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No Questions Asked by The Big D

I had just broken up with a longtime girlfriend, and was not looking for new romance. My friend and I decided to go on a singles ball being organized in our town. All dressed up in dinner suits. I have very long hair that was usually in a pony tail all day due to my manual work. I loved my long hair and would not do anything to cut it.

This was my first real date since the breakup so I was excited but very nervous. All I knew was her name was Megan, 24 years old. Well the date went off well, she was really nice and we agreed to go out again. Did not find out too much about her though because of the crowd noise.

We agreed to go on the second date. Megan rang me late that afternoon of our second date and said that she was running late. She asked whether I wanted to pick her up from work. She gave me the address and I agreed to pick her up in one hour. I still didn't know what she did for a living.

Well I arrived at the address to be greeted by a barber pole. She was a barber and here I was with extremely long hair waiting for her. Her boss Kelly could not stop laughing after I was introduced to her. Megan the barber was going out with a long haired guy. Well I was extremely nervous that afternoon sitting there waiting for her to finish so we could leave. It had been 15 years since I was in a barber shop and all I wanted to do was get out of there.

We had a good long talk that night and the subject of my hair came up. Megan just told me straight, "I'm not going to put any pressure on you to get a haircut, but if you ever want a short haircut, just get one! Walk in and sit in the barber chair - no questions asked."

After three months, we decided to live together and I started picking her up after work every day. I would normally have to wait about 30 minutes looking at guys getting really short haircuts. After about a week, I was starting to look forward to seeing guys getting these short cuts and started thinking about what I would look like with short hair. I found soon that I was thinking continuously about getting a short haircut.

Well, one summer's day, the temperature went through the roof and my hair was getting unbearable and so sweaty, that I decided there and then - short hair time. My nerves were incredible, my heart was going at a million miles an hour. I pulled up at the barber shop right on closing time. Megan asked me to close the door as I came in. I sat down on the bench as I had done every other day and instead of looking at a magazine, I started up a conversation with the last guy about to get his haircut. He had shoulder length hair and was about to get a crew cut because of the heat. My heart was thumping madly.

He sat in the Kelly's chair and said boldly, I want a number 2 crew cut and Kelly proceeded to remove every last hair from his head. He got up from the barber's chair, came over to me and said feel that and you will never want long hair again. At that moment, I decided today was the day and I wanted the same haircut. Kelly left and it was just Megan and myself in the shop. Megan just finished the last customer and took him to the front counter to pay. This was in a separate area to where the barber chairs were.

So I got up and sat in the barbers chair and did not say a word to Megan. She came back from the counter to find me there. She stopped in her tracks.

"What are you doing?!" she asked.

"It's time for you to make me look like a man. I want a crew cut. No questions asked!"

Smiling, Megan put the cape around my neck. I was trembling.

She kept saying "Are you sure? Are you sure? You don't have to do this!" She said normally, she does exactly what the customer says, but this was me. She took the cape off and we sat down and spent 10 minutes discussing why I wanted my hair cut. I mainly grew my hair because I felt it was rebellious at high school and continued it after school.

I said to Megan, "If you don't do it now, I will come back tomorrow and get Kelly to do it." Because of Megan's reluctance, she said "How about I just give you a shorter haircut and see how it looks." I agreed even though I really wanted the crew cut.

Megan brushed my hair out and started cutting lengths of hair about 30 centimeters long. You could see the difference already that having shorter hair suited me. After a while cutting, she said, "How about I put the clippers through the back and sides? Remember, no questions asked!"

I was now in her hands, and could tell that she was enjoying transforming me. She shaved my neckline and I was totally rapt with Megan's haircut, it must have taken 30 minutes, hair everywhere. Megan loved it too. Megan did not tell Kelly about it and I walked in the following afternoon. Kelly thought it was fantastic too, but commented that a crew cut would look good on me. Megan and I agreed that we would see how much I enjoyed the shorter hair first. I copped a ribbing from all my friends - they all thought that it was Megan's idea and I was under her thumb, but I was a convert, short hair rules.

After 12 months of watching guys getting their haircut at the shop every day, I decided it was time for the crew cut. This time I planted the seed by talking about it openly to Megan. She ultimately left it in my hands to decide. Well, if I don't like it, hair grows back I thought.

I sat down in the chair for my now regular haircut and I tried again. Megan - I would like a number 2 crew cut. This time she did not even ask questions. She whipped the cape around my neck, grabbed the number 2 clippers and ploughed a strip right down the middle of my head. All the sudden, I wanted to yell out STOP, but it was too late. I just closed my eyes. She clipped me all over with the number 2, finished and said, "What do you think? Open your eyes!"

I looked fantastic! I became an instant convert. The crew cut was THE cut for me. I'd never have long hair again! Since then, Megan has given me a weekly crew cut and it is the part of the week that I enjoy most. No questions asked!

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