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A Model's Life by Dave (Extended by Pharaoh)

About four years ago, I answered an ad in the local newspaper for local guys to become models. Now I never considered myself an individual handsome enough for a modeling career, but I thought, ‘what the heck! It’s worth a try. At the interview, I found out that the model positions were for that ‘shoot’ and we would be back to being normal, everyday, small town locals.

Much to my surprise, I was chosen as one of the individuals for their layout.

I wondered what I would have to do for the modeling job that was to come. One good thing was that I didn’t have to walk down a runway as one sees on TV. I found out that I would be going to my regular barber and have my blonde, curly hair trimmed to their specifications. I didn’t mind that at all as I was in need of a good cutting. The clothing would be provided and that interested me the most. Growing up in a small town, fashion wasn’t the biggest thing going in town, at least for men.

After the haircut, which by the way turned out great, I was scheduled for my first shot. When the day was finished, I sort of got hooked on this modeling job. I got paid well - according to my standards. I made $250 for the day. I was asked if I would be interested in more ‘shoots’ in the future and I told them I would be most interested. If I could get some more work, it would help towards earning money for college.

At the time of my first ‘shoot’, I as a junior in high school. Two of my best friends were chosen also for some work. We loved to sit and talk about what we experienced, never thinking anything would come of it. The following summer, Linda, the scout for models, contacted me and asked if I was still interested in modeling. I told her I was and she sent me a set of prints of the work I had done the summer before. I must say, seeing the pictures, brought back fond memories and I had an entire year to put things in perspective and when I saw the pictures, I couldn’t believe it was I in the photos. My parents thought they looked great - of course being parents, they would think that. I had to agree, they turned out quite nice.

This summer’s ‘shoot’ would be different. I would have to do some traveling to an area outside of town. I was familiar with the area. It is a tourist attraction about 50 miles from home. I could drive there and back the same day. My parents agreed I could do the ‘shoot’ so I said yes. They told me that they wanted me to have the same haircut as last year which wasn’t anything since I kept the hair just about the same all the time. The ‘shoot ’ went well and I found that they had me in mind for about 4 days of work. I really enjoyed it. The best part was that I was paid two thousand dollars for the work. To me that was a large chunk of change. All of it would go towards my college work.

The modeling went on and I really enjoyed it. I found that they would come to my college and take some shots on the campus as well as in neighboring places of interest. A letter arrived from Linda saying that she had a really big ‘shoot’ to make and she wanted me to be the model for the entire ‘shoot.’ My heart began to race. As I read on, I suddenly came to the part that startled me. It said that I would be expected to have a very short haircut in the series of shots. As I said before, I hadn’t had a different hairstyle since I was in junior high.

SHORT! I thought, ‘how short?’ Of course the next paragraph caught my attention and momentarily I forgot about the ‘short haircut.’ The amount Linda was offering, was staggering, at least to me. The one project would assure my entire college cost, including my masters. WOW! I laid down the letter and began thinking about all aspects of this shooting. One nice thing was the photography was to be done in Florida. It would take place the following summer. I had to let Linda know within 5 days of the receipt of the registered letter.

What was I to do? I sat down and thought about it for a long time. I discussed the offer with my parents. The only part that bothered me was the short haircut. Then when I weighed the hair issue with the money, I told myself that the hair would grow back. I called Linda and told her that I would love to do the ‘shoot.’ She wanted to know at that time if I would get my hair cut short and get a good tan going since I would be going to Florida for the job and a tan would be expected.

She told me she would send me the specifics and just as she finished, she said, “I look forward to seeing you in Florida, on July 18th. Get that head shaved and get a good tan going. Bye!” I said good bye just as my doorbell rang. It was a special deliver letter. I signed for it and opened it. It was the contract and I read it very carefully. It stated that I would be paid the full amount even if, for some unforeseen reason, that I was replaced.

Now I couldn’t sign such a paper unless a lawyer read it, so I imposed upon one of the professors in the College Of Law on campus to read the contract and he told me I was on solid ground by signing it. I sent it right back to Linda the following day, signed. I sat down smiling when all of a sudden the hair problem surfaced. BALD? Did Linda say BALD? I remembered distinctly that she said, “get the head shaved……” I couldn’t believe what I just remembered. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I tried to visualize how I would look without hair. I really thought my blonde, curly hair was a great asset.

