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Haircut complaint by teacher part 2 by Sagar Sharma

So this story is related to the previous one. Please refer to the first part using this title( haircut complaint by teacher)

The whole year passed by and i always had a short army haircut throughout that year. Each time my hair would grow a little bit in 3-4 weeks, i was again taken to the barbershop and he would buzz by head. I remember one instance when we did not went to our regular barbershop but to a unisex salon because of certain reasons. We were out somewhere and my mother was very strict about hair that year. So she said i should not wait to get back home to get a haircut instead lets get your haircut done here only. So I was taken there and they had a female barber aswell. Surprisngly as we entered she said me to sit on the chair. As i sat on the chair, my mother told her to do a army haircut. She was such a strict barber. Earlier in the year when i was first shorn down to zero hair forcefully, i used to have shorter hair but they were like army haircut. No.2 or 3 guard on the top and zero on the sides. So i had some hair on top. But as she started to cut my hair this time, she was very ruthless. Wont tell this story in detail, but she first buzzed my face and then she started to buzz my head. While doing this she held my face with one hand and started the clippers without a guard and within 5 minutes i had no hair.

The year went by and this term was finally ending. My class would change, my teacher would change who had complained the very first time about my hair to my mother. I was really happy. There was going to be a 2 months break as well before the new term started. And the last haircut i got was around one month before the final exams. I as the term ended i convinced my mom that now my class would change and teachers would be new as well. So can you please allow me to grow my hair. Surprisingly she agreed and two months passed by and now i had decent amount of hair on my head. My hair were quite dense also and heavy. The new term was starting on 1st April and my hair were very long now. I thought i would get a decent haircut on 31st one day before. On 31st when i was about to leave to get haircut, i realized it was tuesday and all the salons were closed. So i couldnt get a haircut that day. I thiught i would get it cut the next day after returning from school.

I went to the class next day and was really happy. The other classmates were also surprised to see my long hair. Then the new class teacher arrived. She introduced herself and we all gave our introduction as well. Then she dropped a bomb when she said, there’s a new policy that your previous class teacher would be subject teacher in this class. So if your class teacher taught maths, this term she would teaching maths. I was shocked. I didnt know how she would react to my long hair. The day went on and finally it was her period. She came and started discussing how were the holidays and all. Then she finally saw me and my hair. She called me in the front and saw the length of my hair. Then she slapped me so tightly that i got a handprint on my face. She said me, i think you forgot what i had said you last year. Its time to teach you a lesson now. Then she got some rubber bands from her bag and put rubber bands on my hair. Fountain hairstyle like its done for kids. Then she said you want to keep long hair like girls right, then i will make you a full girl. Then she applied a red lipstick on my lips. Then came the worst part. She then went to the pt teacher and asked to call a barber. I was made to sit in the centre of lawn on a chair. Then the barber came after sometime. Till that time i was made to sit their only getting humiliated with a white cape on me for almost 2 hours. He removed the rubber bands. Then teacher told him that my head should be completely shaved. He got the clippers out. My hair were so dense. I kept on saying to my teacher that please please please i will get it cut. To which she replied thats what i am getting it done. She said the barber to cut it. He turned on the clippers and pushed my head down so that my chin touched my chest. He removed the guard. He started pushing the clippers from my nape towards the crown area. And he went so upp and up and up and i had a highway in middle of my head. I saw all these hair falling on the white cape. And then he pulled my head up and held the same way that female barber had done. Then he pushed clippers from forehead to the back of my head. Ghirrrr ghiirrrrr soundd kept on buzzing and my head was shaved again.

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