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Tales from Master Ovid: Achilles and Wil by Lavro

Dear reader,

You no doubt have come here to read about those boys who came into my service on bended knee, pleading for guidance and for transformation. The years have been kind to me, offering the most delicious bodies to be controlled and reworked as I saw fit. I am a Master, yes, but also a haven for those in need of losing themselves to my power, and embracing metamorphosis. Over the years these thirsty boys, those who knelt before me and swore their submission, provide the materials for this body of written accounts. You, kinky reader, might find yourself in these stories: Tales from Master Ovid.

There is an essential commitment I require from those who submit to me. Their appearance is mine. This is non-negotiable. Many have walked away at this unmovable clause in my contract. Most come back and relent. Those with the will to let go of themselves have reaped the rewards of submission, and I, or those under my sway who I grant power to, have rewarded those bold boys with new states of mind, and new appearances. Most importantly, they earned new selves. Whether they were ready to change or not.

One such tale brings me to my prized boy, Achilles, and his exceptional work with a rather plain newcomer who idolized him. This is their story.

Achilles and Will

I gave him the name of Achilles because it projected my goal for him. I wanted my own demigod from ancient Greece. He had the perfect disposition for it: crystal blue eyes, tan skin, sharp facial features with plump, downturned lips. He was tall, and was well over a year into his muscle building, which manifested in defined pectorals, a tight but strong core, and broad shoulders. He was granted the rare allowance to grow his hair long. When Will came to us and swore his oath, Achilles' hair already hung to his sharp cheeks in loose, blonde waves, falling on his neck in handsome curls.

Will was a good enough fit for our kinky cohort, but he needed work, and Achilles had been wanting to exercise his dominant side. While I relished in the idea of being the one to break Will, Achilles had earned it through dedication and service. He had confided in me that he found Will enticing, and I noticed the way Will craved my Achilles. I would have to share him.

When Will first came to us, like all the others, he put his desires in writing and turned it over to me. I watched him write it down, gulping hard as he wrote the words "haircut fetish." We had something in common. Not only did he enjoy watching men shave their bodies, and cut their hair, he desperately avoided haircuts for himself, not ready to give in to his deepest desires. Not ready to be transformed. And until then, he never dared to venture beyond his attractive but uninspiring aesthetic. He was in his mid-twenties, average height, thinly built, clothes too big for him. He had brown eyes and brown hair. It was grown out, as if getting his haircut was too much of a step towards showing personality, or too much indulgence. It looked messy, hovering just slightly in his eyes, covering his ears, and filling the empty space behind his ears.

He had passed his first few tests before I would humor his desire for Achilles. He obediently had his lip pierced with a black ring, immediately adding an edge to his simple look. And he kept his face shaved smooth daily, as ordered. Not once after he signed his contract did I see a hint of stubble on his face.

Will also withstood his trial of pain. His excitement dulled slightly when I told him he would be meeting Achilles in the bathroom, that he had to go and sit on the stool that was set out for him. His ass was surely shades of purple, and he was avoiding sitting directly on it. Yet, he did not complain, but went in as I instructed. Achilles was waiting for Will, and I would be waiting for both of them.

Will walked into the bathroom, one with ample space and light, with beige ceramic tiles and black faucets and fixtures. Achilles was completely naked, standing at the sink facing the large mirror. His long face was fuzzy with the best beard he could grow. His body hair was untamed. Will sat on the stool behind Achilles as ordered, saying nothing.

Achilles turned to Will, towering over him, holding a black metallic trimmer in his hand. Will struggled to focus his glance one one particularly thing. Achilles thumb clicked the trimmer on, rattling with a powerful buzz. He raised it to his own face, and began to shave off his beard. Will was enticed, watching the muscles of his perfect body expand and contract and he carefully removed the hair first over the cheeks, then the chin, and mustache. He was making sure that the small hairs landed on Will.

"Take your clothes off," Achilles demanded. His voice was soft but attractive.

Will removed his plain t-shirt, then rose to drop his blue jeans to the ground, along with his underwear. As Will bent over to pull his pants from around his ankles, Achilles smiled at the contrast of the purple bruises on his buttcheeks with his pale, smooth body. He also noticed that Will was excited.

"Sit," he ordered.

Will obeyed, sitting quickly, painfully. With his head tilted town submissively, his eyes gazed up at Achilles through his brown dangling bangs, admiring his body. Achilles stepped closer to him, and began to glide the trimmer over his own chest. Small clumps of his body hair began to dot Will's empty skin. With each precision stroke, the hair left Achilles body and landed on Will, until Achilles had shaved his chest completely, and his torso had only his happy trail left.

Achilles stepped closer again, raising his arm, revealing an armpit chiseled from stone, damp with perspiration. Will's lips parted, breathing out as his heartbeat sped up. Achilles put the clippers to his armpit, where one stroke deposited a large clump of sweaty hair onto Wills lap. He breathed out again as Achilles worked away the rest of the hair on his right armpit, before sensually raising his other arm. Another swipe along his armpit, then Achilles flicked the damp hair onto Will's face, filling his nose with Achilles’ scent. Will began to touch himself in excitement.