I looked the calendar and noted that I had just 4 months to get a good tan on my body. I couldn’t risk sunburn, so I would take my time getting a good tan. The following day, I received a package in the mail. It was from Linda. In a note, she said, “Wear these while getting a tan. You will be doing some swimsuit models and one of them will be like the one enclosed.

When I looked, I found the skimpiest swimsuit that I had ever seen – a cod piece and g-string. Of course being inquisitive, I had to try it on. I loved the color and the way it felt. It sure didn’t leave too much to the imagination, but it was done in good taste - almost.

I went back to the note and on the bottom, it said, “How do you look without hair?” I hadn’t done anything about the hair since I thought maybe I was mistaken what I heard Linda say. There was no mistaking it now. There it was in Black & White, NO HAIR! I hadn’t been hearing things.

The following day, I decided to take ‘the bull by the horn’ and begin my tanning process. I could spare several hours a day getting a good tan. After all the remainder of my education depended on it. The first thing I had to do was to get the hair cut. Now that was going to take a lot of guts on my part. Gene had been cutting my hair all the time I had been at college. I wondered if he would ask a lot of questions when I tell him I wanted a headshave (which I didn’t really want at all). After class that day, I made my way to the barbershop.

I was hoping that I would get there just before closing so no one would be there watching. I still didn’t know if I could go through with it. Barber Gene was sitting in his chair reading when I arrived. He got up and offered me the chair and before I could change my mind, the cape was applied and Gene was combing my long, blonde, curly hair. Any time now I was expecting Gene to ask me how I wanted it cut this time.

But instead Gene said, “You know Dave, you should consider a different hairstyle. Short is in and you would look much better with a short haircut.” I began laughing in sort of a frightened laugh. Gene said, “What’s so funny?” I looked up at Gene and told him of my modeling jobs and he thought that was great.

“So you have to leave your hair pretty much as it is – for continuity, I suppose?”

“Yeah! That’s been the case – up until now.”

“OK. So you want a special style. I’m your MasterBarber. What’s the recipe?”

Then I laid the ‘bomb’ on him. I told him I was going to South Florida for a ‘shoot’ in about 4 months and I had to have a good tan all over my body. Gene said, “That’s great. Do you tan easily with your blonde hair and blue eyes?” I told him I did, but……..

Gene took up on the pause and said, “What’s bothering you? I think your modeling is great. I’m sure you are paid for it and will help you with your college expenses. So why do I feel you are holding something back?”

“The modeling job will pay extremely well. It will be enough money to finish my undergraduate work as well as my Masters.”

Gene jumped in and said, “That sounds like a winner to me. Don’t tell me you are going to be photographed in the nude!” I laughed and said, “No Way!” Then Gene said, “Well! What is it? What’s bothering you? Why the stall?”

“The kicker is, I have to have my head shaved smooth Bald! There I said it. I don’t know if I can handle a bald head. I’ve always had this hairstyle since junior high. It’s tough for me to ask you to shave my head. I love my hair just the way it is.”

“So? ShaveHead, or not?”

“Come on Gene. You’ve been cutting my hair since I can remember. Whatta’ you reckon?”

Gene laughed and was messing with my curls when he picked up a pair of sharp scissors and lopped off one big curl right up front.

I jumped.


He cut it short enough so I could see skin. He grabbed another lock of hair and did the same thing. He looked at me with the sadistic grin and said, “There we have a start. Trust me, you are going to look ‘HOT’ with a head shave. Just wait until you get a good tan going. It will be even ‘HOTTER.’ - Mark my word!”

With that, Gene fired up his clippers. I tensed.

“This is real tough.”

“Are we ready?”

I took a deep breath and said, “Let’s Do It.” I found relief when I said “Let’s Do It” and I found I my heart racing. Shave me bald!”

“Relax. Relax. There. The first time is really something. Every guy who has his head shaved for the first time really gets a thrill, unless he resists. It’s gonna’ happen so go with the flo.”

Gene didn’t waste any time. One big swipe across the top of my head and the show was on the road…as it were.

Oh! Yes! To make things worse, he had turned the chair so I could see the entire process. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I could see the curly hair piling up on the clippers and with a flick, the detached curls were tossed to my lap. He was right. I couldn’t believe how much of a charge it was with the clippers running all over my head. What a buzz – sorry about the pun – but a buzz it was,

In no time, the clipper action stopped. There I sat with, for all practical purposes, a bald head. It did indeed look strange but at the same time, I felt relief. The more I looked at it, the more I knew I could live with it. Of course I couldn’t keep my hands off the new stubble. That was marvelous. While Gene was away from the chair I looked all over my head in the mirror as much as I could. I could really live with it – more than that – to my amazement.

