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A Haircut Game that went Wrong by Julian

I decided to go for the second option. “You know, just cut it a little bit on the back and sides and do not touch the top. Leave it long on the upper part in the back and sides, like a tapper cut”.

He said, “you need it for a document, right? Well it has to be military”. I told him not to worry about that because I could use some gel to make it look shorter and that if I had trouble, I could come back”. He didn’t seem convinced. I knew I needed to be firm: “hey, do as I said, ok?”
“OK”, he agreed. So I’m going to leave it longer. And with no more discussion, he took the clippers and started to cut my hair in the back. He ran them up to the middle of my head and kept going, taking big chunks of hair. I had been a while since I had the wonderful feeling of clippers running over my head.

When he clipped my right side, I saw how my ear stood out with no hair around. Time for more whining: “I have never had it this short”, “How long it is going to take to grow back?”. That was exciting. He kept going, clipping it around.
He took of the guard and I was so ready for a little tapering with #1!!. But then I felt the edge of the clippers in my neck, making a straight line really high!. That was off limits!”*°

“I don’t want a square line.. I want it tapered, are you making a straight line?” No, he said. “It will be tapered”.
Tapered my ass! He shaved all the hair from that line down and then with a comb, started to taper it from there up. F***. He spent at least 10 minutes working my neck. I felt it was all exposed.

While clipping me, he had turned me away from the mirror and now that he finally ended with my neck, he took the scissors and started to snip hair from the sides and back. I was no longer enjoining, I was trying to guess how much he was taking from the upper sides and back. I don’t know why I felt it was just a little bit. I could have reminded him to leave it long there, but I didn’t say a word.

What I liked best from my salon haircuts were how long I had finally wear it in the back. It allowed me to pass my hands thru my hair and accommodate in a very trendy way in the middle of the back, maiking it look bulky. And, even in my worst haircuts in barbershops, the barbers made a pretty good job tapering the hair, leaving it longer in the upper part and short over the neck and sides.

Well this guy fooled me with the scissors! He cut my lovely hair, months of good care, and left about ¼ of an inch all over! This is the shortest haircut ever!.

I realize I was in trouble when he was going to go for the top of my head. I told him not to cut it at all and he insisted. I finally got my way but now, besides the top, when I pass my hands over my head is just impossible to grab my hair!! F***
He shaved me with a straight razor and I felt how my whole neck was shaved. I asked him if it was too short in the back and he took the mirror. My God.. I pass my hand thru what I have left and said “my hair”.

He just said that it had to be military and that my brother in law had told him to get it specially short in the back.
For the first time in my whole life, I found a barber who didn’t care about having a satisfied client but to just do what the guy in the phone asked him to do. That’s the barber I always have in my fantasies but the one I now dread to have found.

My hair… f***!

No more games for me

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