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Corey's Haircut 2 by JackfromDFW

Corey liked his long, dark brown hair. It was about six inches long in the back, turning into natural curls. It
covered his ears and hung down to his nose in the front when not parted down the middle of his head. He also had
thick sideburns that ran down passed his ear lobes. When Corey got a haircut, about once every 3 or 4 months, it was
trimmed about an inch and a half all over.

Corey’s dad was a deputy sheriff, former Army ranger, with a sharp high and tight flattop. Dad didn’t really like
Corey’s long hair. But, dad kept silent about it until Corey was busted for underage drinking. Corey was placed on
probation, sentenced to 30 hours of community service and had to attend a program for teenage drinking.

The morning after his court appearance Dad sat with Corey at breakfast and laid down his law.

“Corey,” Dad said. “I made an appointment with my barber, Joe, for you. I let you look like a wild man for too long
and now it’s time to clean up your act. Starting with a decent haircut.”

“I’m not getting a flattop, Dad” Corey retorted.

“You’ll get what Joe gives you. You understand. No discussion. Or I will cut your hair myself.”

Corey had never been to his dad’s new barber, when Corey was younger he got the same flattop by a barber who had
long since retired. So, reluctantly, he headed to Joe’s barber shop on the West side of town. He would just get it
over with and grow his hair back before school started. He knew that his father would shave his head completely
bald, as dad did once to his older brother a few years back. Corey drove up and down 10th Street for an hour. He
couldn’t find the shop. The address he was given turned out to be Family Hair Design, a salon not a barber shop. Hey
this might not be so bad, the youth thought.

Corey walked into the shop and sat down on the comfortable coach. No one seemed to be around. A cute young blonde
came from the back. It was Amy, a girl from school.

“Hi Corey, here for a haircut?” asked Amy.

“Um, yeah, I didn’t know you were working here. Haven’t seen you at the lake. Still dating Dave?”

“My parents won’t let me go to the lake. Too much drinking going on. No, Dave and I aren’t dating anymore.”

“Well, let’s go out.”

Amy smiled and said “Ok, I’m free on Monday. Oh, do you have an appointment?”

“Yeah, with Joe. Monday would be great. I’ll pick up at 7”

Flipping through the appointment book, Amy looked puzzled. “I don’t see you in Jo’s schedule. Let me check with
her. Hold on.”

Corey laughed to himself: Jo’s a girl! Well, this just might not be so bad after all. A girl cuts dad’s hair. Well,
the old goat. Bet she’s a hottie. Macho pops gets his haircut by a hottie.

Amy came back. “Jo said she doesn’t have you down for an appointment. Corey, are you sure that you made an
appointment for today? With Jo?”

Corey panicked for a second. If he came home without a haircut, his father would shave him bald. “Are you sure?” He
asked. “My dad made the appointment with Jo. He told me she was a barber.”

“Oh, you mean Mr. Martin. Joe Martin. Yeah he’s a barber. The last chair down the hall passed the partition. Looks
like an old-fashioned barber shop down there. He stepped out for a minute. Looks like you are pre-paid for a Heroes

“What’s a Heroes Special? A certain new hairstyle.”

“No, nothing specific. A Heroes Special is a discounted price Mr. Martin gives to police officers, fire fighters,
and military personnel. But, I noticed that they usually wear real short hair. And, he gives the boys from the
military academy their first haircuts. Pre-paid usually means a boy from the military academy because the school
pays for it. They always leave with no hair at all. Did you enroll?”

“No way.” Corey answered nervously pulling out a cigarette. “Hey, you got a light?”

“No smoking in here young man.!” A voice boomed from behind Corey. “Are you Corey, John Lawton’s boy.”

Startled, Corey turned to face a somewhat heavy, very tall man. It was Joe the barber. Corey eyes fixated on the
barber’s bald head and handle bar mustache. Corey couldn’t move.

Joe took the cigarette out of Corey’s mouth and threw it in the trash. “Are you Corey?”

“Umm. Yeah. I mean, yes sir. My dad sent me here for a haircut,” Corey responded timidly.

Joe looked at Corey’s mane, wrapped his large arm around Corey’s shoulder, and walked the nervous youth to his
chair. “Well, let’s git ur done, my man, this will be a pleasure.”

Corey felt like a condemned inmate, a dead man walking, as Joe Martin showed Corey to his station.