Then Gene brought me back to reality when he put the first of two applications of hot lather on my head. Once the shaving began, I could feel fantastic chills down my spine.

After the second shaving, my head had quite a glow on it. Before I got up, Gene had me shining like a bright star. He told me how to get the shine, and he also told me to use a shower gloves and some shampoo to scrub my head. Shampoo? Gene told me that the shampoo and the shower gloves would remove any dead skin on my scalp and that would make for an even brighter shine. “One word of advice, use sun block of at least 30” said Gene. Don’t get burned.

As I walked out of Gene’s shop, I could feel air movement and the sun’s rays on my head. By the time I got home, I was in love with the bald head. I kept rubbing it and couldn’t get over how smooth it was. Through the front door, I immediately went to the bathroom and looked at my now bald head. I got the mirror and took a look from the back. Linda must have known that my head was perfect for a bald head.

Each morning I began the day by shaving my face as well as my head. I thought maybe I would get some ‘flack’ from my friends, but they all thought I looked ‘HOT’ with the bald head. Each day, I made it a point to spend at least 2 hours out in the sun. I made sure that I used a good sun block.

That was for two weeks, and the color was coming along fine. I made sure that all parts of my body would receive some sun.

With that skimpy bathing suit which for a start I wore only in my backyard, I eventually felt comfortable wearing it out of doors. I made it a point to go to the track to run and at a time when I was free of classes and no one was around.

At the end of the two weeks Linda called and asked me come into the office – no there was no problem with the summer shoot – she just wanted to check out my naked (the big word as it turned out) head – so she said. My plane ticket was on its way.

v So with a business class flight I went off to the capital and Linda’s office wondering if my new look would please her. Of course I could have sent a pix by e-mail, but she wanted me there, one on one.

“Linda, you are so clever.” This was Linda talking to herself and me at the same time. “That is one great bald head.”

“Hi Linda. So you like it?” I patted myself on my specially shined scalp and bid a catwalk turn so she could see it from every angle.

“Oscar winner.”

“I’ll keep it for the shoot then?”

“Well, yes and no – “

“What do you mean – I can’t be a little bit totally bald?”

“It’s complicated. That’s why I wanted you here to discuss it, and tie up the loose ends. It’s like this. There are jobs that are yours – if you agree.”

“That’s great!”

“Maybe not. Wait’ll you hear the details before you get excited.”

‘What details’ I thought to myself ‘A job is a job’.

“So tell me Linda – please. Don’t keep me in suspense.”

“The problem is, they are without hair but you’ll have to let your hair grow.”

“But I want to keep my baldie. You started it and now I’m a dedicated shavehead.”

“It all depends on how much you want to be hairless.”

“A lot!”

“We’ll see. The shoot in Florida is locked in. You’ll be bald for that. No problem – well perhaps some problem, but I’ll get to that as we go along. Right. Go into the change room and slip into the briefs there.”

I did that. I guessed Linda wanted to see how my overall tan was coming along. Back into her office.

“Just as I thought. Hairy. No not your head. Your body. That’s bad. But that’s good.”

Linda was driving me crazy. What the hell was she talking about?

“What do you say about getting rid of all that body hair,” she asked at last. My body hair was already quite thick and a lot darker than my head hair. I thought for a minute. Logic told me that if I was game enough to shave my head, than I supposed it wouldn’t be too bad to have a bald body. And anyway I kinda’ knew it was coming for modeling.

“I wouldn’t be too bad to shave my body, I suppose,” I answered.

“I’m not exactly talking about shaving. Waxing. Total body wax.”

“But that hurts like hell, so I’m told. Does it have to be waxing?”

“It does if you want the job. And you may not. It’s a big decision, but I have to know right away. There’s a new waxing process that minimizes the discomfort being targeted to your demographic, young male. If you agree, you’ll be the model to launch the process. I’ll be an all over waxing – and I mean total – head to toe – nothing left except eyebrows and eyelashes – and then the eyebrows will be shaped. You could do with that. The demonstration will be held in a conference theatre with television cameras. There will be lots of close-ups – do you know what I mean –“

“You mean that I’ll be bollicky naked, and everything will be waxed bald including my crotch??????”

