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The Setup by Sockboy

Mikey went outside of his usual Friday night routine, and decided to go to a bar. Mikey was middle aged, and was glad his partying days were over. But he had made an exception for now. He felt like he won the hookup lottery. He found another dude, younger than him, and nice looking, who claimed he loved white socks as much as Mikey did! I say 'claimed', because Mikey really believed that there's no way anyone loved white socks as much as he did.

He was obsessed. He searched for ages to find white socks that looked and felt like he was wearing two pair at once, and when he found them he never bought anything else. He loved getting attention over his socked feet, showing off his soles by putting them up while laying down on couches or using his friends coffee tables as ottomans.

Mikey had a bunch of kinks, but they all came back to white socks. Each thing that Mikey got off on had to include white socks. For instance, one of his hottest fantasies was to see a guy shaved bald by one or more other guys, a total punishment shave. He watched loads of videos online, but in the vast majority of them, the victim is a willing participant, or laughing and joking about it. What Mikey always fantasized about was a dude tied to a chair struggling and terrified, crying even, as he is forced into baldness by a man or group of men. He may have even seen a few videos close to that, but what he really wanted more than anything, was to see the tied up dude wearing really nice thick clean white socks and punished by being balded. It turned him on so much. He even thought about paying a homeless guy to shave him bald while he's tied up in his socks, while his thick cotton soles flex in the mirror.

Mikey was terrified at the thought, and whenever he got close to offering money to a stranger to bald his head(which happened pretty much every day) he climaxed on his own and was relieved he didn't go through with it. But that only lasted a few hours. Within the same day he would be looking for videos online again, only to be disappointed, and end up edging in front of the mirror again fantasizing that he is taped to the chair, and being called whitesockboy by his captor while he gets shaved to the skull.

Mikey even wrote stories for an online haircutting story website. He had been reading the site for many years, and when he found a story he really liked, he pretended the victim was white socked to the max. He even cut a story and pasted it into a word document once, and inserted lines to make the guy getting owned with forced baldness wearing white socks, it made it so much better for Mikey. But it wasn't enough. He was afraid that he was going to get a random to do it for cash in the heat of the moment some day, and he could get robbed or beaten or something.

So, to satisfy his urges, he began writing stories, with the name 'Sockboy' as the author. He made his forced balding scenarios come to life, writing as best he could. Since he was going through the trouble of writing these stories, he decided to go 'all in', and make them about his all-time hottest scenario which he could never go through with, forced permanent baldness. He sometimes would shoot his shot while writing his stories, as they way he described the terror, panic, and humiliation as the victims realize they are getting permanently balded, in their white socks,is exactly how he would feel. It was an innocent way to live out something he could never do.

Mikey loved the fact that other members of the site liked his stories. They so loved the idea of the punishments that they mostly overlooked the white sock references, and there were many. Corey kind of got off though on knowing the guys on the story site were getting off on stories about white socked dude getting destroyed, even if they weren't into the socks. He was making them read the words 'white socks' over and over. That in itself was very arousing to Mikey.

He even asked the readers to threaten to make him bald in his socks, and it worked! They actually said s**t that they would do to him, and to Mikey's delight, they mentioned his white socks while threatening humiliating headshaves, depilatory creams, and Mikey's biggest fear (and forbidden fantasy) laser hair removal on his head, while forced to watch with his white socked soles in the mirror of course.

Mikey got off to those comments countless times, and were far better than any video he ever found. He even started to taunt one of the commenters who was younger than he was, but completely MPB. Mikey would pleasure himself while making fun of the guy, fantasizing about what the guy would say. He never disappointed. He would tell Mikey about how he's going to be punished, and in his white socks, sending Mikey into spasms of pleasure.

Mikey was almost ready to go meet this white socked dude that he met online. He put on his favourites, and immediately boned at how they looked and felt.The guy he was going to meet was also going to wear white socks. Mikey was so excited and nervous. He couldn't wait to meet this guy. He couldn't wait to show off his whites to him.

Mikey arrived at the bar, and a good looking guy around Corey's age sitting alone at a table beckoned him to come over. Mikey! He shouted. They had exchanged pics and recognized each other right away. They hit it off really well, and Mikey couldn't wait to see Cody with his sneakers off. 'My roommates are having a house party. You wanna go hang out for a while? If that's no fun we can just go hang out in my room.' Mikey was ecstatic. 'House party', he thought. Mikey used to love house parties back in the day, seeing cute guys in their socked feet. 'Yeah man sounds cool', Mikey said, trying to contain his excitement.

