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Letter Home #3 by Pharaoh

My Darlingist Charon,
Every day that passes here in this ‘exotic’ land is another day closer to being with you. Will you have changed any? Well I have – no not my yearning for you. And your feel and your glorious shining hair.
That’s what I want to tell you about. Remember when Darren suggested that I should shave my head to see what it was like, and I said no way, that I like my hair and would always keep it as long as the military would allow. You laugh and told me that it might be cute. Well I am now cute. He was right and you did say that you fancied Darren’s shavehead, but you loved me anyway. Well now you can have it both ways. I’ve told you what it’s like on the edge of the desert, hot and dusty. Sand all over, in your clothes, your food and in your hair. So I’ve solved the hair part. Now I’m as BALD as Darren, shaved razor smooth..
When I was getting a haircut, some of the guys at the barbershop from my platoon kinda talked me into letting the barber shave my head. I thought ‘why not in this heat, just this once’. But I liked it. I Really Like It. So there’s no more hair for me. Ever.
I’ve asked Darren to by my Best Man – meaning you will have at least two hairless heads at the altar for the Wedding. Let’s make it real soon after I get back and announce our Engagement.
How will you fancy your Josh permanently bald? You’ll be able to stroke my head on the Wedding night – if you know what I mean.
I haven’t sent a photo this time, but the camp photographer (Marcus, a friend of mine) is booked to do a portrait session next week, and we’ll make sure that my chrome dome is well oiled and shining in the studio lights. Now here’s a thing. What would you say if I shaved all my body smooth – Everything – except eyebrows and lashes. That idea really turns me on – but only with you. That would truly be a smoooothe honeymoon, honey. I’ve more or less decided on the body shave and Marcus will do a series if ‘art’ pix – just for your eyes only. When we get home maybe we can have Marcus do some photographs of us together – no, don’t panic – I don’t mean ‘art’– unless you want that. But I would like to have him as our wedding photographer, if that’s all right with you? We might get some ‘unusual’ pictures for the album.
Not the typical letter is it princess? But please tell me a hairless Josh meets with you approval – no, more than that – that it excites you also.
Till we get together by beautiful darling Charon
Your very own headshaved Sheik of Araby.
“Baldie” Josh

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