“That’s it. What do you say? The fee will be huge.”

Well I had been wearing the micro briefs for several weeks – like now, so I was kind of used to being practically naked – but to show EVERYTHING in close-up to an audience while my hair was being ripped out by the roots was something else.

“Can’t I have some time to think about it? This is pretty drastic. Have I got to show everything? And besides my head is already bald,” I was stalling for time.

“The head is a bit of a problem and we’ll discuss that. But I need to let the clients know today if you accept the gig. Now as your agent I advise you to accept. Here’s why. You’ll at least have to have a total body shave for the swimmers shoot. And my strong advise it that you stay body bald. You’ll have good success as a model, and most of the time you’ll have to have a hairless body, so the waxing could be a good thing. How serious are about keeping the bald head. Remember you’re still quite young.”

“I’m very serious. I’m almost sure I’ll be bald for life.”

“OK. There is a possibility, just a slight possibility – say 5% - that the waxing could damage your hair. This wouldn’t matter if you want to stay bald.”

That made sense. And I made an instant decision.

“Let’s go for it. OK.”

“You’re still a minor. You’ll have to get your parents’ permission. Will they give it? But wait. There’s more. You probably know that waxed hair grows back again in about two months. But the waxing product comes with a follow-up. If the waxed area is sprayed with second part in the pack, it will slow down hair growth, and eventually stop it altogether, until the treatment ceases. But then there is no guarantee that new growth will appear. Now do you understand all this?”

“Sure if I have this process, and keep it going, I could be totally hairless for life?”

“Right. If you agree, you’ll be THE Body for the product for five years. By the way, now that you’ve agreed, the product is called ‘Silver Smooth’. It’s a very good financial incentive, especially if you intend to stay bald and don’t mind the risk of losing your hair permanently.”

She told me the yearly fee. It was staggering. Not only would I be able to go to college, but I could live comfortably. And there would be many other modeling jobs with large fees according to Linda.

I would be a huge adventure. That was for sure.

“I’ll do it!”

“Linda thought you would. Here are the contracts already drawn up. E-Mail them to your folks and your lawyer. Get them back by the end of the week, and I’ll let the client know. Now so that there will be some hair on your head to wax off, you’ll have to let if grow for the next month. Right?”

What a bummer. I had just convinced myself to be totally hairless, possible for the rest of my life, and now here was Linda asking me to grow out my baldie. But it made sense.


“One more thing. Not all you modeling jobs will want you with a shiny dome, so I want you to go to this guy. He is the best wig maker in the country. We’ve got plenty of good pix before you shaved. He’ll make one wig with short hair and one quite a bit longer. With the curly hair, you’ll just be able to pull the on without worrying a about seeing the joins. So there you are. You can have hair, and not have hair.”

“At this moment I don’t want hair. Do you know Linda, if you hadn’t asked me to shave my head, I would never have known that suppressed baldie. I’m really converted. I’m still not too sure about the waxing but I’ll give it a go. If my hair doesn’t grow back, that’s too bad. I can live with being a baldie – I think.”

“And keep up the gym work. Now I don’t want you to be a muscle-bound Mr Atlas, but good tome will be important for a modeling career.”

“You never said anything about a career before.”

“Well, we’ll see. So the trip was worthwhile?”

“I was.”

The month passed and I was getting increasingly nervous about the waxing gig, specially being full frontal. The other thing was the hair on my head. It was driving me crazy. I could hardly keep the razor off it. It was amazing how fanatical I was about being bald. And to make matters worse, Linda had instructed me not to shave my face. That would be waxed too.

The launch of Silver Smooth had developed into quite a production. I arrived at the auditorium and was introduced to the principals of the company. Fortunately they approved of me as the Image for their product. I didn’t know this before, but the Silver Smooth marketing and labeling was to be built around an Ancient Roman theme.

The demonstrators were dressed in dalmaticas – full-length togas. I was draped in a silver lame` loin cloth, so I was not to be the Full Monty for the whole demonstration, which was a great relief. The next thing was almost embarrassing as being naked. My finger nails and toe nails were manicured and painted silver. But that was not all. Silver mascara was applied to my eyelashes and eyebrows. Lastly an ornate silver custom built mask was fitted to my face – but not covering any parts of hair – which would be removed. My silvered eyelashes showed through the eye holes and, unseen, inside the mask was a microphone so that I could reply to the demonstrators – with a distorted voice. The mask and the distorted voice meant of course that I would not be recognized, which was a relief, but it was also a part of the product image.

