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Butched Again by Butchme

Dark brown hair over my ears. That's what I had. That's what all the other boys had too. Different colors of course. It was 1972. I was in Junior High. We went to a stylist.

I came home from school. My dad said I needed a haircut. He was the boss so I didn't argue. He said he'd give me a ride. This was unusual. We went downtown. We parked at Clem''s Barbershop. He said I needed a long overdue clipper cut. I shuddered.

We went inside. The chair was empty so I climbed in. I was caped and pumped up. Clem spritzed my hair and combed it down. My dad was standing near. Clem asked, "What will it be?" Dad said, "A short butch, I like him in short hair." I couldn't believe what he said. It was unheard of.

Before I could argue my hair was being sheared off. The back and sides went. A number one guard tapered clear up to the top. A huge amount of hair fell into the cape. I didn't even know I had that much hair. The top must have looked funny. All the hair was gone on the sides and back.

The barber spritzed again. He used his fingers and shears to cut the top down. I was about to pass out. This was a nightmare. My hair was already cut so short. He took a 1.5 guard and buzzed off the remaining hair on top. He made sure he blended it with the sides.

Dad said he wanted butchwax applied. Clem said, "It can't stand up any more." Dad said, I want that butch to shine."

It was over. He powered my neck and face with a soft brush, He took off the cape and turned me around. I couldn't believe it. I was almost bald.

I woke up with hair. Now it was brutally cut off short. I'd have to face school like this. In the whole school there was not another butch, crew cut or Ivy League haircut.

On the way home dad said he liked my haircut. The next cut would be exactly the same. I should keep the butchwax on to keep it shiny, he'd bought a small container.

At home I looked in the mirror and rubbed my waxy stubble. It was so short. How would I face school tomorrow? It was time to go to bed.

I got up and took a shower. I dried myself and ran the towel over my stubble. I put on the butchwax. I hated it but dad insisted.

I went to school. They hooted and hollered. Some ran their hands across my head. Some asked, "Why?"

It was time for P.E We undressed and put on our gym uniforms. This included a jock strap

We played basketball. We were sweaty when we entered the locker room. We had to take a shower. It was a "gang" shower and I hated it.

We took off our clothes. Guys with full bushes and big cocks were strutting around and snapping towels at each other.

My dick seemed so small. Plus I had this butch haircut. People would be looking at me. I secretly played with myself so my dick would get bigger. I had to be careful, I didn't want to get a raging boner. I made it to the showers

I got under a spigot and made the water pretty cold so I wouldn't get a hard on. I soaped up. I just had to run the bar of soap across my head once to lather up my stubble. I rinsed off. I looked down at my sparse bush and decided I had more hair down there than on my head.

I fondled myself once more to get it bigger to get out of the shower.

I made it to my bench. I dried off and ran the towel over my head. It was easy to dry the stubble. I got dressed and put some butchwax in my hair so it would shine for dad. I had some in my locker. Other guys were blow drying and brushing their hair in the mirror. Some used hairspray. Those days were over for me.


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