They took a cab and arrived at a pretty decent sized house, with about 30 guys there, drinking and laughing and being loud. Mikey and Cody took off their shoes and Mikey couldn't stop staring at Cody's white socks. Cody winked at him and they joined the party people in the living room. Mikey noticed right away it was all guys there. He thought it was strange, but he didn't mind it, he liked it.

Cody looked and sized up Mikey top to bottom, seeing him in the light for the first time. Bro, your socks are so f***ing wild bro, let me see!' Mikey bent his knee and Cody grabbed at his foot. Whoa man, fat as f***! This caught the attention of another guest, who came over to see what was going on. 'Look at the soles of this dudes socks man, they're thick as heck!' Another guy came over and wanted to see. Mikey kinda liked the attention his socks were getting, but it was a bit embarrassing. He mingled for a few minutes, and before long, he had the nickname 'socks'. 'Dude, just sit down there in that chair in front of the mirror so everyone can have a look and be done with it', one of the guys said. Mikey was getting embarrassed and didn't know what to do but Cody said cmon dude get it over with now and no one else will ask. Mikey sat down in the office type chair and crossed his feet on the desk in front of him. The soles of his socks were on display, and he started getting really excited. His jeans were twitching, and he hoped Noone would notice. Except maybe Cody. 4 of the guys surrounded the chair and held Mikey down, and used a couple rolls of duct tape to fasten his arms to the arms of the chair, and more holding his waist to the back. It was done in less than a minute.

'What the f*** guys?' OK who's gonna do it?' Someone shouted from the crowd. Shave him bald! Cried another. One of the bigger dudes piped up, 'wait, wait a minute, remember, make it perfect like we planned.' 'Oh yeah, sorry,' the voice bellowed. 'Shave him bald in his white socks!' Mikey panicked, he started thrusting around attempting to break the tape but it was futile. It may as well have been chains. He looked to Cody, to help him, but Cody just smirked and pulled out a name tag sticker and stuck it to his own chest. It read, 'Anon'. All the other guys reached into their pockets and pulled our a sticker, and attached it to their chests.

There were several 'Anon's'. Others had names. Mikey's panic escalated as he read the names. Greg, Sam54, Baldbud, Charliebrown, DMBUZZED, Vince, Confused, Abbadon, FCM Historias, Youngbald, #Teamtopbutton, Brown, Admiral, thadeusz, Luvtobebald, Barbershop Thill, ForEver, Anonymous, Pauldy, Bald in white socks(that one made Mikeys jeans wet just reading it), Balding man, Titan, Vikingforce, and the last one made Mikey's heart sink. LOVE THIS STORY. Mikey didn't believe what was happening. He was surrounded by a group of guys who threatened him with horrible balding scenarios while wearing his white socks, and he was bound to chair with his socked feet on display in front of them all, completely helpless.

'Cody', who was just using that name as an alias to bait Mikey, was just used to set Corey up, pulled out another sticker and smacked it onto Corey's chest while everyone laughed. He looked around it though the mirror. It said 'Sockboy'. The room erupted in chatter and Corey was just in shock. 'How are we gonna do it' someone asked. 'Creamed and scraped', that's what a white socked fella like him needs.' 'No let's cover him with depilatory cream and dissolve the little jerk'. 'No, scalp wax him! That's the hottest thing we can do, it will take weeks to grow back! Keep him bald in his white socks!' What if we keep hair remover on longer than your supposed to? 'Will it take longer to grow back?' Someone responded 'we can't leave it on too long or he will be permanently balded in his white socks!' The room became exuberant as the thought of getting this guy like he did to his victims in his stories was unbelievably enticing. 'Do it!' 'Ruin him, bald him for life', 'I want him f****** bald for life!', 'I wanna see his face when he realizes he's being permabalded with those f****** white socks on.' 'He thinks he's so hot in his white socks!' 'Take sockboy down!' shouted another.

