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Hair Master by Trev

Johnny had a beautiful head of hair - and he knew it - he had always known it!

As the years went by, his hair grew and grew and became the awesome mane it is today.
He was a true hair farmer who tended his crop with the utmost care and concern. He LOVED his long
It was his pride and joy.
The silky strands cascaded down over his shoulders and down almost to his waist band now - but
not straight - it undulated in waves and bulky turns. The long hair was like a living thing
itself - the way it moved, the way it shone, the way it attracted attention from all corners.
The hair flopped down over his eyes and over his nose, the point of his nose was visible - and
usually that was all apart from his chin. He swung the hair constantly more to annoy others
than for any other purpose.
The HAIR was massive and gorgeous.

And Johnny knew it - and lorded it over everyone.

He literally strutted in his skinny jeans - though they were not actually on his ass. His long
His colorful sleeveless t-shirts revealed thinly muscled arms and a very slender physique but it
was the all encompassing hair that gave him his strength and power.

He called himself the Hairmaster. "I am the Hairmaster!" he would announce to anyone within earshot.

This is only the beginning of his story. (I'm short on time.)

He saw a boy of about 19 or 20, same age as him, and this boy had the longest rattail he had ever
seen. "And who the XXXX wears a rattail these days!" he thinks to himself. "And who gave him
permission to have long hair anyway?"

Our brave hero follows the extensive rattail as the kid walked toward the bus stop. The dude was
cool enough with his ripped out jeans tighter than shrinkwrap on a new CD, but that tail!

Once on the bus, Johnny took a seat behind Mr. Rattail. He couldn't resist watching the boy's
long snake of hair as it was swung over the seat - as he knew the kid would.
Sure enough, after a few moments, the boy felt brave enough to swing his extra-long tail over the seat
to annoy whoever was behind him.
The tail hung there, taunting the Hairmaster, staring at him, begging him to do it, almost requiring
him to take action.
The rattail was long enough that the boy could have stuck it in his ass! Johnny smirked at the thought
of it, but it got him excited as well. Both that and the thought of this little asshole losing his
precious long hair got our hero's skinnies tightening and tightening.

He was sweating now under his own long locks which he had pushed to one side to get a better look at the
extensive TAIL.

It was more than he could take. He hadn't wanked off this morning, and he absolutely had to take action
now, he could barely contain himself or his little johnny. The little hairmaster was begging for

It didn't take long. The scissors came out of his backpack.
The long shiny blades almost sang as he reached over to the now sleeping boy - the kid had no idea.
The sharp sexy blades entered the hair near the boy's scalp, Johnny saw the swirl of short hair around
the tail and smirked at the thought that soon he would be all shorthaired.
The blades closed, a slight crunching noise could be heard - but only by him because of the noise of the bus.
He needed to open and close the blades only a few times before the tail was completely sheared.
Bit by bit - the proud long tail separated from the youngster's head, baring the scalp.
The Hairmaster had his treasure, he stole the souvenir and carefully stuck it in his backpack.

He pulled the cored to get off at the next stop. Only then did he look over and notice a shortcropped
neo-nazi looking dude sitting across from him on the other side of the bus. This dude was looking
at him. Johnny thought he saw a smirk cross his face, but he couldn't be sure.
Still, even if he did see what he did, he must be proud of him for relieving the world of a
stupid looking rattail!
He stood up to leave, pulling his backpack in front of his skinny jeans concealing the bulge above his
heavy belt buckle.
He swung the massive long hair letting is sweep across two seats on both sides of the bus, wafting down
and sliding seductively over the shiny vinyl seats and landing just above his own seat - his ass
strutted off the bus, although he had to walk in a slightly ducklike fashion with his skinnies so low
and his little hairmaster demanding attention.

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