We all three walked onto the stage and I reclined on a sort of a Roman couch. I was laid on my stomach while the demonstrators showed the audience the product pack – a silver tube with the Silver Smooth logo. My loincloth was laid aside to expose my rear. The lady demonstrator began to smear contents of the tube all over my back. Without any surprises, the Silver Smooth wax was an iridescent silvery gel. The man demonstrator explained that the process took only a few minutes. I could feel the gel drying on my back, and by the time the spreading had finished from top to bottom, the top was ready to be lifted. I knew that waxing hurt like hell and I gritted my teeth, but it didn’t happen. The Silver Smooth lifted the hair from my back without too much discomfort. Sure I could feel it, but there was no real pain. I could see the process in close-up in the monitors, and it was as though it was happening to someone else, except that it was me who was feeling it.

So the process went from my neck to my ankles, and within about 15 minutes there was no hair on my back and the back of my legs. My loin cloth was re-draped.

Now it was time to roll over to show my front. This was the part I was not looking forward to. The worst was to come. My underarms were treated first, then my chest and legs. The silver loincloth was still in place. Maybe I was going to escape the waxing of my private area. But no. The cloth was removed and my pubic area was gelled, again in close-up. I was sure glad I had on a mask to cover my embarrassment. This part of the Silver Smooth treatment felt very strange, and I had to fight to prevent myself becoming excited. This de-hairing felt very strange – and satisfying.

There was an ironical round of applause as my middle baldness was completed. The loin-cloth was replaced and I sat up. Two areas remained – my face and my head. The hair on my face and head had grown to just over half an inch long, to give the Silver Smooth Gel something to grab.

My entire beard was smeared, and this was left for a few minutes while I was interviewed. I assured the audience that I really didn’t hurt at all. I was feeling smooth and exhilarated at the hair removal. This was a little tougher, but still did not hurt too much.

I still had the option to quit now and not have my head done, but I made no protest. I had come this far, and I genuinely wanted to be bald again, even with the risk of permanent hair loss. This whole event had me on a high, and made me feel that it didn’t matter if my hair never grew again, and that was really the whole point of the exercise – and the product.

As the last event in the concert my head was smoothed with Silver Smooth. This terrified and excited me at the same time. The hair on my head, my magnificent blond curls, was about to be pulled out by the roots and possibly never grow again. But, OK, that was alright by me. I had thought about it long and hard and I always came up with the same answer. I wanted a smooth no-hair head. No risk. And Silver Smooth would give it to me, semi-permanently.

With all the hair stripping from my body, the head smoothing was the most thrilling process. In the beginning it had been really hard for me to have my head shaved of my blond curls. Never would I have even thought of that if Linda had not insisted. I was no hair fanatic, but friends and family always said what great hair I had – and I agreed.

Then it was all gone with a couple of minutes of clippers and razor. Immediately I was a converted baldie. I never understood this, but there it was. From that first shaving I never wanted to have hair again. Razoring every morning was a pleasure. Then I was ordered to grow it again, which drove me mad. But again after a few weeks I got to like me with my blond curls again even though there were only an inch long. Kinda’.

Now my whole head was spread with a good thickness of Silver Smooth.

This was sweaty palms time. Sure I didn’t want hair on my head, but this was not going to be the same as a daily shave. This was going to be almost permanent – no hair on my head at all. Yeah! That’s what I wanted. This was to enjoy. While the Silver Smooth was curing on my head, the audience asked a few questions – especially how I liked going bald. These hairdressers and waxing salon operators were getting many more male customers who were wanting body and head waxes. Silver Smooth, if it worked, would be the answer. The bald head was now a fashion statement, but a lot of guys were turned off by the daily shaving. Here was a product which could make them bald without the razor.

OK. It was time to start the balding. I pretended to remain calm and smiling as a good model should, but I was churning on the inside. My blond crewcut was removed piece by piece with firm but painless peeling. As each section was laid bald I felt well pleased. It was all over too soon. I rubbed by hands – silver fingernails and all – over my new ultimate baldness with a huge sense of satisfaction. Applause.

