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Back to Bald by Max

For nearly a year the top has been longer than the sides.I'd seen these guys with the gelled hair on the top and the sides shaved quite high and about six months ago went in that direction. Liked it but over the past few weeks have started to wonder. The cold weather hasn't helped - a beanie hat and product do not go together and each time the hat comes off I look like 'Tufty'. Anyway I inherited my mum's hair rather than my dad's. I could have Mohawked with his or certainly sported a splendid Flat Top. But no. I have my mum's hair. When I was young - and wore it long and floppy -sorry but that was the style all those eons ago - having 'fine' hair was perfect but as the years have passed my 'fine' hair has simply become thin. And no matter how much gell/product/moose/sugar solution/engineering strength lacquer: what ever is thin stays thin.
Went to my barber beginning of last week and he'd shaved the sides then slowly faded up to a No2 either side of the longer hair on the top - left quite happy thinking I wouldn't be back for a couple of weeks. But no.
By Friday 'Tufty' was there everytime the hat come off. 'Don't wear a hat!' I hear you cry. Or a jacket or coat - just a white shirt, black chinos and ozone depleting amounts of nuclear aftershave. But enough. I digress.
So there was 'Tufty' staring back at me I started feeling vaguely homicidal. One of us was going to have to go. So Saturday lunch walked passed barbers thinking clients would be hanging off the rafters - but no - a slight lull and only one guy waiting.
'You were here on Monday,' he says when I pop into the chair.
'Yeah, I know but it's doing my head in. Take it off.'
'All of it?'
'ALL of it!'
Out come the unguarded clippers up the side: he pauses,'You sure?'
'I'm sure.'
.......the clippers carry on over the top. Bye bye Tufty!
Five minutes later back to bald. It's a bit of a surprise but I'll get used to it again - and that damned squirrel isn't going to appear everytime the hat comes off!

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