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Matt's Haircut by Chase

Matt was a seated in the barber chair, and was feeling nervous. Matt’s step-dad had brought him here to this barbershop where 50 year old Melvin was the barber. Matt’s new step-dad was a guy named Steve who was a clean cut business man who kept his hair incredibly short, keeping it all buzzed to the scalp. Matt was 14, slender, and blond, sporting a shag type of cut. Matt felt the neck strip placed around his neck and the cape was fastened nice and snug.
“Buzz it all off Melvin” Said Steve
“All off? You got it Steve” said Melvin, nodding his head.
“What. NOO” Matt said, he looked up to his step-dad. Steve didn’t budge. “I don’t want a haircut”
“Keep it up Matt or he’ll shave it all down” Steve said.
“Please, I don’t need a haircut, ill… ill do better. Please. ” Matt argued
“Matthew your getting that haircut rather you like it or not. That understood?” Steve said, his voice was now sterner as Matt looked away from Steve. Matt looked down at his cape covered lap, as Melvin held his head down with a firm grip as Matt heard the clippers and felt the cool clippers go up the back of head. He saw his hair fall to his lap as Matt felt a tear drop from his eye as the clippers buzzed the back of his head. Matt felt the barber pick his head up as Melvin clipper around Matt’s left ear, seeing hair fall even more over his lap. Melvin buzzed the entire left as he buzzed the right side. Matt noticed his head felt cooler now as Melvin took hold of Matt’s bangs as he buzzed right down the middle of Matt’s head. Matt felt the clippers over his head as a tear crept down his cheek. Matt felt the clippers pass his heads hair fell in front of him, brushing against his nose. Melvin turned off his clippers as he dusted off Matt’s clipper cut head. Steve smiled at Matt’s now haircut.
“Now he looks like a boy” Steve said, smiling at Matt.
“Yes he does” Melvin agreed, Matt sniffed as Melvin turned the chair to face the mirror. Matt felt speechless as he looked at himself. He liked the look but missed his hair as he was let out of the chair. Matt stood up as felt the top, feeling like sandpaper.
Steve paid for the cut as they walked out of the shop.
“How do you like your new haircut Matt?” Steve asked
“It… it’s cool, but I’m going to have to get used to the sandpaper feeling” Matt said with a smile.

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