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Always short by Chris

Most guys, particularly those who grew up in the 1960s and 70s, go through a phase of having long hair. But, for me, that wasn't the case.
My father didn't care that long hair was in style when my brothers and I were growing up.
Until 1978, we were required to have burr haircuts. Sometimes he would clip us himself, sometimes he would take us to the neighborhood barbershop.
But the hair was always redcuced to very short stubble.
Finally in 1978 my mom made my dad quit always getting us burrs. We were allowed to keep it in an ivy league style during the school year, but the day we got out of school dad would direct us to the back porch and give us crewcuts.
My brotehrs grew their hair out some when they went to college, but I kept up this tradition. And when I came back home from college for the summer, one of the first things I always did was have dad give me a crewcut.
After my junior year of college in 1985, I decided to just keep teh crewcut and had it that was until going bald. Now I never have more than an eighth of an inch of hair on my head.

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