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When I Found Out I Really Liked It by Geoff

My knees began to tremble and my stomach was about to burst as the door closed behind me. What have I done? Why have I come here? Several men, some young and some old, turned and looked at me. Some went back to what they were doing and some were intrigued because I have never been seen here before. Dale, the owner, was especially puzzled.

`I’ll be right with you` Dale said with a smile.

`Ok, thanks` I replied with a shaky voice.

Why did I want to do this, I had no real reason. This place, the environment made it even worse, being so traditional and not what I am use to. In recent years, I have been a regular at the more modern establishment down the street. None the less, I was here and this is happening now. Unless I leave. Yeah, I am sitting right next to the door, I could scoot out and no one would ever notice. Shoot, a man that just finished with Dale is blocking the door, now I cant leave. Oh s**t…..it’s my turn.

`Next………you’re up young man` Dale said.

`Ok, I’ll hang up my coat` I replied.

The man was still in front of the door, I couldn’t do a thing. I walked over to the coat rack and hung my jacket up. I then took the longest walk across a thirty foot room ever. As I approached Dale, he patted the large, cushy leather chair inviting me to sit. I sat or did I collapse in disbelief? Both way, my rear end was in the seat and there was no getting out of this.

`I don’t think I have ever seen you here before` Said Dale.

`No you haven’t, this is my first time` I replied.

`Well, I can tell you are nervous but don’t be, I am very good` Dale said.

`Ok…….thanks` I replied in my shaky voice.

What was I talking about, I know that there is no going back and I am gonna be nervous no matter what Dale says, that’s how I am. Besides, what I am about to do would make anyone nervous. The red pin stripped cloth was draped over my shoulders and fashioned with a tissue and a small metal clip. Dale walked to his counter and took out a comb. He approached my side and began to comb through my mess of 6` long hair that had been layered and highlighted.

`Well, do you want today’s special` Dale jokingly said.

Actually, the special posted outside the shop is what made me turn into the parking lot anyways. As I was driving by, I noticed on a sign painted by the building in large letters:

`Today’s special is a fresh bare blade buzz`

Ironically, that was every day’s special as it noted that under the sign. I was just sitting there, I did not know what to say or what to ask for, and I looked stupid. I just sat there and here was Dale, staring at me through the mirror but all I could see was my reflection in the mirror. This young, long haired punk kid who should never had come here.

`Young man, what will it be?` Dale asked.

`Do you want the special, its free to newbie’s` Dale said sarcastically as everyone else in the small shop watched on.

`You know what, your right, silence speaks volumes, I know why you came here` said Dale.

He rustled behind me and assembled some tools. Suddenly, he grasped my chair and turned it away from the mirror. His clippers sprung to life. I have heard of this before. My friends who go here have told me about the whirling noise Dales osters make just before he is about to attack. But wait a second, he can’t start, I have not told him what I want yet and I don’t really even know what I want.

Dale once again approached the side of my chair but this time, he put the comb on the counter and picked up his whirling machine of destruction. All of a sudden, without notice, Dale shoved, gently, his clippers right down the middle of my head. OH NO! I was getting his special. If only I had spoke up, gave him some input, I would not be in this situation. I was going from a beautiful head of hair to baldness. As the clippers moved across my head, pass after pass, the hair fell on the cape, as if he was doing that on purpose. Great, now tears were forming in the corner of my eyes, what was I going to do. Then, in one instance, the clippers shut off and dale left my side.

`Boy o boy that sure was fun` said Dale. `We are fixing you right up.`

Dale fumbled around at his counter then approached me again. The whirling started back up and Dale attacked the side of my head. He moved his clippers up my head, further and further. He continued around the side of head and to the back moving further up to the crown with each pass. As removed my left sideburn, I could see out of the corner of my eye the pure enjoyment he was getting from the experience. I did not ask for his special but I am getting. When I leave this shop, I will be bald.

Once again, the clippers were shut off and dale went back to his counter. I looked around the shop and everyone was staring at me. Some old men were whispering to each other as they snickered at me. When dale returned, another set of clippers sprang to life. These were much quieter. He worked at the crown of my head, clipper over comb and sometimes just the bare clipper. He continued this for about ten minutes until he was satisfied with what he had done.

He walked over to his counter again but this time returned quickly. He unfastened my cape but did not take it off. Yet another set of clippers came to life and dale worked on my neck line. I could tell he was tapering it. He moved up and around my ears, to what sideburns I had left and then was finished. He flung the cape off of me and spun the chair around. My chin dropped and I began to cry, he looked at me with disappointment.

`What’s a matter with you, you look like a man now` Dale said to me. `Look at it this way, at least I did not give you the special of the day` as he laughed.

That’s right, he did not give me the special of the day but my hair was almost all gone. He gave me a short high and tight. He began on the top with a #2 and finished on the sides with a #000. The two lengths of hair were perfectly blended and my neckline was non existent. As I pulled my wallet out to pay Dale, he refused and said that I was not happy with the cut so I did not have to pay. I was fine with that because I was not happy with the cut.

I walked over to the rack and got my coat. I put in on and left the shop. As I walked to my car, I rubbed and rubbed my head over and over again. It was an amazing feeling. Later that night, I saw all of friends and they raved over my new haircut. I began to feel bad for not paying Dale because in the back of my mind, I did like it. After the movie, I made a decision to stop by dales. I wrote out a note and rapped some money in it. The note said:

Dear Dale,

Thank you very much for the haircut you gave me. I look much better without all that hair. I am sorry for giving you such a hard time and here is the money I owe you because I do like the haircut. Thanks again.

P.S. I will be back in two weeks……..for you special of the day!

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