“So, tell me, Corey,” Joe said. “You dad’s making you cut your hair all off, right. But, is that what you really

“No, not really, not at all. I mean,” answered Corey. “But, I’ve been a problem at home lately. And, dad wants me
to clean up my life, literally”

“Well, you will have to wait. I got two ahead of you right now. Your hair’s a mess. But, I’m not going to force you
to cut your hair. You have to do it willingly. No matter what you dad wants. You are old enough to make your own
decisions and deal with the consequences. I told your dad that.”

When they got to Joe’s chair, Corey noticed the extreme difference in atmosphere from the rest of the salon. Joe’s
station looked like a Norman Rockwell painting, set in the 1950s. He had a single, old-fashioned chrome barber chair
with red patent leather upholstery in front of a large single mirror. It smelled of hair tonic and shaving cream.
Arranged to perfection on the shelf on the mirror, Joe had an arsenal of haircutting devices: large black clippers,
tiny edging clippers, pointy shears, a straight razor, a variety of steel clipper attachments, and an assortment of
combs setting in a blue-green liquid.

“How you doing, Corey?” “What you doing here?” said a two familiar voices as Corey entered Joe’s station.

“Hey, Justin… Hi, Chris,” Corey responded as he shook their hands. “Well, I guess I’m getting a haircut, maybe. I

Chris and Justin West were the two most popular boys at Corey’s high school. In fact, there were probably the most
popular boys in the district. They were star athletes and champion debaters. They both wanted to be lawyers, like
their father and mother. The West boys had money, fast cars, expensive flashy smiles, and bravado. They also had
short tempers and often resolved disputes with their fists when they couldn’t outwit their opponents. Justin was a
year younger than Chris and, at 5’9”, four inches taller than his older brother. Chris made up for his short height
with confidence and swagger. Both weighed about 145 lbs and had sky-blue eyes and sandy blond hair. Corey was fairly
good friends with the West boys. But he never understood their appeal, after all Corey himself was 6 foot even and
160 lbs. and a much better athlete.
On the last day of school, Justin had gotten into a fight with a sophomore who had made their younger sister cry.
One of Justin’s swings missed the other kid and landed in the lockers, breaking his hand. When Chris heard of the
incident, he took one hit into the sophomore’s face, causing $3,000 worth of dental repair. The boy’s parents
decided to enroll them into a local military school, Oak Ridge Military Academy, to keep them out of trouble. Chris
and Justin were at Joe’s to receive their mandatory induction haircuts before beginning a summer boot camp.

“Well, this family reunion is touching. But, I need to make some money and cut some hair.” Joe said rudely.

Justin was sitting in the barber chair and said “Well, do it! I hate combing my hair anyway.”

“How short do you have to go, Mr. Martin?” asked Chris.

“I’m using a #00000. Takes it to a nice baldy.” answered the barber.

Justin’s hair was about two inches long. It was basically a grown out crew cut, badly tapered. Justin closed his
eyes and Joe turned on the ranging clippers. The clippers made contact his Justin’s head and plowed a bald strip
down the middle of his head. Six more passes and the top of Justin’s head was bare. Joe turned Justin towards the
mirror. “See what you are going to look like when you’re my age,” Joe laughed. “I’m still going to be better looking
than my pygmy brother, sir,” Justin joked back. Joe continued the shearing with Justin watching in the mirror. Joe
had a vice gripe hold on the top of the youth’s head. The back of Justin’s head was scalped, followed by the right
side and finally the left side. After the shearing was completed. Joe took a small humming edger and ran it over the
new recruit. Lastly, Joe sharpened a straight razor on a leather strap, applied hot shaving cream around Justin’s
neck line and ears, shaving an outline out of the stubble with deft pre!

“I guess I’ll get use to it,” Justin said as he rubbed his bare head. “You next bro.”

Corey got up and headed for the back door. “Are you leaving?” asked Joe.

“Um, yeah. Sorry,” Corey said timidly.

“Are you getting a haircut like us, bud?” asked Justin.

“Not any more.”

“It’s just hair. If you have confidence in yourself, no body cares how you wear you hair,” said Justin.

“Oh, bro, he’s just a pussy,” laughed Chris.

On that comment, Joe pulled on Chris’ hair. “You boys leave him alone. Go on Corey, if you need to.”

Corey didn’t know why he sat right back down in his folding chair. He just did. May he was angry at Chris. Maybe he
wanted a haircut. Maybe he knew how angry his father would be. Regardless, Corey sat down and waited for his turn in
Joe’s barber chair.

