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in the early 90's I submitted to a severe short back and sides by a no nonsense barber , a lifetime teenage dream but I also had an urge then to have it shaved bald and smooth.One day I went to a traditional barber just outside Manchester and asked for a short back and sides, it was an old guy and he was very quick and precise with the cut, something came over me at the end and I asked him then to shave my head...I think he misunderstood me as he used manual clippers and took me down to a number 1 ...got frustrated so left it at that. The next day I still had the urge to have it shaved bald and I had noticed an a Asian barber in the centre of Manchester , I walked past a couple of times, the shop had a large window so you could see inside and the chair was empty ....this is it, I went in and there was a fairly old Asian barber , moustached and wearing a red nylon jacket...I asked him if he would shave my head clean , he quoted a price so i said fine. I was just about to get in the chair and he said over here to have it washed first then we will get a better smooth shave , I became apprehensive but so excited as i sat in the chair for a back head wash...I realised I was at the point of no return so I though might as well enjoy this ...towel round me and 2 very rough hair washes...hair dried off and he said in the main chair now..light blue cape around me and he used a bowl of shaving soap and shaving brush to lather me up...head pushed down and he razored me clean in less than a minute...couldn't believe my eyes ...a second lathering and shave against the grain to leave me completely smooth. He showed me in the mirror ...WOW ...he said nice clean young man now....left the shop , yes i had done it and I keep it that way .

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