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Matt by Nick Owen

Matt woke early for school. It was his last day of the summer term and soon he would be on his six week break. Matt showered and put his school uniform on and went downstairs and made himself some toast and poured some fruit juice into a glass before putting the television on and watching sky sports news. As Matt ate his toast his mobile bleeped saying he had received a text message. Matt opened the text and saw it was from a mate called Dave asking if he still wanted it done after school. Matt replied yes I do still want it done and I will be round after school. “Dad and mum will both want to kill me, but it is my choice and I am fifteen now.” Matt thought to himself.

Matt could not wait for the final bell of the school term and quickly packed up his books and leaving the school.
“Hey Matt are you about tonight?” Carl inquired as they walked towards Matt’s home.
“Yeah I will be about later.” Matt replied. “I am getting my haircut first.”
“I have a dental appointment for a filling so shall we say meet at the shops about six?” Carl asked.”Is your dad taking you for your usual haircut?”
“No my dad is not taking me for a haircut I told him as I am fifteen it is my choice now.” Matt told Carl.
“ OK then Matt I will see you about six then.” Carl said as he walked off.
Matt went indoors and quickly changed into shorts and a polo shirt before texting Dave to say he was on his way and would be about thirty minutes. A couple of minutes later Matt received a text from Dave saying that he would get it all set up ready for when he arrived. Grinning to himself Matt logged onto his twitter account and typed in on my way to get a real radical haircut before he put his hand through his blond hair and made his way to Dave’s home.

Matt reached the top of the road where Dave lived and paused as he felt the first bit of nervousness hit him. “This is stupid.” Matt thought to himself. “I have wanted this done for the last six months.” Matt took a deep breath and walked down the path to Dave’s house and rang the bell. After a minute Dave opened the door and Matt walked in.
“Are you sure about having it done Matt?” Dave inquired.
“I had a bit of a doubt a few minutes ago but yeah I want it done.” Matt replied.
“Ok then mate I have set up a stool and the other stuff in the bathroom.” Dave told Matt.
Matt followed Dave up the stairs and into the bathroom and sat on the stool and saw the hair clippers by the sink.
“Take a seat Matt.” Dave said pointing at the stool.
Matt made himself comfortable on the stool and looked at his reflection in the mirror. Dave placed the nylon cape around Matt’s neck and secured it firmly.
“Can you take some before pictures please Dave?” Matt asked.
“Of course I can Matt.” Dave replied.
Matt handed Dave his mobile phone and Dave took photos from different angles of his head before handing the phone back to Matt.
“Would you like to try a Mohican before the skinhead Matt?” Dave inquired.
“Yeah that sounds a good idea and you can take pictures of that as well.” Matt replied with a grin. “I know dad will kill me when he sees me with the skinhead but I am fifteen now.”
Dave just grinned as he picked up the plastic cape and put it round Matt’s neck. Dave then picked up the clippers and flicked the switch.
“Ok Matt when I start there is no going back.” Dave told Matt.” Are you sure you want the Mohican then the skinhead?”
“If I did not want the haircut Dave I would not have come round.” Matt said. “So stop trying to freak me out.”
Dave tilted Matt’s head and placed the clippers at the bottom of his hair and ran them up the side. Matt smiled as he felt the clippers shaving his hair off and saw it fall into his lap.
“F***!” Matt exclaimed. “That’s f***ing real short Dave!”
“You said you wanted it shaved Matt so that’s what I am doing for you.” Dave replied as he made another pass up the side of Matt’s head.
Dave removed all the right hand side of Matt’s hair and then walked round and done the same to the left side before removing a strip from either side on the top and back so Matt had an inch wide strip of hair left down the middle.
“There you go Matt a perfect Mohican.” Dave said with a smile.
“Wow Dave it looks f***ing awesome!” Matt exclaimed. “Take some pictures mate.”
Dave took Matt’s phone and took some pictures of Matt with his Mohican. Dave handed back the phone and saw Matt compose a message and attach two of the Mohican pictures to it before sending it to his dad. A minute later Matt heard his phone beep saying he had a message. Laughing Matt showed Dave the message from his dad saying what the f*** have you done to your hair you idiot. Matt typed another message to his dad saying that the rest was about to come off. Matt turned to Dave and told him to shave the rest off. Dave flicked the switch so the clippers came to life and quickly shaved the rest off.
“There you go Matt you are now a skinhead.” Dave said with a grin.
“Wow Dave it looks f***ing awesome man!” Matt exclaimed. “Now shave it f***ing smooth mate.”
“Don’t you want to get some pictures with you having a bit of stubble left on your head?” Dave asked Matt.
“Yeah ok take a few pictures of me but with the shaving gel over my head.” Matt replied.
Dave placed a hot flannel on Matt’s head and waited a couple of minutes before removing it and squirting the shaving gel on Matt’s head and lathered it up. Dave took the photos as Matt requested before picking up the razor and started to shave Matt’s head going with the grain before lathering it again and going against the grain for a smooth finish. Dave wiped Matt’s head and put some moisturizer on it and rubbing it with the towel so it got a shine.
“There you go Matt one baldie as requested.” Dave said grinning.
“I look so f***ing different Dave!” Matt exclaimed. “It feels weird as well having no hair.”
“Your dad will kill me when he finds out it was me that did it for you.” Dave told Matt.
“Nah, I will tell him I forced you to do it.” Matt replied winking.”He is in the pub let’s go and show him now.”
Dave and Matt made their way to the pub where Matt’s dad was having a drink.
“F***ing hell Matt you look different.” Jason said. “Did you do it for him Dave?”
“Yeah he did dad only because I told him I wanted it done.” Matt told his dad.
“Well I don’t know what you mum will say but it looks ok on you I guess.” Jason replied.””Guess I owe Dave a drink for doing it for you.”
“Thanks mate I will have my usual.” Dave said.
“Can I keep it shaved until the week before I go back to school please dad?” Matt inquired.
“If you want it shaved and Dave will do it for you I suppose you can.” Jason told Matt.
“Yeah I will do it for you weekly Matt.” Dave said as he took a mouthful of beer.
“Excellent!” Matt exclaimed grinning.

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