'Quiet everyone! We all want to live out our wildest fantasy here. We all want to make it permanent. But we all agreed in the planning phase we don't want to get in any trouble. We agreed that it's hot as F***, but it's best left on paper. We will have our fun. And as for the method, let's do a bit of everything. Let's cream and scrape his head bald, that's his fear. He loves his facial hair. I say we coat his beard with the hair remover cream, and we can wax his eyebrows! Mikey thrust around wildly, with tears streaming down his cheeks. A guy around 30, with a horrible case of MPB stood behind Mikey in the mirror. Corey read his name tag. LOVE THIS STORY. Oh no. This was the guy Mikey taunted over having gone bald so young, while Mikey still had most of his hair in his forties. 'Remember me?' With that, the guy pulled out a set of clippers and plowed it over the Top of Mikeys head, making a crude replica of his own baldness on Mikey. Everyone wanted a piece. Groups of 4 at a time were given a minute or two to taunt Mikey, grabbing at his socks, buzzing his head, spreading wax on his eyebrows, applying and reapplying depilatory to his beard. 'You're gonna be bald, Sockboy! 'Your beard is gonna melt off while you're in your white socks, buddy' 'I'm gonna yank your eyebrows out and you can't do anything about it but cry with your white socks on!' EVERY GUY THERE made it a point to say 'cream and scrape him bald in his white socks' at least once, and they all had their turn looking Mikey in the face, saying 'You're gonna get your head creamed and scraped bald with your white socks on!' There was always at least one dude tickling or picking at Mikey's white socked feet to mock him. The feeling of having his white socked soles touched by the attackers was really making him aroused. Mikeys waxed brows got yanked, off, his beard came off with the wipe of a towel, and his head was repeatedly creamed. It was totally bald but everyone knew from the stories that this was so unbelievably humiliating to Mikey. So they scraped his already balded head several times, constantly reminding him of how he's being done in with his prized white socked feet on display for all to see.

There were so many people partaking, he didn't know who did what. But when the last scaping was done and the depilatory cream was wiped off, everyone stood back and watched Mikey sobbing in the mirror. He looked horrible. ' I was wondering what he really looked like?' 'Ugly' said another. 'How does it feel to be totally balded, sockboy?'

'What you doing bro', someone inquired to a guy humping the sofa and concealing something.' 'Hey what is that?' The sofa guy was edging and could barely hold out any longer. Titan grabbed the item from the dudes hand and inspected it. We were quite clear, no home laser devices allowed.' I'm sorry Titan, I wasn't gonna use it on him. I've been edging about tonight for weeks. I bought it online while I was edging it made me so excited to order it, I was just fantasizing.' Titan laughed and pulled a different device from his pocket. 'I bought one too haha! Others started taking out their own home permanent hair removal system, everyone had the same idea. Titan went to Mikey and zapped his newly bald head just once, only to tease him. Mikey heaved his head as far away as possible to avoid it. Titan was just going to zap once to make him panic thinking he was going to be made permanently bald in his white socks. Titan held Mikeys head still and placed the device right at his temple, where his receding hairline was most obvious before he was so brtally balded. With a small buzzing sound, the laser was fired at a tiny section of Mikeys scalp. 'Mikey begged Titan through tears. Please man, please dont laser me. Please don't make me be like this forever. Don't let them laser me in my white socks man, please! Mikey was hysterical. Admiral was attending to hardly able to move, paralyzed with lust at what was happening, and looked up just as Titan administered the first zap. Not realizing it was just meant to taunt Mikey, he walked over to chair, while turning on his own balding laser. 'Oh were doing this now? Awesome! He dabbed Mikeys head with it a couple times on quick succession and within seconds people were surrounding Corey and he was getting dabbed all over his head, and face, anywhere there used to be hair. You're going permanently bald in your white socks! Was repeated over and over again. Corey begged for mercy but his cries could hardly be heard over the crowd.

Titan and LOVE THIS STORY were in bliss. 'How long will it take to be permanent, Titan? I dunno man, everyone's got a different device. Some are better than others. They are meant to be use once a day maybe. Every spot on sockboys shaved head has been zapped a dozen times already. If this keeps up a half hour he will never grow hair again. But I'm liking this too much, I'll keep at it all night. It's the perfect punishment for him. He would inflict it on us in a second, for his pleasure, now he's the subject of his story. But I think he's crying and screaming more than the characters he describes. He looks worse than they did though, so it makes sense.

Mikey was being destroyed. Why was he the most turned on he had ever been? 'What the f*** is wrong with me? He wondered'. I'm completely done, I liked how i looked. Why am I hard and leaking while I'vd been ruined?' He thought in his head as he wailed aloud. After an hour of dangerously high laser contact, the proceess was called off as Mikeys bald head was red like a sunburn, and he was starting to yelp in pain during the last few zaps.

