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New Town and Fitting In by Ringo

He had just moved to a small mountain town in West Virginia where his dad got transfered. He didnt want to move. He didnt want to leave his friends, but he had to. The town was small and everyone knew each other, unlike his big city home. The town didnt have a McDonald's or a Wendy's or any other suburban city companies. It had one subway. That was about it. He didnt want to go to school. He thought it would to be forced into the same building with these mounty kids. It was his first day of school and he was nervous, so he tried to look cool,and made sure his long shaggy brown hair was perfect. The high school was small, unlike his large high school at home. He met the principal who commented on his long hair, like he had never seen long hair before. It was popular with boys his age back home. As he walked into his first classroom,The teacher welcomed him to the class. Everyone stared as he took his seat. He noticed something odd - he noticed all the boys were wearing short haircuts. Not just short haircuts, the majority had flattops. There were some crewcuts, and buzzcuts too. It was like the 50s. They were all staring at his long hair. As he walked home some three boys with flattops yelled `Cya hairboy!`, laughing. As he walked home, he cut through town as a shortcut. He noticed a small diner, a pool hall, and he walked by a barber shop. It looked old fashioned. One of the boys that was making fun of him was in the chair as the barber clippered and trimmed his flat to perfection. The boy stared as he walked by. He noticed there weren't any supercuts either. He figured if he were to get his haircut it would be there. The next day was Saturday, so he decided to take a walk through town. He decided to go to the diner and ordered a burger. The waitress asked if he was the new boy. She could tell because of his long hair. It seemed everyone noticed his hair, like it was a big deal or something. The same boy he saw in the shop and two other boys walked in. One of them yelled "Hey new kid," and then muttered hair boy under his breath. They were all wearing lettermans jackets and flattops. They came over and sat in his booth. They introduced themselves and were really friendly. They asked all about me. And then the question came.`Do you like your hair long?` He said yes all his friends at home do too. They seemed surprised, adding they all wore flattops here. They walked some and asked if he could come along and he said yes willingly. They said they all played football. He wasnt athletic, at least not back home. They stopped at the barber shop, and he followed them in. He just sat down in the waiting chair. All three boys sat in sat in the barber chairs. The barber came out and greeted them and put a cape on the first boy. They called me over first to sit in the chair. They said you can go first. He hesitated and got real nervous. The barber then said you are in need of a haircut son. HE sat down in the chair, and the barber caped him and wrapped a towel around his neck. He figured he would just get a trim. They all watched. The barber asked how he would be cutting it. He said just a trim. The boys then said why dont you get a flattop. We all have them. You need a haircut. The barber suggested he would feel better and look great with a boxy flat. He seemed forced, and he said yes for some reason. The boys fived him and watched as the clippers buzzed the sides and back of his long hair, which was now falling on his lap. The barber worked on the top and applied a butch wax that tickeled his nose. He felt like his hair was standing up and it was perfectly erect. It was like the feeling of goosebumps on each hair on his head. He liked the look. It was classic, and as flat as a board. The barber said you look great son. The boys then said feel it. He put his hand on his flat head. It felt great and he thought it actually looked cool. The barber gave him some butch wax and a comb to keep it mantained. The boys commented that it was to get it standing up. He felt like he fit in. The boys patted his head. The barber said I'll be seeing you. He said yes sir. After that he stayed in a flattop. People in school noticed him. He had three new buds. The principal noticed. He was going to tryout for football like his friends to get a cool letter jacket. Ever since he went flat he was cool to these small town kids and he didnt once ever again think about his home. This was his home now.

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