Chris’ grown out crew cut was a little longer than his brother’s. Chris also had long sideburns like Corey. Joe
decided to attack the sideburns first. Joe flipped on the clippers. Placing them at the bottom of Chris’s sideburns.
With one swipe, the right sideburn was reduced to stubble all the way to the temple. Next, Joe sheared off the left
sideburn. Chris felt the skin where his sideburns use to be. He smiled. Joe took the clippers to the youth’s
forehead and shaved a strip down the top of Chris’ head. Six more passes on the top of his head and it was bare. Joe
placed a vice gripe hold on the top of the youth’s head. The back of Chris’s head was scalped, followed by the rest
of right side and finally the remainder of the left side. After the shearing was completed. Joe took a small humming
edger and ran it over the new recruit. Joe sharpened his straight razor on a leather strap, applied hot shaving
cream around Chris’ neck line and ears, shaving an outline out of the stu!
bble. It took only 8 minutes. Chris stepped out of the barber chair.

“Justin, you want to see this wild man get shorn?” asked Chris.

“Nah, I want to ask Amy for a date. She’s hot. Maybe she’s got a pygmy cousin for you, bro.” The boys said their
farewells and sucker punched each others’ arm as they walked to the receptionist desk.

Corey stood up and sat in Joe’s barber chair.

“Your friends are kind of little jerks, Corey,” said Joe as he placed the barber’s cape tight around Corey’s neck.

“They are not really my friends. We play sports together and hang out at the lake. But, they are really
self-absorbed and cocky.”

“I don’t mean to hurt your feelings but your dad describes you in the same manner. But, he thinks you will grow out
of it.”


“Oh, your dad was the same way when he was your age. I went to school with John.”

`I didn’t know.”

Joe turned the chair so Corey could face the mirror. He sprayed water on Corey’s hair and comb it out. “You want a
flattop or a buzz?” Joe asked.
Corey looked at himself sitting in the chair. I wanted to just jump and run. He ran his hands through his thick
mane. Corey wasn’t thinking about his hair. He was thinking about what his father told Joe. Was he really a punk
like Chris and Justin?

“Buzz it, please,” he said curtly. “But, could you leave so hair. I don’t want to look too much like a new recruit.”

“I could use a #1A and taper it with a #000. That would leave a nice shadow on your head. The sideburns, I’ll just
raise them a bit and leave the same length as the hair. That will distinguish you from a boot camp look. Sort like
those guys on Prison Break. It’s a popular Heroes haircut.”

Corey nodded and Joe picked up his clippers.

With Corey still facing the mirror, Joe started the buzzing by taking some of length off. About five inches fell to
Corey’s lap, as Joe ran his clippers and comb over the top of Joe’s head. Next, Joe attacked the right side and
clipped off another four inches or so. The left side succumbed to the same fate. Corey couldn’t look straight into
the mirror. He focused on sneakers. The hair kept piling up.

Joe maneuvered Corey’s head down, his chin touching his chest. Corey felt the clippers go up the back of his head
all the way up to the crown. This time wavy hair piled on his lap. Finally the clippers were silence. Corey sighed.
“Just getting started, my man, you good for go. I could stop here and leave you with an ivy league,” Joe said.

Corey said, “I’m fine. Go for it.”

Now the real buzzing began, all over Corey head, including the sideburns. The vibration of the clippers ran through
Corey’s skull. The youth didn’t have time to catch a glance of the haircut before Joe changed the attachment to
begin the tapering. Joe was taking it pretty high in the back and around the ears. The clippers were silenced.
Corey touched the back of his head. He used to feel curls, now it was just skin. Damn, it’s too short, he thought.
Joe used the edger to clean up the line around the ears and adjusting the sideburns about an inch up. Next, Joe
completed the tapering with the clippers and comb again, this time close to the scalp. Finally, an outline shave
with his straight razor finished the haircut.

Corey looked at his shaved noggin. He was shocked at the difference at first, holding back tears. Joe dusted off
the loose hairs and said “Looks good, my man.”

It took a few hours to get used to the his new aerodynamic look. But, Corey began to like the low maintenance.

Monday, on his date with Amy she could keep from touching his head. Corey asked if she did the same on her date
with Justin. “Oh, Justin’s a big jerk. I never went out with him. You are much better looking and a whole lot more

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