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Beachside Impulse Buzz by BuzzedBald

I had just finished my junior year of college, and was looking for something to do for the first week or so before starting my summer internship in two weeks. I ultimately decided on a 6 day trip to LA, where I found an incredible deal on an AirBnB. After parting ways with my friends for the summer, I left for my solo beach trip.

I had had the same hair for years, 6+ inch long curls that I got trimmed every few months or so. However over the last several months I had noticed my hair starting to thin out a bit. Whenever I’d wash my hair, my hands would be covered in hair, and I felt like the hair that clogging up our shower drain was from me. However, when it was dry I didn’t really notice any change, so I didn’t change anything. After two years in the dorms and one in a college apartment, I wouldn’t lie If I was saying a drastic haircut wasn’t temping. So many guys that had started freshman year with full heads of hair had had one by one traded that out for buzz cuts or clipper cuts of various lengths.

I had unpacked in the house and was soon ready for the beach. The intense sunshine felt great, but the wind was blowing out of control. Wind had always been my #1 enemy, as it would make my curls a huge windblown mess. I told myself to get over it and just enjoy the ocean, but when lunchtime came and I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t help but hate what I saw. I had never been the type of person to really want a haircut before, but I wanted a haircut right now.

This was totally unlike me, but I got dressed and found a barber shop online, and headed over. Something about being out of town made me feel more confident about doing this. As I walked inside and got checked in, I couldn’t help but notice how every guy seemed to have a buzz cut, or surfer hair. For a split second I considered getting all my curls buzzed off, but quickly recentered myself.

When it was my turn, I decided to ask for about 3 inches taken off, effectively cutting my curls in half. I thought of the relief that would come with the heat and wind, and that it would be a more professional look with my internship coming up. The barber asked if he could cut the sides with clippers. I said no, not ready for that big of a leap yet. When he finished, I put my ball cap on immediately, not looking closely at the cut, but nervously noticing how much hair was on the ground. I was ready to go back to the house and restyle it around the shorter length, which was probably closer to 4 inches.

After I showered and started trying to style my hair, it became clear to me that this barber shop didn’t know how to cut curly hair. Somehow, there were pieces that looked like they weren’t cut at all, and other pieces that looked not even 2 inches long. I feel kind of defeated, and spent the rest of the day wearing my hat. But I knew I couldn’t wear a hat during my internship, so I’d need to get it fixed. I decided to go out that night and ended up having a little too much fun, coming back to the house late that night a bit tipsy. While exploring the house, I found something that would end up being my downfall- a set of hair clippers stowed away in the bathroom cabinets. Maybe… could I try to fix my hair?

The barber had asked about cutting the sides with clippers, I thought maybe that would be worth a try. In my current state, I questioned how hard it could be to cut the back and sides with the longest guard, just to make it a little cleaner of a look. So, I popped the #8 guard on this random pair of clippers, in this strangers house, and started buzzing the sides of my head. As the sink started filling with more and more hair, I started getting more and more aroused. As I got to the back, I realized I had no idea how far up to cut; I only had the one wall mirror I was looking into and no other mirrors to get a better view of the damage.

Immediately I knew I had made a mistake doing this, but instead of giving up and going to a different barber in the morning, I was committed to finishing what I started myself. I gave up on trying to save the curls, and at this point, the arousal had taken over. I plunged the clippers through the front of my hair and kept going around my whole head until I had a #8 buzz all over. Just one inch of hair left work with.

This is where I should have stopped, put the clippers away, and gone to bed, as it was almost 1am at this point. But while staring at myself in the mirror, I was thinking my head looks a little bit too round with this same length all over. I thought taking the sides shorter would help with that, and since it was only an inch on top, I would not have the same issue as I did when I was planning to leave the curls on top. I put a #2 guard on the clippers, and cut into the sides again, carefully trying to stop at the point where my head curved into the top. But somehow I didn’t realize quite how short a #2 was. Now it looked too short with the inch of hair I had left on top.

By this point, I wasn’t thinking logically anymore. I was having too much fun cutting my hair off, and I wanted the fun to continue. So I put a #4 on the clippers and cut the top once again. But even though my thinning hair wasn’t noticeable when it was grown out and styled, I could see through to the scalp with a #4. So I put the #2 back on ran it all over my heed, making everything the same length. This morning I had a huge mop of curls blowing out of control in the wind, and now I had 1/4 inch of stubble left and I could clearly see through to the scalp. The feeling was incredible, and I didn’t hate how it looked, at least not in my current state.

In the morning when I woke up, I was startled by my reflection in the mirror, almost forgetting what I had done the night before. I went for a walk along the beach, super self conscious about my buzzed head, but the feeling was incredible. When I got back from my walk and started to clean up the mess of hair in the bathroom, I realized I could still go further… I had a few more days here at the beach, and then another week until my internship started. I could take it down to a #1 and grow it back to the #2 in a week and a half. I took my shirt off and got the clippers out again, put the tiny #1 guard on and plunged it down the middle before I could change my mind. The difference was more than I expected, which pushed me to pop the guard off and run the bare clippers all over my head.

I looked in the mirror and question WTF I had just done- I was bald! But I also kind of loved it. No matter what I tried to do that day, I couldn’t stop rubbing my hands all over by clipper shaved head. But then I had one more thought- I need to shave this clean, like with a razor. Right before closing time, I decided to go back to the same barber shop as yesterday, the shop that had caused all this in the first place, and ask for a smooth razor shave. Now this feeling was something else, rubbing my head I didn’t even feel stubble, just smooth shaven skin.

Somehow I had a need wave of confidence walking around the beach fully bald, even more than I did with the #2 buzz for some reason. The next morning, I had to resist the urge to go get my head shaved again, as I could already feel the slightest hint of stubble breaking through. The day before my internship started, I purchased a set of clippers of my own and ran over it again with the #1 guard. And that’s where I’m at right now. Im trying to grow it out to have some hair for my senior year of college when my friends and I hare back on campus, but I just may end up buzzing it back down to a #1… or shorter.

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