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I get shaved head because of hooliganism by Hamed

My name is Hamed, I am 22 years old, tall and thin. One night at 2:00 am I was tramping like many other nights. I had maked my hair spiky. I was wearing a shiny black shirt and a pair of tight low-waist jeans with a studded cowboy belt. I always dress like this. I picked on a truck driver on the road near where I live on the pretext that he was speeding when crossing the intercity road, and I fighted and cursed him hooliganism, then he also came down and we fight together. I acted like a thug. Suddenly, two other people came from the back of the truck to help him (I thought he was alone). I couldn't escape and I got caught by those three cowards. The truck driver took my one of my feet and another one took my hand. The third one opened a road on my head with an old handy hair shaver that I didn't understand where he got it from, and then they kicked me and left. The next morning I had to go to a barber. I went to a Itinerant barber who was a fat Afghani man whom I knew. There was a waste and garbage collection area nearby. I explained the story them. There was also a homeless guy and both of them laughed at me. The barber said I have to make your hair shaved, that too with the number zero! I was forced to sit. Barber guy first shaved the right half of my head, which those cowards had opened the road, then half of my head became shaved while staying the other half spiky. So he shaved the left side, then it was just only the spiky hair in the middle of my head, which was like a wall in the middle of my head from the back to the front, and I had become like a punk. I was like that for a while, and then he shaved me from the back of my head and came to the front of my head and then I became full shaved. The homeless man took the head shaver in his hand and helped barber and carefully walked the head shaver on my head so that not even a single hair was left. After that, they rubed their hands on my head, which was rough like sandpaper.
I suddenly felt enjoy: my cock became horny. They saw the it from the tight pants. The stray man put his rough hands on the crotch of my jeans and rubbed me. The barber guy also rub his hands on my head and sometimes kissed my head. At the same time, his rough stubble was being rubbed on my rough head.
At the end I stayed with a shaved head which was like sandpaper!
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