Cody approached the chair and cut an inconsolable Mikey loose, whe then ran into a bedroom to cry his eyes out. Cody took off after him, and sat on the bed where Mikey was curled up crying.
'Hey man. I'm trying not to bust a nut, I'm trying to savour this before I blow' he said with labored breath as he was sweating and thrusting his hips to rub his jeans on him. This is the hottest thing to ever happen in the world man. I'm sorry man I don't even care about white socks they just used me to lure you here. I wanted to see a guy made permanently bald against his will. I always had a fantasy of it. I don't even think I like guys or girls. The only way I ever blow is when I think of guy getting punished with baldness. I can't find any videos I like cause it all about joking and supposed to be funny. But my fantasy is a dude being ruined and absolutely freaking out, and ideally, crying hysterically. Man, you didn't disappoint. I know it sucks that you're gonna be bald forever now, and it was all done with you in those white socks you love so much. You got owned in the worst way possible. But listen man, I got video of it, all of it. I know it might seem easy for me to say, cause I'm not the one that got attacked and made permanently bald and mocked cause I love my sneakers or whatever, but the way this has made me happy, bro, it's worth it for this to happen to you because I'm equally elated, as you are devastated. I'm couldn't be more excited and horned up over this, sockboy. And there are a bunch of other dudes in there who are elated too. I doubt as much as me, no way anyone enjoyed you getting that done to you in your white socks as much as I did. But the point is, 30 dudes happy, one dude bald for the rest of his life. The math works out bro. I'd tell you to stop crying but it's getting me off, I'm leaking like a basket' he said while pointing to a wet spot on his jeans. He slurred his speech the whole way through that ramble, and he hadn't even been drinking. He was drunk on lust. 'Man you are ugly as F***'. I can't believe just hair did all that. You were really good looking. You are actually ugly. Man this might sound stupid, but like I said, I don't really like guys or girls. I only ever got off buy a guy getting punished by being shaved, and crying from the humiliation and ruin. One time I was playing alone and I was thinking up this scenario where a guy would be permanently bald by force, and now it's all I can think about to get off. Dude, as ugly as you are, you're the only person in the world guy or girl, that I'm hot for. Cause when I look at you, all I can see is the destruction and man, THE HUMILIATION you went through with your white socks on bro. The fact that I played a massive part in it makes it really hard to hold back from shooting in my jeans. It's only been a few hours and some of the dudes have already shot 5 times! I want you bro, you are so hot. I know I'm heated now cause I haven't let it go yet, but when I blow, bud, I swear I'll still want you just as much. I'll be horned up constantly. You're the hottest guy in the world. You are destroyed my man. I need to see you every day. I want the star of the hottest kink video of all time' he huffed as he held up his phone with the video on it. 'So you want me? But because I'm ugly and was completely violated and am left disfigured, and YOU helped do it to me? 'Yep!' Cody could hardly contain himself as the wet spot on his jeans grew in size. Mikey didn't think it was possible to be more humiliated than to have everyone laughing at him as he was turned ugly in a matter of minutes. But hearing this hot guy say he wanted Mikey because he gets off on destruction and humiliation of guys, this was actually much worse. This humiliation hit even harder. 'Why am I f****** hard? Why am I leaking? Why do I want to blow? He screamed at Cody in a rage.' I guess you kinda like it, secretly. Hey, I guess we do have a kink in common after all, man. I'll do anything for ya bro, I'll call you whitesockboy all the time and f*** with them all you want. I owe it to you, It's all cause of me that you are totally bald now for the rest of your life!' They were aroused beyond imagination, they were kissing hard, and it didn't stop, Mikey never stopped crying the whole time they were messing around, which made Cody bust in his jeans. He was immediately hard again and ready to go. 'See I told you bro. You're the hottest guy in the world to me. Davey didn't know how to feel about this. He was the hottest guy in the world to this handsome dude. But Cody had a kink for Mikeys unfortunate fate.

The dudes at the party had planned this for a while. It wasn't hard to find out who Sockboy was when they decided to get him. Some techy guys on the story site tracked him down. While it did get out of hand, everyone at the party enjoyed the spectacle to the fullest, in their own way. I won't go into details, you know who you are and what you did.


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