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Butch Again II by Butchme

Hair over my ears was just a dream now. It had only been two weeks and dad wanted another short butch with butchwax.

He sent me to Clem's alone with instructions. I climbed into the chair, was caped and pumped up. Clem looked at me. I told him another short butch. Use a #1 guard tapered up the sides and back. Use a #1.5 on top. Then use butchwax for shine. Cut it short.

He said, "Like last time, right?" I said, "Yeah." He said, There' not much hair to cut." I knew that.

So he put the guard on. He tapered the back and sides clear up, short. He changed the guard, the top was attacked again, as short as you can go with the guard on. on went the butchwax. Not that mutch hair had been cut off.

He turned the chair around so I could se The cut was shorter, more precise. It was still a short butch. I didn't like it.

I had to get this cut for years. I was especially self conscious around new people. I thought they were wondering, "Why the short haircut?" By this time it was the early '80s. I was still getting a short butch.

My dad let my hair grow out a little more between cuts. This time ask Clem if he can cut a short flattop? I did. He said it would be very short. I told him to, "Do it."

He stood it all up with butchwax. It was longer than I thought but still short. He clipper shaved the back and sides going clear up to the top.

Then he carved out the middle of my head like an oval. On the very back he cut a butch on top. He made sure the top hair was cut wide and down the back.

He added more butchwax. Then he took a wide, flat comb and with the clippers he proceeded to clipper over comb the little hair that was left down to one quarter of an inch.

More butchwax and a hard brushing up the top and sides. There was so much butchwax on my hair it was stiff and must look like plastic.

He turned the chair around. It looked like a very, very short flattop. Then Clem took a large hand mirror. In the bigger mirror he showed me the sides and the top. On top I could see a narrow band of hair cut short on the sides. What kind of haircut was this? Who came up with it?

Clem said he gave me a horseshoe flattop because my hair was short. The narrow ring around the top formed the horseshoe.

I almost said cut the top off as short as the inside. I'd have a high and tight butch. Very short without the horseshoe. My dad ordered the flattop, I better go home with one.

I paid and went home. Even dad thought this was too extreme. I would not be getting another haircut like this.

At school they hooted and hollered. I ignored them. My friend said he'd never seen or heard of a cut like this. I told him, "Neither have I." He said, "Why did you get it?" I said, "I thought I was getting a short flattop."

It was hard to grow the horseshoe out. It looked weird at times. Finally it was haircut day. Dad said he was coming with me. This was not a good sign. I thought he'd order a very short butch again. Even though I'd grown out the horseshoe. It all depended on his mood.

We got to Clem's and I had to wait Some older kid was getting a flattop. They were just starting to come back in style. He was ahead of the game. This would be quite a show for me. Another "over the ears" guy taking the plunge. At least it was his idea. Like most first time flattops He wanted a longer, boxy one. When he was carving out the shape using clipper over comb? I got a hard on. He was a blonde. When it was time for the stiff, shiny butchwax and the hard brushing it was almost too much. Then he was done. It was my turn.

I got up in the chair and was caped and pumped up again. I thought I was getting a short butch again. My dad had seen the guy getting the flattop. He ordered one for me. He wanted it short and extremely beveled. I didn't know what beveled meant and I was apprehensive. The clippers went to town. Soon he was flattening it using clipper over comb. A lot of hair had come off. He angled the sides with the top.

Now came the beveling. He put the comb at a sever angle, front to back on the sides. He very carefully used the clippers over the comb on each side. Now it was time for the butchwax and the brushing. He used a lot of butchwax and massaged it all over my head, coating every hair. Then he brushed it up and back hard. He finished with a comb.

I was turned around to see it in the mirror. It was very short and shining. The beveling was severe and looked sort of geeky.

Dad paid and we left. On the way home he said the beveling was to make me look unique. It sure did, Like a Marine.

When we got home I looked in the mirror and brushed up my hair. It was cut very precise and the butchwax enhanced it, blended it. It was a very good haircut.

I was making progress. I had some style and hair to comb. Maybe I was on the way to having it over my ears again. I hoped so.

My dad said he liked this cut. I was already a freshman in high school. He said I'd be getting it indefinately.

Little did I know I'd be getting it all through high school. It was very precise and had to be cut every two weeks.

I even had my senior picture taken with that haircut. My dad made me get it cut the day before so it would be short and crisp. He insisted I put butchwax in it for the picture.

I got used to it as did everyone else.


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