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Corey by JackfromDFW

Corey liked his long, dark brown hair. It was about six inches long in the back, turning into natural curls. It covered his ears and hung down to his nose in the front when not parted down the middle of his head. He also had thick sideburns that ran down passed his ear lobes. When Corey got a haircut, about once every 3 or 4 months, it was trimmed about an inch and a half all over.

Corey’s dad was a deputy sheriff, former Army ranger, with a sharp high and tight flattop. Dad didn’t really like Corey’s long hair. But, dad kept silent about it until Corey was busted for underage drinking. Corey was placed on probation, sentenced to 30 hours of community service and had to attend a program for teenage drinking.

The morning after his court appearance Dad sat with Corey at breakfast and laid down his law.

“Corey,” Dad said. “I made an appointment with my barber, Joe, for you. I let you look like a wild man for too long and now it’s time to clean up your act. Starting with a decent haircut.”

“I’m not getting a flattop, Dad” Corey retorted.

“You’ll get what Joe gives you. You understand. No discussion. Or I will cut your hair myself.”

Corey had never been to his dad’s new barber, when Corey was younger he got the same flattop by a barber who had long since retired. So, reluctantly, he headed to Joe’s barber shop on the West side of town. He would just get it over with and grow his hair back before school started. He knew that his father would shave his head completely bald, as dad did once to his older brother a few years back. Corey drove up and down 10th Street for an hour. He couldn’t find the shop. The address he was given turned out to be Family Hair Design, a salon not a barber shop. Hey this might not be so bad, the youth thought.

Corey walked into the shop and sat down on the comfortable couch. No one seemed to be around. A cute young blonde came from the back. It was Amy, a girl from school.

“Hi Corey, here for a haircut?” asked Amy.

“Um, yeah, I didn’t know you were working here. Haven’t seen you at the lake. Still dating Dave?”

“My parents won’t let me go to the lake. Too much drinking going on. No, Dave and I aren’t dating anymore.”

“Well, let’s go out.”

Amy smiled and said “Ok, I’m free on Monday. Oh, do you have an appointment?”

“Yeah, with Joe. Monday would be great. I’ll pick up at 7”

Flipping through the appointment book, Amy looked puzzled. “I don’t see you in Jo’s schedule. Let me check with her. Hold on.”

Corey laughed to himself: Jo’s a girl! Well, this just might not be so bad after all. A girl cuts dad’s hair. Well, the old goat. Bet she’s a hottie. Macho pops gets his haircut by a hottie.

Amy came back. “Jo said she doesn’t have you down for an appointment. Corey, are you sure that you made an appointment for today? With Jo?”

Corey panicked for a second. If he came home without a haircut, his father would shave him bald. “Are you sure?” He asked. “My dad made the appointment with Jo. He told me she was a barber.”

“Oh, you mean Mr. Martin. Joe Martin. Yeah he’s a barber. The last chair down the hall passed the partition. Looks like an old-fashioned barber shop down there. He stepped out for a minute. Looks like you are pre-paid for a Heroes Special.”

“What’s a Heroes Special? A certain new hairstyle.”

“No, nothing specific. A Heroes Special is a discounted price Mr. Martin gives to police officers, fire fighters, and military personnel. But, I noticed that they usually wear real short hair. And, he gives the boys from the military academy their first haircuts. Pre-paid usually means a boy from the military academy because the school pays for it. They always leave with no hair at all. Did you enroll?”

“No way.” Corey answered nervously pulling out a cigarette. “Hey, you got a light?”

“No smoking in here young man!” A voice boomed from behind Corey. “Are you Corey, John Lawton’s boy.”

Startled, Corey turned to face a somewhat heavy, very tall man. It was Joe the barber. Corey eyes fixated on the barber’s bald head and handle bar mustache. Corey couldn’t move.

Joe took the cigarette out of Corey’s mouth and threw it in the trash. “Are you Corey?”

“Umm. Yeah. I mean, yes sir. My dad sent me here for a haircut,” Corey responded timidly.

Joe looked at Corey’s mane, wrapped his large arm around Corey’s shoulder, and walked the nervous youth to his chair. “Well, let’s git ur done, my man, this will be a pleasure.”

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