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Jacks Barber SHop by Jim

It was time to go and see Jack, the Barber. Jack has been giving me Hair cuts for the last five years. He knows just how I like it cut.

It has been sixs months since I have been to Jacks I was the best man at my Brothers wedding and his new wife want me to have some hair on my head for the big day. So I suffered for six months having to let all this moss grow on my head. So now it is all over and so is this growth.

When I entered the shop Jack was giving a customer one of his best cuts, a Horseshoe Flattop. Jack is well known for his short Military hair cuts and this guy was getting the works. I sat down to watch as Jack lathered his head for a good old scraping, "as Jack would put it".

Jack lathered the guys hold head except for about a one inch strip of black hair that stuck out from the white lather on his hole head. I must say we do look funny having this done but it sure feels good.

Jack had his hole head shaved in on time and applied some butch wax to that little bit of hair we call a bumper .

This guy was skined to the bone and had a perfect black horseshoe sitting on the top of his head Jack blends it, right to the skin. This man knows his stuff.

Next its me in the chair. You know once Jack puts the cape around you and pumps the chair up to his level he has you right were he wants you and downright, are not going anywhere.

Jack is a big guy, he is over six foot tall white hair that is balding on top. he likes customer that like it short. That is what I like about Jack you don't have to tell his twice. When you get in his chair the first thing Jack ask is , "what # do you want".

Jack was the one who got me into shaving my head. He started giving me # 2 crewcuts and talked me into a full head shave since I have been comming to Jacks I have had every short military cut you could get. People think I'm a cop or in the Military, I love it.

"So Jim its good to see you back, are you ready to take it all off"? I am all yours , I will leave it up to you. So without farther ado Jack turned the chair away from the mirror and now I am facing a little old man who is sitting, waiting to be next. I can sense Jack behind me as he is oiling up the big clippers . Next I feel him move in close to the back of my head he puts his big hand on the top of my head and pushish it down in to my chest I could only see the cape, has he places the vibrating clippers to the base of my neck. One pass up to the crown than he takes another he shaved the hole back of my head with a #1 all I could see was hair falling down all over me , I was loving it. It felt so good . Next he held my head to one side with his hand and shaved the left side up over the top then he shaved the right.

At last came the top, he chop off the top and left just a little to comb over the blending looked so cool. "I am giving you a tight Military regular , I will ease you back into a full head shave. Good to see you back son.

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