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Jacob by Buzzedboy

It was a warm summer afternoon, and I had just got to my friend, Jacob's house. We were playing a game on playstation when his mother came in the room.

She looked at Jacob and asked if he was ready for his haircut. Jacob's hair was sandy brown and about 5inches in length. He went into the bathroom to brush his long hair one last time. I ran my fingers through his hair and messed it up. Jacob took a seat in the living room and I sat nearby, watching eagerly. Jacob's mom pulled out a pair of new clippers from a box sitting on the table.

She attached a no. 2 blade and the room filled with the humming of the clippers. Jacob looked at me with a suspensiful grin. I watched as his mom placed the clippers on his neck and slowly ran them up the back of his head. His hair fell to the floor and only short stubble remained. She proceded very slowly to buzz the back and sides of his head. When she was finished he had a long bowl cut. He reached to feel the back of his head and his mouth dropped open in astonishment. He had never had a cut this short. She then moved around to the front of his head. She placed the clippers on his forehead and made her way to his crown. I watched the expressions on his face as his golden hair cascaded down onto the floor. She made pass after pass with the clippers and finally was finished. Finally the clippers were turned off and we went back to his room. He didnt know what to think about his new haricut. For the rest of the night I couldnt help but rub his new buzzed head.

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