There it was done. I was bald from head to foot – totally smooth with Silver Smooth. The curtain fell to enthusiastic audience appreciation. The Launch party was to follow. I was hustled into the dressing room for a shower and then dressed in a silver lame’ toga, exposing enough of my newly bald body to promote the product. My ultra-smooth hairless head was painted with shining silver cap where the hair had been, and I had a pair of silver leather sandals for my feet. The mask was replaced. This was to me the image for Silver Smooth in all the advertising.

The demonstration was a great success and large orders were placed then and there. All the buyers in the audience wanted to speak to me, and to ask me how I felt about Silver Smooth and having a completely bald body. I could truthfully say I absolutely endorsed the product – and not just because I was being paid to say so – I said with a laugh. And because of the mask, no one knew who I was, except being called the Silver Smooth Stud.

It wasn’t until I got back to the privacy of my hotel room that I was able to figure how the Silver Smooth balding affected me personally. Before I climbed into bed exhausted, I had another shower to remove all the silver. Of course it would all be re-applied tomorrow for the studio shoot, but right now I wanted to see my natural self, and made a survey in the big bathroom mirror. It was remarkable. It was fantastic. Though it had been a risk, I was now completely satisfied that I had all my body hair removed. Over the next few weeks I became convinced that it would always be so. But the head was the most remarkable.

Only several weeks ago I thought that having my head shaved was (one of the two) the ultimate feeling, and it was, until now. Now was a different baldness – a true baldness. The head was absolutely smooth – no slight roughness from razor drag – no micro stubble – nothing – just smooth scalp – Silver Smooth scalp.

I would have no hesitation to use the weekly application of The Silver Stop Spray to keep further hair growth down. Eventually after a number of Silver Smooth treatments and a year of Silver Stop Spray, my hair would stop growing – with only the occasional Silver Treatment. With no application, after a year or two it would probably regenerate – if I let it.

Did I want this overall smoothness? I sure did – especially for my head.

Well I did go on with the Florida swimmers shoot, and a lot of others. But as I got into my studies, I turned toward my career, and the modeling passed into history. It was a good time. I was the image of Silver Smooth and Silver Stop Spray, and no body (publicly) had and idea it was me – because of the mask. I made a lot of money along the way – enough to pay for my education and to set me up in practice; and I had a ball.

Strangely enough, no client ever asked me to wear one of my wigs. Except once – nearly. Following a brief Linda had sent my head shot with hair to a client. This was important. It could be my first speaking part in a TV Commercial. I went to the audition cattle call with my wig on. Hey, this was my first commerdial so I didn’t think I would get it - for a car ad. But I did. The day of the shoot I was in make-up and in came the director and the client to give me a script change. I had met them at the audition and waved at them from the make-up chair. Just then the make-up girl was working on my forehead vary close to the hair-line, or should I say wig-line.

“Here. This’ll help.” I whipped of my wig. The girl yelped. The director stopped in his tracks.

“Why wasn’t I told you were bald?” he asked me. “Is it natural?” He leaned close to look at my polished head.

“No. I use Silver Smooth.”

“Do you now? I’ve been reading about the launch in the trade papers. Looks good.” He looked at the client, who nodded. “Tell you what. We thought you had blond curly hair, which is a good image to our car commercial. But how would you feel about doing it without the ‘irish’? That is one great bald head.” He checked once more with the client. “How’d you feel about doing the shoot bald – without the wig?”

“That’s cool with me – “

‘So you thing Silver Smooth is pretty good – gets rid of the hair easily?”

“Sure – you can see that – the hair is waxed right out.”

“I tried shaving my head a while back, but my skin didn’t like the razor. Anyone know here I can get some Silver Smooth?” The director asked.

“Right here,” replied the chief make-up man. “Always got some on hand. Want to try it?”

The director looked at his watch.

“How long will it take to make my head bald?”

“Say about fifteen minutes.”

“I’ve got the time. OK. Let’s go.”

Within fifteen minutes the director was bald. His smooth head was a big hit on the set, and with himself too. My wig had been fur back in its case and we went on with the commercial – successfully. That was the only time I almost wore my curly blond wig as a model.

The smooth dome became an essential part of my modeling image. But occasionally I try on the short version wig – exactly the same as when I had hair – to remind me of what I looked like when I did have hair. Nah! After a few minutes I take it off and pat my smooth scalp. No hair for me. False or not.

Linda remains a good friend, and I have a lifetime supply Silver.

Best of all, I’m BALD!

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