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Never thought by storm

Few years ago and a charity event and a wife who didnt like my long hair this is what happened and still does.
Never thought haveing my hair cut couldbe fun and a game played between us .
Haveing always had long hair and going years with out getting it cut led to a dispute between
the wife and my self , for months she kept on about me getting it cut and tidy as ilooked like a
big girl when it fell loose and drapped over my shoulders and draped down my back
, the fringe touching the tip of my nose.

As part of a local fund raiseing we got involved in she suggested that it would be fun if we
changed places swapped roles for the day , seeing nothing wrong with this and being for a good cause
i agreed we did a bit of planning worked it all out what we would do , her becomeing the man of the house me
the woman ,we agreed on a full swap work and duties ,clothes and all that was
involved in swapping for the day.

Every thing seemed fine on the day , we had been pledged a lot for the charity and neither of us
was going to back out , i got dressed in a dress and full underwear heels and stockings, makae up
perfume and the works . She took over my role as the man dressed in trousers and shirt and
made her self look so manly .

After doing a bit of house work it was suggested that we had to go shopping ,
small town so a lot knew of the event and i was comfortable to go through with it .
She drove to town some thing i normally would do but being role swap and now the woman
want my place to drive , parked up nervousley and after a while i did venture from the car
while walking around i was told i didnt look as pretty as i could do and as the man was the
main bread winner and Master of the house i should take more pride in my appreance .
She clasped my hand and pulled me into a ladies hair dressers, shocked ,confused i siad nothing
and stood there in the shop as she spoke to the Lady , guided to a chair i mindlessly sat down
in the big leather chair dumb struck i think .

The lady toyed with my long hair as it draped down my back , she realesed the clip that held
the fringe and side brushing it down over my face .
Turning to my wifehusband "are you sure" she asked . Herhis reply came back with out hesitation .
"Yes very sure " " blunt fringe about a inch 2" above the eyebrows and a nice short V bob cut" .
gripping the arms of the chair i froze feeling her gaze upon me , swallowing hard as i replied to the ladys
question to me "would you like that " in a daze i replied "yes" my wifehusband of the day spoke
"its not what she wants its what i want " .

Frozen to the chair , tears filling my eyes , i watched in the mirror as the Lady ,took up a comb and a pair
of scissors , in her other hand holding a brush she brushed through my hair , placeing the brush down ,
she lined the scissors on my fore head and with a sharp snap a lock of hair fell onto the cape
with repeated sharp snapping she took my fringe back above my eyebrows , "not short eneough my wife snapped "
she lay her finger on my fore head mut have been two inches or more above my eyebrows ,
" here is where i want the fringe " the scissors slid against my fore head snapping shut the hair falling
down before my eyes
flicking away the cut hair my wife stood there and watched , the lady almost embrassed at what was going on
picked up a comb and slide it down my hair at the sides, pausing with the comb in my hair ,
she looked over to my wife, " about here she asked " the comb paused below my ear. "No little higher "
i felt the comb raise to my ear lobe, the woman looking over tomy wife " higher "
the comb once again raised almost till it touched the top of my ear ," thats fine just there will be fine "
my wife said , once again the scissors slipped into my hair and snapped shut ,
i felt the first fall of my hair and then another as the scissors slipped from left to right around my head.

The Lady then picked up a razor and shaved any remaing hair up to her cut line ,
my wife stood there smileing as i sat with what must have been the shortest bob cut ever
as i looked in the mirror the tears filling my eyes , unable to speak . my wife leaned in close and whispered
"its only for the day i can shave the rest of later " she paid and we left ,
biteing my lip but secretly loveing my new hair style , later that night i admitted i loved it short
she let me keep it all day saturday and sunday , then sunday night in stages she cut and shaved my head .
we now let it grow back and i get to experience my wife takeing it all away , over a weekend
had half my head shaved half left long , and we do different cuts when its long eneough never thought
haveing my hair cut could be turned into fun and games and weve beendoing it for years now
what a experience.

oooh and by the way through sponsers we raised over £200.00

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