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Mr Nichols by snipped sam

It was 1971 I was 16 and lads of my age were very really treated as young adults but more often as children, I was now at an age when I wanted to feel my feet, to choose what I wore, have my own thoughts and most of all decide how long I should have my hair .Thinking of the length of my hair I remember one haircut back in 1971 very well. I had just come off the chair and was wiping the hair from my collar and neck with the tissue that my barber had just handed me.
“No good you pulling that face”
“I didn’t want it cut this short, it’s too short”
“I’m getting a bit cheesed off with this it’s too short, every time I cut your hair these days, you know that you can’t have it any longer than I have just cut it”
“I really wish I didn’t have to come here, I wish I went to a modern place and not this dump”
“You come here because you are told to and when you do come here you have to do as I tell you and you are meant to show me respect and not be rude”
“I know”
“We agreed if you came regularly you would be allowed to have your hair a little above your collar and could have your side boards a decent length, but now you are not happy with this, and now rudeness as well “
“I know”
“You’re getting too big for your boots, my lad, and I’m not having it, get back in the chair”
“Get back in the chair now”
“But Barry”
“It’s Mr. Nichols to you and the longer you delay getting back in the chair the more hair I will remove”
”but I’ve had my haircut”
“You are not too big for a spanking so I suggest you do as you are told”
I knew that Mr Nichols meant business and that I had overstepped the line
“I am sorry Mr Nichols “
I looked at him pleadingly, he was a really handsome man, mid thirties, medium build and short, thick blond hair ,he nodded towards the barber’s chair and i knew he was not going to let me off, I made my way back to the barber’s chair and sat back in it. He soon had his white cape reinstalled round me.
“You have been a bad lad haven’t you “
“Yes Mr Nichols”
“I will just have to teach you a lesson, it’s been a while since I made you bend your head right down for the clippers hasn’t it”
”yes Mr Nichols”
“The days when I used to give you really short haircuts and you came off the chair without a word, no its too short in those days was it ?”
“No Mr Nichols”
“You used to bend your head for me down as far as you could; you were such a good lad”
“I Know Mr. Nichols”
He reached over and took his clippers from the hook which was to the right of the barber’s chair
“Right my lad; let’s see how well you can bend your head”
I took a deep breath and bent my head right down
“That will be fine, just see you keep your head still for me”
He flicked the switch and his clippers hummed with a familiar buzz, he started to smoothly run them up the back of my head, I could feel the hair fall from the back of my head onto my neck. Mr Nichols was taking them up really high; he certainly was going to teach me a lesson. He tilted my head each way, so he could clip above and round my ears. I remembered of old that he always had been very enthusiastic when it came to using his clippers. Eventually the clippers returned to their hook, after a brush down, he used his razor on my neck and above my ears. After lifting up my head, he took a comb and some scissors and started to cut the hair on the top of my head, looking in the mirror I could see now just how short my hair was .He usually stood with his legs well apart when he scissor cut someone’s hair, something I had always found attractive about him when I observed him at work whilst I had waited my turn. I knew that whilst I may not always like having my haircut, really liked coming to see Mr Nichols. He snipped away for quite some time as he needed make my hair on the top of my head blend in. Eventually he finished and brushed me all down, he then took the mirror and showed me the back of my head, but first he reminded me that it was to show me how short it was and not for my approval. Mr Nichols was without doubt a very good barber and was thought of highly in the town where I lived, looking at the back of my head and seeing my blond hair severely short I knew it looked really good, he had also arched above my ears without any leniency and no sideboards left.
“So one very smart lad”
“Thank-you Mr Nichols”
“No more rudeness in future, and no more it’s too short”
“No Sir”
“Well I’ll let you choose, pay for two haircuts today, or pay for just one haircut and the same haircut next time you come or pay for one haircut and six good whacks with the clothes brush”
“Same haircut next time and six good whacks I think sir”
He patted my head
“You are learning”
He removed the cape and released me from the chair my heart was racing when I went to fetch him the large clothes brush which hung from a hook on the wall, and I knew those whacks would be hard and much deserved

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