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Emo Boy Clipped by Anon

Walking down the street, a long haired emo boy was playing with his long fringe. When his friend bumped into him after coming out of a near by barbershop. "Alex?" "hey man" i replied, "looks like you could use a haircut." "I've been thinking about it." i replied sacred. "Come in and take a seat?" "ok" i agreed. At this point im shaking and don't know what to do.

My friend has a bit shorter fringe short on the sides and buzzed back. He spun the chair around and i slid into it. he pulled a neck strip out and fastened it tight then he draped a black and neon green cape with combs and scissors on it and fastened it very snug. he ran his black painted fingers through my hair. he sang a little tune "im gonna clip you so short!" i tensed up in the chair. "Just relax". i began breathing heavily as he picked up the whal clippers and put a #1 on them, POP! BZZZZZZZZZ! the clippers came to life. He walked behind me and took his converse shoes off, "Ahhh barefoot is much better!"

He placed his barefoot on the hydraulic of the chair and began to slowly pump the chair. "Just Relax." he kept saying to me, i took deep breaths and tilted my head foreward. The clippers ran up my nape and i watched as my long hair tumbled down the cape and onto his feet and shoes. The haircut began to feel good as the nape got shorter, he turned the chair and clipped the right side. he proceeded to do the same on the left.

After a bit more clipping he walked in front of me and popped the blade off the clippers moved to the right and started buzzing my sideburns. i bit my lip as the bare blade buzzed the hair. My sideburns were taken off and my cape was removed. then he dusted my neck off with a light purple neck duster, i paid and left with a great haircut.

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