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Brotherly buzz and mullet by John Dough

A nice summer morning i wake up from my sleep. The entire school year i fantasized about getting a buzzcut. i have very long brown locks that go to my shoulders with a little curl to them. Its only me and my brother around at home and i remember that he was going to get a haircut today. I can drive but i want somebody to go to with me to make myself feel better. I go to his bedroom to see if he's there... he isn't. I get annoyed and go to the bathroom to find clippers, we don't have any. Am i really doing this? I go downstairs to the kitchen to see if he's there and end up following the sounds of a movie playing in the basement. He fell asleep to one playing last night.
"Yeah whats up"
"ur getting a haircut today right"
"damn, yes i am didnt think it looked that bad"
"no im wondering because i really want to get mine cut today"
"oh chill, yeah im going to the salon today u can come with"
This 290 pound lacrosse player still goes to the same salon, i hate that place i dont want to see anybody i know.
"could we go to sportsclips i prefer that"
"nah thats trash we going to hot cuts"
i run up stairs to go piss hiding my massive boner and looked at my phone to check if they were even open.. they weren't.
i shuffle back down to tell him and ask to go to sportsclip.
"i honestly am gonna wait till they open we can go another day"
im defeated, i want my hair buzzed now.
twenty minutes pass and i decide to call him.
"hey jack i lost my license can u just drive me there i want mine cut today"
"yeah ill do that give me 15"
i anxiously wait for him and finally u come downs and say "alright lets go"
we head into our dad's car and head off to sportsclips.
conversation is little, just me convincing him to get his shaggy red curls cut today.
we stop at a red light and i finally bring up what im gonna do
"did i tell u what im gonna get"
"im getting a buzz"
"no way, ur serious"
"yeah im buzzing"
"s**t dude lets go, youll look pretty good, i love buzzing it feels so nice and its so easy"
we pull up to a sportsckips and its closed
i enter a new one into gps and we head off
hes getting a little annoyed this one is 10 minutes away
im really hoping this one is open.. it is
we head in and its empty, no line
we sign in and wait our turns
jack signs in after me but goes first weirdly.
she calls his name and he gets into the chair
he gets caped up and she starts cutting.
she convinces him to get a mullet with a very short top
im waiting for 20 minutes im getting nervous
its finlly my turn, jack checks out and says
"your turn john, get your mop cut off"
the lady leads me over and says
"since youre brothers didnt feel the need to sweep"
i step in jack's sheered red locks and get into the chair, she puts a cape around me and ask what i would like.
"a buzzcut pls"
"you're shaving your head, serioisly?"
"yes mam a two on top and a 1 on the sides pls"
"oh brother this will be a change"
she grabs a five guard and goes for the back.
"bye bye curls"
she starts sheering my hair off, locks fall to the floor
she finishes with the sides of my head but i cant see too well. the top still covers it all.
she take the one guard and finishes off the sides, pratically bald.
she then switches to a two guard and heads for the top
"here we go"
she goes straight down the middle, my brown locks fall to the floor
holy s**t thats short.
the buzzing of the clippers roar as littlehair pieces fall onto me.
"very handsome young man" as she says taking the cape off
i stand up say thank you and feel my freshly shaven new hair.
feels amazing and manly
i walk over to jack shaking the hair out of my shirt trying to hide my little boner.
as we walk about he smacks my butt
"very sexy john i f*** with the look"
we head home with a buzzcut and a mullet.

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