"Hands off," Achilles scolded, stepping back. Will's hands darted to his sides, his head dropping.

Achilles inched closer, spreading his legs as he hovered over Will. They looked at each other for a moment before Achilles offered the trimmer to Will.

"Happy trail and pubes," he ordered, flashing his bright smile.

Will took the trimmer with a steady hand, feeling it hum in his fingers. Before he could put it to work, Achilles' excitement began to show too. Will tried to hide his grin as he took off the happy trail, hairs sticking to his fingers. The overgrown pubes spread all over his legs as he cut them off. He glanced to Achilles for permission to touch, which was granted with a nod. Will delicately moved Achilles bulging anatomy to finish grooming him, now covered in the hair that was once attached to Achilles’ stunning body.

Achilles took the trimmer from him when Will had finished and his body had been rid of its hair. He began to tease Will's lip ring with his swelling head.

"Can you imagine if we used this on my head?" Achilles teased, putting his free hand on the back of Will's head, feeling more of his lips on him. "Master told me you'd like that. That you'd like to watch me cut my hair off. Is that true?"

Achilles jerked Will's head back to look him in the eyes. Will nodded stiffly in approval. Achilles long blonde waves hung as they looked at each other. He teased the ends with the trimmer, releasing small bits of his hair onto Will's face. Achilles' own excited anatomy involuntarily grazed Will's chin.

"Master Ovid told me it will have to be one of us. Not to come out until it's done."

Will's brow creased in a moment of confusion, until his eyes widened in alarm. Achilles shook his head in reassurance, tucking his own hair behind his ear and placing the trimmer to his hairline.

"One of us has to. I could do this for you. Would you like that?" Achilles' voice was gentle.

"Yes," Will managed to say before Achilles filled Will's lips again, going deeper into his mouth as the violent trimmer rattled, threatening to take Achilles' long hair to stubble.

All Will could do was taste Achilles, suspended in time, desperate to look up, to watch Achilles take the first stroke, but he didn't dare. Instead, he relished in the physical sensation of the pleasant itch of Achilles body hair on him, and the sweetness of his skin in his mouth. The trimmer hummed, and he continued to please Achilles, waiting to hear them enter his hairline and feel his locks fall on his body, like the beard and the public hair.

Will's body began to sweat, even as Achilles allowed a slight moan to slip from his lips, feeling Will's lip ring on his most sensitive parts. Will felt Achilles grip on his head tighten. The change in sound was sudden, as the trimmer moved through the empty air. Will instantly became aware of every sensation in his body, all along his spine, hair-covered skin, and feet, like he was suddenly pricked by a thousand needles at one. Achilles pressed the trimmer down at the top of Will's head, eating through a small line of his hair. Will stopped cold, full of thrilling dread.

"No, don't stop," Achilles ordered with heavy breath. "Keep going."

Will obeyed, the trimmer still pressed to his scalp. His head and mouth bobbed slowly along Achilles manhood, with each motion more of his brown hair was cut to the scalp. Achilles continued to swell. Eager. In control. He finally dragged the trimmer forward, from the back of Will's head to the bangs, making a clean strip of clippered hair, and emptying the severed locks on his own member, which immediately began to get into Will's mouth. Will did not stop. Achilles swiped again, always holding firmly to the back of his head. Will's eyes began to water, but not because he was crying.

"You can touch now," Achilles granted. Will obliged.

He caught a glimpse of the long hair piling on his bare legs. He felt Achilles slowly remove it, one swipe at a time, never liberating his mouth. They were physically joined in the process of Will's metamorphosis. The sides were shaved down next, revealing Will's plain ears, and bright scalp. Finally, Achilles took off the back, releasing his strong grip on Will's head, but keeping the severed locks tight in his hand before releasing himself in Will's mouth.

When he pulled himself out, Will grunted in reciprocal pleasure. Achilles watched him, toes curling, head bare, his hair covering his body and the floor. Master Ovid would be pleased. When his sight returned and the world came back to him, Will looked to Achilles, his face turning even redder in the realization of what happened. Achilles nodded to the bathroom mirror.

Will rose to his feet. Large clumps of hair and small drops of liquid hit the floor as he stood. He did not see himself in his reflection. He saw someone else, with a pierced lip and a hairless head. All that remained was invisible stubble and a bright scalp. He touched it, wincing at the texture.

"Let's go," Achilles gave Will's head a more abrasive rub.

I was waiting for them in my throne: a vintage barber chair of black metal and red upholstery. I gave Achilles the choice, but was delighted when he dragged Will before me with his hair removed, trying to catch his breath still. I didn't want Achilles to lose his hair. Not yet. I was pleased with his decision.

Achilles knew to get on his knees, and Will followed his lead. Pleasure rose inside of me looking at them both.

"How do you feel Will?" I asked, rising and putting my hand on his stubble head.

"I feel," he swallowed hard, fighting against all of the doubts in his head, "I feel exactly as you want me to feel, Master Ovid."

"Hm," I considered his look for a moment. "You feel like you want to stay this way. For a long time."

Will couldn't hide the blush of red that filled his exposed scalp. Achilles couldn't hide his smile.

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