.

He removed the duct tape from Liam’s mouth and cut off the strips. Liam slowly rose from the barber chair. All naked " now really all naked. He stood amidst all his shorn wonderful blond wavy hair and looked ever so sad with Noah’s load dripping down on his face.

Noah kissed him all over the place and started to wank him. Liam reacted soon standing to attention and after having removed the barber chair from the room they made love for the rest of the night on the soft bed of eight feet of shorn blond beautiful soft, thick wavy hair covering the bathroom floor completely.

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